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  1. Maybe they can start a class on the importance of not committing turnovers or stupid penalties. And then provide a stipend for those who do well demonstrating their educational learning experience . I wonder if that would fly?
  2. I’d guess that he would. The NCAA has been pretty sympathetic for players lately.
  3. I am a “left of center wing” Christian who 100% believes that right wing ultra capitalists who call themselves “Christians” are clearly not living in accordance to what Jesus has taught in regards to wealth. To them it’s all about make as much $ as possible and pay as little taxes as possible which they know very well are to help the poor and underserved. And it makes me sad that other Christians live that way.
  4. Frost speaks his mind in a respectful way. He didn’t even mention LM. This is all a bunch of unnecessary whining by the brothers McCaffrey. Who gives a rats a$$ what CMC thinks and who’s even heard of Max. Just continue to be you, Coach Frost and ignore the outside BS.
  5. The truth is Reid cleared the way for partisan appointments for an average of hundreds of presidential judicial selections per POTUS. Was that the right thing to do? Who knows? But, it in theory could have prevented up to hundreds of filibusters. McConnell cleared the way for partisan appointment for an average of about TWO SCOTUS judges per presidential tenure. Reid's move did nothing more than offer McConnell a convenient, albeit extremely controversial, excuse for doing what he did. Why don't they just get rid of the filibuster altogether? At this point, I thin
  6. No one among the un-corrupted is buying that.
  7. Scholarship or walk on? Hopefully the latter. 11-17 FG, 9 touchbacks and 41-44 PAT’s last season for Iowa western. Um, hmmmm. Okay.
  8. You post didn't suck. I went back and read it again since I was part of that previous conversation. I wish it had generated more replies. But it seems that often with topics like gun control, we easily go off on a tangent of arguing minor points back and forth rather than sticking to the bigger picture. Then people, like me, get fatigued with the whole argument on the internet thing and just move on without considering less flashy, but more sensical points of view. But, I could get on board with your suggestions. Nobody "needs" a handgun or assault riffle right now. Ownersh
  9. I didn’t think there is a filibuster for SCOTUS nominees. But yes, still kill the filibuster.
  10. Every RB fumbles some. But you know that. He said “too much.” I guess you don’t like Rex.
  11. Interesting that he would make this statement. Not all situations are the same. We seem to be okay with Oliver Martin’s two transfers.
  12. How come nobody ever edits out the last second, showing themselves reaching forward and ending the recording?
  13. I used to be onboard with this setup too, but now I struggle with the GO5 getting an automatic bid. Maybe a stipulation that the auto bid would be only if the GO5 champ was undefeated, ala UCF 2017.
  14. I’m not speaking of any charges. There are none. But that doesn’t mean either there should or shouldn’t have been. It certainly doesn’t exonerate anyone. Charging apparently wasn’t Mueller’s role as he viewed it (though I think he should have said either way instead of punting to the DOJ). But if Mueller had found no wrongdoing whatsoever by Trump, there was no good reason to not just come out and say that. But he didn’t. And that is pretty telling. The current DOJ, with their backing of Trump’s defense in regards to the defamation lawsuit against him as well as their resistance to
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