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  1. Decoy73

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    How does anyone other than Maurice know what his intent was. I'm sure the prosecuting attorneys want all of us to assume that his intent was to shame her because it fits so nicely in their shiny new law, but if we take a step back and think about all possible scenarios, then actual intent gets a little harder to prove. I, personally can't stand the word "intent" included in any legal definition. It relies too much on assumptions to prove innocence or guilt. So far with what all has been reported as facts, at this time Maurice appears to be guilty of nothing more than misdemeanor possession of child pornography. If this were to be the case, then there should be consequences, but it is entirely different than the theoretical creep with 1000s of pics of 8yo's that Olddominionhusker described above.
  2. Decoy73

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    In regards to his potential future status on the football team, remember this all happened before he was enrolled at NU. That’s no excuse for what he may have done or legal consequences he may face, but IMO it does factor into his potential future playing football here going forward. That should eventually be up to Frost and NU administration and will likely not be determined until after any potential legal consequences get determined.
  3. Decoy73

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Reading through this thread reminds me of why I need to spend less time on HB in the off season.
  4. Decoy73

    2019 Season Prediction Thread

    Caveman’s right folks. Time to temper your expectations. This is a marathon. Not a sprint. We aren’t going from 4-8 to 10-2 in the Big 10. The right staff is in place and the culture is changing, but it needs a couple more years until we’re among the top tier, which is essentially what 10-2 is. If I’m wrong and we go 10-2 I will gladly eat crow.
  5. Decoy73

    TE Chris Hickman [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    A lot of talent in that photo. Can’t wait to see them on the field.
  6. Decoy73

    2019 Season Prediction Thread

    I don’t see more than 8 wins unless our D and ST make huge strides. I also banned myself from drinking the koolaid this year so I’m taking a cautious approach. The future is bright, but I still think we’re another year or two away from being really good.
  7. Decoy73

    Discontent in the AD?

    Do you think he’d have his current title if he didn’t help reel in HCSF? I wasn’t referring to your post specifically earlier. No need to get defensive.
  8. Decoy73

    Discontent in the AD?

    What exactly has MD done to lead some of you to believe he can be an effective AD at NU? Nice guy? Scott’s friend? Made a nice catch? Good at color on the radio? I don’t get it. I like the guy, but he’s fortunate to have the job he has now.
  9. Decoy73

    Discontent in the AD?

    MD is not a good option.
  10. Decoy73

    OLB Steven Parker [Kansas - Signed LOI]

    Hmmm. We need tough LBs. May he isn't if he's concerned about a little snow.
  11. Decoy73

    Huskers in 2019....

    8-4. 10-2 would be incredible, but I certainly don't see it happening unless the D makes massive strides and special teams are no longer a liability.
  12. Decoy73

    The BIG in Bowls

    A lot of posters are calling bowl games “meaningless.” I’m just curious as to why you think they are more meaningless than any other non-championship game? I get that if you’re in the hunt for making your conference title game then your games become more meaningful. Or maybe your team is a potential playoff contender so you must win all games. However, non-conference games have no bearing on that. Aren’t they also “meaningless “ and therefore should be skipped by good players for fear of getting injured? In other words, if your team loses more than a couple games or isn’t contending for a conference title, why even finish out the season? To get to 6 wins so you can play in a “meaningless” bowl? Point is: bowl games are not meaningless to everyone. If you skip playing the bowl, you are selfishly letting your team and fans down.
  13. Decoy73

    Things I was wrong about

    That we'd go 8-4 and beat Iowa by 2 TD's. This year! This year we'll go 8-4 and beat the pesky hawks by 14.
  14. Oh Hell yeah! Can't wait to watch this guy in HCSF's offense.
  15. Decoy73

    Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    Pretty damn impressive. I loved Grant as a player. Anyone notice the misspelling on the Big 8 ring?