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  1. Reminds me of this article I read just after the event. There’s no doubt in my mind that Trump in some way directed the guard to stand down. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-attempted-coup-federal-law-enforcement-capitol-police-2021-1?amp
  2. They’re confident “the base” won’t be asking that question.
  3. Her comments on Dr Fauci were completely uncalled for. It only further causes division by propagating the unfounded Fauci hate on the right. That, plus her past claim that the election was stolen from Trump tells me what her true feelings of conservatism are. No thanks.
  4. I hope Trump does run again in 2024. People will again show up in droves to vote against him and while they're there, they may as well check the D box for Congress too. I really doubt he will, though. He'll pick a favorite candidate and push for them. At this point, I would guess DeSantis. It will be interesting to see if his influence can remain as effective with no Twitter or Facebook to spread his lies and attacks. The best voter suppression technique the R's can deploy, IMO is keeping Trump off the ballot in 2024.
  5. Good points. Another big difference is how the whole "reception" went down when they first arrived. I'd say Riley's was pretty lukewarm with a lot of "who's this guy, again?". Not too lofty expectations. Whereas Frost was probably inappropriately seen as the "Savior" or "Chosen One" who will quickly fix this 15 year debacle we've gotten ourselves into. I'd say Frost's situation was probably way more difficult, irregardless of other factors like what was left in the cupboard by the previous staffs. Perhaps too much pressure put on HCSF to right the ship and duplicate UCF
  6. As a long time season ticket holder, I admit that I hesitated before writing the check for the required “donation” this year. The 2021 season is pivotal. No more excuses. Another 4 win season showing “improvement “ won’t fill the seats for 2022. A bowl eligible team showing improvement will, IMO.
  7. That would make this a really odd move by LM. Best of luck to him, regardless.
  8. Any theories on what that would be?
  9. I probably wouldn't agree, you are correct. But, I'm wouldn't be energetic enough to argue it with them. The R's and D's will always, in some way, think their side is being wronged. I don't think that will ever change--so I try not to invest too much energy in worrying about it. So yes, many R's will consider those things you mentioned as being unfair. Just like many D's will consider voter suppression tactics and a disproportionate electoral college representation unfair. It will continue to go round and round, ever year. Many election results will not be accepted because
  10. The biggest takeaway IMO, is that a precedent has been set, firmly, by Trumps two impeachments and "acquittals". How, possibly, can Congress or anyone for that matter, hold a sitting president accountable going forward? Unless they have a supermajority, they can't. Period. It's no longer about the checks and balances from the Constitution and doing what is right, it's only about numbers. You either have them or you don't. President's with favorable congressional numbers will get away with all kinds of things going forward. What's stopping them. No accountabili
  11. If you are gonna call someone wrong, at least know if you are right first. I’ll own it. I misread your earlier post. My bad.
  12. Not correct. Pfizer and Moderna’s are 95% effective at preventing clinically recognizable disease. Not hospitalization. Not death. So if you got the vaccine and are approximately 2 weeks out and you get symptoms severe enough to warrant treatment with over the counter meds or from a medical professional AND you test positive. You’re in the 5%.
  13. Good article. My takeaway is that unfortunately Haley is anything but genuine. It's not that she doesn't hold values, but she seems to be someone who will gladly "adjust" those values in order to suit her interests. I suppose you could say that about a lot of politicians. But she's gone from Trump antagonist in 2016 to Trump Cabinet member and "friend" to what she appears to be now, which is someone who's not sure how much she wants to be seen in regards to her Trump views. The part where the reporter wonders how Haley could not have not seen Trump's post election behavior coming sooner i
  14. Sometimes Fox doesn’t get back to you right away.
  15. Don't forget about our not-so Special Teams. If it wasn't for Culp, we quite possibly could have been the worst in the nation at ST. That must improve too if we don't want to keep losing to teams like Iowa and NW.
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