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  1. We ask for a chance that's fair
  2. Gruden thought it was cool lol. He can do whatever he wants and get away with it
  3. Raiders really went from possibly moving on from AB to letting him start Monday in a 24 hour span. 

    1. HuskerInLostWages


      He's kissing arse because if he is not on the roster for the first game his contract can be made null and void, his agent probably told him point blank get your ish straighy for game 1 or you just f'd yourself.

  4. 2-1 last week Texas +6.5 Georgia Tech -6.5 Clemson -17.5
  5. Uh oh. There are more and more ads popping up on mobile. There are now ads at both the bottom and top where the announcements usually are

    1. brophog


      More embedded ads on HuskerMax, too. 

    2. HuskerInLostWages


      You are correct.  I can now purchase tickets to Tony Bennett's "I Left My Heart in Las Vegas", on sale now.

  6. Nebraska 38 Colorado 28 Passing: 240 Rushing: 170
  7. Well that was our backup kicker. Our starting kicker Pickering was out do to an injury. I don't know how serious Pickering's injury is but I hope he will be back soon. Special teams still needs a lot of work though
  8. 2-1 Colorado State fell apart in the 2nd half
  9. Defense is pretty good. Offense needs a lot of work. I know we were playing Vanilla, but we could not getting anything going on the run game.
  10. Man this is a terrible start. Got nothing going offensively and the defense has been just ok. Jurgens is really struggling with the snaps I don't know if that has something to do with the struggles offensively or not, but it sure doesn't help.
  11. Just shaking off the rust. Dominate the rest of the game
  12. Yes. It doesn't bother me that much though
  13. Minnesota didn't win that game. SDSU lost the game
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