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  1. By “cure”, I’m assuming you mean treatment as a cure for a viral infection is extraordinarily unlikely. Treatment as a general rule, if it will even exist in this case , doesn’t work for everyone and can cause other adverse effects in some. It’s important to realize that the discovery of a vaccine is just the first of many necessary steps. It still has to be proven safe and effective. That takes time even if streamlined. And after all that it has to be manufactured in large quantities, marketed, distributed, administered. We can’t even get enough testing and likely won’t anytime soon. I’m sorry, but barring some unprecedented breakthroughs, I wouldn’t be to optimistic about winter sports. Like I said, though, the “all hands on deck “ approach the world is taking could do some amazing things and surprise us. I’m just trying to keep it real.
  2. Yes I’m glad coach Cook is saying this although it’s unlikely at this point that the 2020 football season can be saved. Just my opinion and I hate to be a Debby Downer, but unless something happens like the virus mutates into a less virulent form (possible)or we somehow discover an effective treatment that can be widely available in a short amount of time (unlikely) I just can’t imagine team sports until a vaccine is found to be safe, effective and produced in large enough quantities to, again be widely available. Which could mean that a year from now, we’re wondering if the 2021 FB season will happen. Something that could also help the situation would be for “herd” immunity or “acquired” immunity from exposure to the virus ends up being long lasting. I fear a vaccine could be at least a year or two away still. Who knows though, with all hands on deck, maybe it’s possible to speed up these somewhat pessimistic timelines. Widespread testing wouldn’t hurt either.
  3. We don't understand to works of God. Period. Who was the last one to at least somewhat understand God? Jesus? Muhammed? Joseph Smith? I dunno. I chose to go with Jesus. You may choose differently and that's Okay. It's how I choose to find comfort with my faith during times like this because nowhere does it say in the New Testament (or the Old Testament for that all I know) that God will always prevent these things from happening to us. It's why comments like "if their was a God, this would never have happened" don't hold water to me.
  4. Complete nonsense. Obama and Biden not only acknowledged the swine flu, but they actually did something about it instead of dismissing and downplaying it repeatedly like Trump has with COVID. And know that he finally is forced to acknowledge it, he picks fights with Governors, berates reporters and yes as you mentioned, blames Obama. Trump is worthless, Joe. I think deep down you know that, but for some reason will never admit it.
  5. Peace to you as well. I had to take a moment, have a beer and then return to this downward spiraling discussion. It seems I was getting a bit defensive. Something I try to avoid. And I apologize if I wasn't clear with my original comments related to the supplies be sent to China. But do you ever run across a topic that kind of "hits close to home" or at least is somewhat relevant to your career? That's what happened here with me. My profession of 20+ years is hospital based and I drew some parallels here. Maybe I shouldn't have, but nonetheless here we are. Pretty much every week I am involved at least in some way with the prospect of loaning or borrowing "supplies" related to my profession to other hospitals in the area. It''s just what you do and its a good system of sharing for the good of patients everywhere. However in the case of shortages or very high use, my hospital and others generally will not loan out any "supplies" because our number one priority is our patients. Of course there are always exceptions in extreme circumstances, but generally reserve our supplies for our patient in times such as this. In this scenario the American people are "our patients" and China is the "other hospital." We would love to help them, but not at the peril of our own people. Now it is likely that the administration didn't foresee our shortages of supplies a month later and that was a huge mistake on their part. Isn't that what the CDC is supposed to do? Run simulations of what will happen in case an outbreak or endemic turns into a pandemic and then assure we are adequately prepared. It was foolish for them to not think this wouldn't spread like wildfire from a country as populated and connected to the world like China is. So my whole beef with all this is that they didn't make sure we were going to be adequately supplied before sending out 17 tons of masks and gowns, etc. It was coming here--just a matter of when. Any epidemiologist or infectious disease expert worth their salt at the CDC surely would know that. What was the root of this failure then? The CDC dropping the ball? Were they even involved (with Trump you never know)? Was Trump out golfing and still in his denial mode that this was going to all go away? So yes helping other countries is almost always a good thing, but we need to take care of our own first.
  6. I said what I meant to say and I really don’t know how it Is that difficult to understand. How you interpret that is on you I guess.
  7. I hate to prolong this futile discussion, but... Did someone say this?
  8. My original post on this is below. When did I say it wasn’t good to help other countries? I’m all for helping other countries, but take care of your own first. This confirms the denial this administration had over a potential pandemic. Cluelessness at its finest.
  9. Exactly. And that’s my whole point from my original post on this. We failed on the preparation part and that was likely do the administration’s ignorance.
  10. So you’re saying it’s ok to send them supplies when we don’t have enough of said supplies should it reach us?
  11. The issue is sending it while lacking the foresight to make sure you are prepared yourself, which clearly we were not. That’s my point. And this is China. Not some much less traveled Middle East (MERS) or African (Ebola) country. To think that it wasn’t going spread fast with all the commerce going through China is pure idiocy.
  12. I agree. About a month ago I posted concerns on another thread about COVID threatening the sellout streak and FB season. I got a face palm and essentially a dismissal in response. Makes you want to go back and say I TOLD YOU SO.
  13. I’m all for helping other countries, but take care of your own first. This confirms the denial this administration had over a potential pandemic. Cluelessness at its finest.
  14. Just some kind of "leadership" we have here.... https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2020/03/13/coronavirus-questions-answered-town-hall-mh-orig.cnn/video/playlists/coronavirus/ ..."the governor of Washington", "the woman in Michigan"... How any self-respecting woman could, in their right mind, vote for this man just blows my mind. I can honestly say I am embarrassed to be a citizen of the country that elected this piece of garbage as POTUS.
  15. I agree. Hopefully one will be the VP, which could mean they might have to finish the term, or at least be in stronger position for 2024. I basically see Biden as a steppingstone.
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