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  1. Anyone know a rough time to be at the stadium entrance to see the team walk off the bus? Is that usually an hour before kickoff... or what time? would love if my family and I could see the team and HCSF up close since we have nosebleed tickets.
  2. Well, we are putting up a fat 0 today. Most disappointing class I've ever followed.
  3. Dump? If you're talking about the football program, then ok. However, the campus is beautiful. Voted the best in the west last year. Trust me, he wasn't saying that. Oregon is beautiful, including Corvallis I presume.
  4. no they do them sporadically throughout the game.So we don't get to see the videos live? Bro, no.
  5. Explained it quite well for everyone. I was purposely vague in the original post (also stated this in the clarification). Intended it to be thought provoking. It worked if everyone is replying. If your post was meant to be thought provoking, why are you in turn yelling at everyone for giving their thoughts? And if they're not giving the thoughts you want, how is your post successful?
  6. Huh?It is nothing, just part of the game's promo clip. He had all four hats resting on arms at one time. There is nothing to take from it. STFU. Yes there is - for people saying the broadcast crew said we weren't even being chosen from, that directly disproves that. All right! I'm all N for Darnay then.
  7. Huh? It is nothing, just part of the game's promo clip. He had all four hats resting on arms at one time. There is nothing to take from it.
  8. ^ Several people have replied to them and you have responded back saying they are all misinterpreting what you're saying. Maybe you could learn to use language better? Edit: I apologize if English is your second language.
  9. Poor discipline by the boundary corner. Just a bad day for them.
  10. Jones and Kalu both celebrating on this drive. ... Really guys? You two, really?
  11. Got away with a penalty there, Jones. Can't be the one to down the ball after willingly taking yourself out.
  12. He flat out sucks. So does Kalu. I don't care if the coaches think they're so much better than our other cb's. At this point, I'd sit their asses down. Start Lamar Jackson, put Aaron Williams at CB, or Lee (even with slight injury) or even move Anderson back there.
  13. +1 to the idea of 8 conferences, with an 8 team playoff featuring each conference winner. As long as all conference are even somewhat balanced, that's ideal. Just for sh#ts and giggles, this has always been my idea of a perfect bread-basket conference: 1. Nebraska - OU 2. Wisconsin - Texas 3. Iowa - Oklahoma State 4. Minnesota - Kansas State 5. Wyoming - Texas Tech 6. North Dakota State - Kansas 1. Oklahoma 2. Oklahoma State 3. Kansas 4. Kansas State 5. Texas 6. Texas Tech
  14. 1. We are 5-0 and it feels good. But I learned that I better savor it over these next two-three weeks because we're a good football team... not a great one. And when we face Wiscy and OSU it could get ugly. 2. I learned that, warts and homerism and all, I wouldn't trade Tommy for any other QB in college. He's an absolute warrior. 3. I learned that Terrell Newby is better than I thought he was. He's not a great back we'll remember for years like Helu/Rex/Ameer, but he deserves the carries he gets. Nice game, Newby!
  15. There is really ten-twelve really good teams this year. It seems like less an usual. Glad to see us ranked. hopefully we can remain undefeated these next four games and head into OSU with a high ranking (something like 12-15).
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