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  1. And that’s how the virus will get in. When the player breathes in there will be an air current coming in from the bottom. COVID would gladly hitch a ride in. Also, I think fogging up would be a problem. Decent idea on paper, but I doubt it’s effective.
  2. I'm not a Republican, but before Trump I had very few ill feeling towards the party. Agree with you on Romney. He is literally the only GOP congress member with big enough cajones to stand up against Trump. And his party tried to tear him apart for it. The Republican Party just makes me sick right now. It's why I'm voting Blue across the board. All those spineless a$$h@!es need to be flushed out along with that big Orange Turd.
  3. Eventually, I hope, a lot of answers regarding Trump and his shady financial history will come out. Pretty interesting read here. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2019/09/donald-trump-has-never-explained-a-mysterious-50-million-chicago-unit-acquisition-loan-is-it-evidence-of-tax-fraud/
  4. I think it’s going to get to the point where most of us fans would settle for seeing our Huskers in some capacity this fall. Even if it’s a hodgepodge “season “. I feel the states that are fortunate enough to keep the cases down and hospitals in good shape will be the most likely to participate. We’d all take SDSU vs NU on TV with no fans rather than nothing at all, right? At least the players get to play and get reps and we get some entertainment. Will it happen? I’m still doubtful, but it may be our best chance at this point. So please, everyone do your part and adhere to the guidelines and wear a mask. It’s not too much to ask.
  5. Injuries are an inherent risk of the sport. Contracting a pandemic level communicable disease while playing a sport that, by it’s nature, is virtually impossible to adhere to well established risk mitigation guidelines is NOT an inherent risk of football. I think that’s the difference here. Sure you could argue that x person wasn’t forced to play, but do you really want to leave it up to a potentially sympathetic jury who is primarily comprised of non-football fans thanks to nifty work by the litigating attorneys?
  6. Yes. Common Sense tends to get in the way of the whole “freedom “ thing. Another barometer we can use is the youth baseball season currently underway. How that goes may tell us something. There’s guidelines, but those tend to also get in the way of “freedom “. I was at my nephew’s baseball tournament in CB last weekend and their were hundreds of people and the only mask in sight was on my face.
  7. Could. Not will. But anyway, moving on....
  8. Football (among other factors) most certainly could force remote learning if school begins in classrooms and then has to change to remote because of a spike. Now, I admit my line of thinking on this is more “worst case scenario “. More likely they would just shut down football. But who knows? I agree that they wouldn’t start remotely just so we can have football.
  9. I think we went full circle with this. My whole original post was based on the premise of that remote learning would not co-exists with football. Now I could be wrong about that. Time will tell. But if the existence of mitigation-challenged activities like football force schools into remote learning, that would be a travesty.
  10. But how is it managed? What’s done differently to mitigate the Covid risk? More pads won’t help. Forget masks. So those players (and I’m talking HS only) are at a much greater risk to transmit the virus among participants than virtually any other non-contact activity (you can distance in band). So they then spread it throughout the school and therefore effect everyone else’s education. And that’s just plain irresponsible.
  11. As the parent of two in school, I agree 100%.
  12. Some activities, like sports or drama or band, require students to work in close proximity. Those activities are often as important to their education as class work. So to minimize risk you have the students who can do their thing remotely do that, and those who can't get together. I’m not arguing that those activities don’t have educational value. They do, but not to the point of where it’s ok to ignore guidelines. Drama and band can still happen with precautions. It will look a little different, but the Ed value doesn’t diminish. My son got his band camp guidelines the other day and it mainly consists of physical distancing and not sharing sheet music, etc. Football on the other hand can’t adjust. Or, at least I don’t see how it could. The problem with this approach is that it does penalize the non-football and other contact sports students. Why should they have to go remote if other students play activities in which proper precautions are essentially impossible?
  13. You made no mention of football. And, as a parent using last semester as an example, I will argue that in person class work >> remote.
  14. For the sake of argument then.. I’d like to hear a justification for having HS football when no students are allowed in classrooms.
  15. We pretty much all agree that without students physically in classrooms, there will be no football, correct? So let’s say their will be students in classrooms, but with precautions like distancing and masks. To minimize the spread this seems like a reasonable goal to start out the school year. Until.... Friday night rolls around and it’s perfectly acceptable for a bunch of students from different schools and/or communities to be smashing each other face to face for two-three hours. Spit flying, heavy breathing, etc. Now back to school Monday where the aforementioned students begin to spread the wealth. A month into the season schools across the state are canceling in person classes for the semester due to widespread infections in the schools. Non-football playing students are now deprived of their opportunity to get in person learning from their teachers. But hey, at least we got a couple weeks of football in. Does this sound like a good idea to you? Me neither. Why would we consider something, that when you stop and think about it, seems enormously stupid and irresponsible? Are we ignoring what’s happening in Florida, Texas and California? Not seeing HS football this season.
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