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  1. If you're an OWH reader, I suggest you read this. Chuck Hagel and Bob Kerry give their takes. https://www.omaha.com/news/state_and_regional/hagel-kerrey-compare-process-of-impeaching-trump-to-that-used/article_d0ee1e7a-14f2-577a-85c9-53ae0e8ad746.html
  2. So what you’re saying is the GOP isn’t above tit for tat.
  3. Not too surprising. Going along with the likelihood that bringing witnesses will be voted on after opening arguments instead of upfront. After witnesses testimony, documents may be more popular with some of the GOP. But, yes it is essentially enabling McConnells plan for a cover up.
  4. There’s will be a much greater chance for removal with appropriate witnesses testimony. In any case, I see us having a new president next year. At some point the GOP will have to lick their wounds and just focus on maintaining their majority in the senate.
  5. My prediction: There will be witnesses called as there is just too much public pressure not to at this point. Trump will exert executive privilege to try to block and this will go to the Courts. As the Supreme Court Essentially already stated after Nixon that executive privilege cannot be used to conceal evidence, I don’t see how witnesses testimony could then be prevented by the White House.
  6. Apparently his book will be out before the election, so we’ll still find out What Bolton knows before voting.
  7. True, but if suddenly has better recollection for his new book deal, he could be in some deep sh!t. Not telling the whole truth can be viewed as perjury. Maybe he thinks that sticking it to Trump is better for the Nation, rather than just helping the dems. One can hope.
  8. Kind of a glass half-empty take, don’t you think? It’s not like he will perjure himself just to avoid helping the dems. All the house managers really need Bolton to do is acknowledge there was some sort of a quid pro quo or attempt by Giuliani and his goons to get the Ukrainians to announce a Biden investigation. I would think that corroboration coming from trump’s former NSA would be pretty damaging.
  9. Because I'm a middle aged family man with a minimal social life, on a Saturday night I Just read the House Impeachment Brief for the Senate. I have recently been getting fatigued with all of this "drama" from Washington regarding the impeachment mainly because I've been paying attention to it much more that I probably should have over the past several months. I even, regrettably, snapped at a dear family member the other day who chose to criticize Pelosi over holding onto the articles. I apologized and swore to myself to keep more of an open mind about other's political beliefs. After all, I'm more of a Centrist than a D or an R. That being said, after reading this tonight, I don't see how any non-Fox News/Rush brainwashed person could possibly conclude that Donald Trump should not be removed from office. This Brief absolutely destroys every single defense Trump and his defenders in congress have alleged while this process has unfolded. The case made for impeachment and removal could not have been made any better, IMO. I would sure hate to be a GOP Senator at the moment. Especially, one due for re-election. Talk about a no-win situation Trump has put them in.... The next couple of weeks will be of monumental historical significance to say the least.
  10. Ultimately the voters will be what matters, but Devin will likely soon be facing his second ethics investigation. Probably when the Senate trial is over. I can't imagine him being acquitted this time around. I would imagine he will loose his seat as Ranking Member in the Intel Committee--I don't know how he couldn't, but I don't know what else the House can do to him to hold him accountable. This alone, however, should be enough to assure he won't get re-elected to the House when his time comes--unless of course, his district in CA is full of moronic Trump loving idiots. You have to love his fellow California Congressman's response to his latest threat of a lawsuit. I'm glad someone is standing up to this clown. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/18/politics/ted-lieu-devin-nunes-lev-parnas-ukraine/index.html
  11. I don't believe Roberts has much power as far as procedural things. He's in more of a moderator type role. It's basically up to the Senate and that is what will be voted on.
  12. I really, really hope Nunes is in those records so he’ll finally have to answer the tough questions rather than just file a bogus lawsuit just to quiet legitimate questions.
  13. The Senate rules are set by 51 or more votes. Not by just the majority party, which in the Senate is the GOP by a slimmer margin. The Dems have such an overwhelming majority in the house that essentially everything they wanted, they got. As mentioned earlier these “rules “ for majority voting were set up by a GOP controlled congress. Any claims by the GOP of this being an unfair impeachment process is nothing more than baseless whining.
  14. I get the feeling a lot of political careers are at stake here. Not just Trumps.
  15. I remember hearing when things weren’t going well Mike was at times, bo’s punching bag. Who knows if true.
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