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  1. Of course, NU fans show up and support better than pretty much anywhere, but it's not like it was just some half-assed or hodge-podge event thrown together. Not only just the gutsy decision to do it, but the planning, coordinating and promoting was all very impressive. This all happened under Trev's watch and I think it's fair that he deserves some of the credit.
  2. Volleyball Day was an accomplishment that no AD has done, ever.
  3. Not to state the obvious, but I think what we are asking our quarterbacks to do has led to the turnover epidemic. Unless the next Kyler Murray comes calling, I’m done with “dual threat “ quarterbacks and whatever type system this staff is trying to run.
  4. My point is that one needs to be eliminated to make room. Not that anyone is irreplaceable. I’d probably ax the dedicated TE coach.
  5. Which position coach position gets eliminated in this scenario?
  6. Defense: B. Good, but not great. Mostly did a good job against bad offenses. Needed to generate more takeaways. Offense: D. Too many turnovers. Do they have an identity? Would have been an F, but unit was decimated with injuries. ST: C. Some good and some bad. Lot's of room for improvement on punt/punt return. Overall, as impressive as the perfect October was, I was disappointed with the 0-4 finish, when just one win gets us to a bowl.
  7. Not blaming the D for the points, just pointing out that they needed to step up and they didn't. Every loss this year falls squarely on the shoulders of the offense and coaching staff, but that being said, Hill wasn't going to pass his way into field goal range. No excuse to give up that big of a run at that point.
  8. Our D, while clearly our best unit, isn’t as good as we thought they were. When we needed them to step up and send us to overtime they suddenly got bad against the run. This was Iowa’s offense. Not Maryland. I attended my second game of the season and I’ve decided watching at home is the way to go for me.
  9. Jones is good and the fact that NU apparently hasn't shown much interest in Rezac the QB is baffling to me.
  10. The gamble and subsequent loss on taking Simms in the Portal hurts big time, but the offense as a whole was pretty void of experienced playmakers, plus the injuries.... All things considered, I just don't think firing a coordinator (as many are angrily drunk posting) is the way to go.
  11. Fair enough. We can't NOT ever pass though.
  12. Hey drunk boy, my post was prior to that play call. And no, it was a s#!tty play call.
  13. Coleman was great and everyone else did their job job on this play, except for the pulling guard who whiffed the block and then helped finish off the tackle of our ball carrier. If he doesn't whiff it's a 10yrd run. Instead it was 5.
  14. I hope the first question in the presser is why the f#&% is an immobile player returning punts.
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