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  1. Why bad? Should be good for recruiting? Fun, albeit tough competition.
  2. I think it’s up to Cipollone. If Trump exerts executive privilege, Biden will waive it. The DOJ, however has already made clear it won’t enforce congressional subpoenas for Trump’s inner circle. So testifying could be an opportunity for Cipollone to get himself out of this whole mess. If this ever becomes a criminal trial, I believe the court could enforce subpoenas on pretty much any relevant party. But I’m not a lawyer, so I’m basically just talking out of my a$$ on this topic.
  3. Probably not, unless he’s still Trump’s attorney or the activity in question occurred while he was being represented by Cipollone for a related matter, but I don’t know. Good question. I doubt you can just do whatever you want in front of your attorney and expect no repercussions.
  4. Roger Stone is so slimy, it looks like he got two pardon’s and Trump gave Flynn one of them is this for real? Or just just some photo editing job? Hilarious either way.
  5. So Rudy has people who witnessed him not asking for something. How on earth did this guy take down mob bosses?
  6. 50% he will. The case needs to be rock solid. An exoneration would be really bad. I’m 100% he should, if nothing else, to force some of theses clowns to testify.
  7. As it stands now, I’m still about 50/50 on an indictment happening for Trump. And even less confident in a conviction. I don’t think Garland indicts, unless he thinks he has a air tight case. This could take a while.
  8. Big difference running against Reagan for re-election vs Trump with all his current baggage. But if Trump somehow escapes prosecution or conviction, then yes, he will be empowered and could win again if the economy and inflation continue to tank. In that scenario, he (Trump) likely wouldn’t loose too many voters and could even gain some. But, who knows now, lots will happen between now and then.
  9. He’d risk alienating too many Trumpers.
  10. A whole year for roids in the spring seems excessive, unless a repeat offense, but who knows.
  11. No you’re not. The Dem’s error ( in an electoral way) by no longer appealing to the moderates. For better or for worse, but sometimes to their own peril, they give a voice for the LGBT for example, which most Americans, IMO struggle to identify with. So they definitely could take a more moderate approach here and risk alienating the far left—but I’m not holding my breath.
  12. When the appropriate tools are in place, it’s easy to see how perception becomes “reality”.
  13. This take is exactly why I feel Democrats fail miserably with many moderate voters. D’s either are or at minimum, give the impression that they are too lax at the border. I agree that existing Hispanic citizens don’t necessarily want more Hispanics here if they’re crossing illegally.
  14. The SCOTUS isn't about the "law", but rather a perpetual extension of the partisan agendas of current and past POTUS administrations.
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