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  1. Is it just me? Or does the "no fear of failure" mantra scream "no fear of accountability"?
  2. I get that, but it proves the point that it can work. Of course good teams will always adjust, but that doesn't mean you scrap it forever. And I wouldn't even call it a wrinkle, because we've essentially never gone back to it. It's mind boggling to me. I had hope with Coach Austin's new "Run game coordinator" sub-title, but that has evaporated. At least for this season.
  3. I think a lot of what plagues this offense is that there’s no bread and butter. Nothing that consistently has worked well. All of the scripted plays are great, but clearly when we use those up, there’s nothing consistent to fall back on. I really wish Coach would incorporate some more power run with QB under center and I formation. Eventually that could be the bread and butter. Then mix in the creative plays to keep defenses on their heels. Maybe one of our TE’s can also double as as FB? Basically I miss that one drive against Ohio state last year when we ran power. It was
  4. Don’t we pay coaches to fix these issues or prevent them from happening in the first place?
  5. 1. Incorporate (not switch to) a true power-run, I-formation, QB under center component to the offense and be damn good at it for when you need to slow the game down to give the D a breather or eat up clock. 2. If WIsky can execute the Jet Sweep, so can we. Perfectly timed, it's tough to defend. 3. No more lovey-dovey coaching. You don't have to be a d!ck, but sometimes a good a$$ chewing is what a player or team needs when they're not getting it. 4. Can the 3-4 or whatever version of it Chin is running. The blueprints for success on defense in the B1G are not hidden, b
  6. I learned that I still loathe Saturdays in the Fall.
  7. It's why I pay little attention to recruiting rankings.
  8. No prob. IMO there is. He has the physical talent, but can he put it all together in college to reach the next level? Mental, consistency, etc.
  9. Not to nitpick, but "Sunday talent" is what he said. Which I would agree with. Who knows about being a Sunday guy. That's what college is for. But anyhow, yes Bretz is very talented.
  10. And this isn’t changing either. The question is when will the Dems abandon the nice guy approach and go tit for tat with MCConnell and his possie.
  11. We have a defense that is playing like they know and are comfortable with the scheme. Haven’t been able to say that the past 2 years. We have, at minimum, a current or future all conference caliber defender at all three levels. Ty, JoJo, Cam. Again, haven’t seen that for a few years.
  12. Two unrelated responses to two different points.
  13. I agree that they need to identify someone who can get around the OT and not let the QB think he has all day while our three rushing D linemen are being double teamed. Basically more of what Deontai Williams did on that sack, scoop and score. The offense in the second half was definitely partially to blame for the 500yd given up.
  14. And I can’t imagine this approach instills confidence in the team.
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