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  1. They have to give Hannity and Carlson talking points somehow. Right?
  2. This. Plus it seems to me that the LPD does a half-assed job with traffic flow. Maybe it’s not enough manpower allotted for games, but it’s an observation I’ve made the past 10 or so years.
  3. Reporter (not sure who- was tough to hear the question) asks something along the lines of "are you looking at or thinking of a strategy to deal with Maryland's impressive kick returner(s)? Frost: (smiles) "No, were not looking at it or thinking of it at all". I got a good laugh at that. Good way to wrap up the presser.
  4. I’m in with Frost for the long haul. You guys thinking this ain’t working and think we’ll need to soon be searching for a new coach are out of your minds. Don’t you see where this 15 year coaching carousel has gotten us? Learn some patience or just step away for a while if you can’t take it. He’ll get it right.
  5. It will be very interesting to see how the claims of Executive Privilege in regards to ignoring subpoenas get challenged before this is all over. Trump is likely abusing this as well, however what exactly EP allows is clearly open to interpretation.
  6. Not disagreeing or anything, but I’ve casually noticed how you come to Jackson’s defense quite often. Care to share why? I understand if you prefer not to.
  7. It baffles me too. I would guess morals, selflessness and open mindedness are seriously lacking in many “Red” states. They don’t care what Trump does as long as he’s not a Democrat who’s going to raise their taxes, take away their guns, invite those immigrants to come take their jobs and blah, blah, blah....they’re basically clueless on all that B.S. because they only watch Fox News and listen to Limbaugh, etc. I’m really close to a few of those Trump backers and it makes me sad, actually. For Trump to get defeated, I truly believe its it’s going to take a lot of those people to get their proverbial heads out of their a$$es and do what’s right in 2020. A Democrat nominee who’s too polarizing won’t help matters IMO.
  8. This is very entertaining. Watching it all play out. But, when it really comes down to what is going to happen, I think there’s pretty much a forgone conclusion. The House will impeach. The Senate will hold trials, but will not confirm. Trump will finish out his term and it will be ugly. The 2020 election will be one of the ugliest anyone can remember. Hopefully the Dems get their stuff together and nominate someone who’s electable.
  9. At least the Dad has a Michigan sweatshirt on. The Mom’s Nebraska shirt is less obvious.
  10. You make it sound like he’s going around and complaining to everyone who will listen. That’s a whinny B. And that’s not Coach Frost. He gets asked questions in media sessions and answers them. Frost has shown consistent bluntness and truthfulness when asked a question more so than a lot of HC’s who prefer to say as little as possible. No offense, but sometimes people like you, for example, don’t handle this well and don’t like him stating what he believes to be true.
  11. Trump. I don’t see the Senate convicting and removing him from office. He’ll be back on the ballot in 2020.
  12. Hmm. Ok. Tired of who blaming everything on that?
  13. Especially JD, JoJo and Stille, right?
  14. I'll give you mine. It's likely a multitude of factors. If it was as simple as a couple bad position groups, that probably could have been corrected or at least improved on by now. 1. Coaching? Yes, that's probably part of it. I think the transition to the B1G has been much more difficult than the coaches will admit. I think these coaches will grow and learn from this year. I still fully trust Frost as our leader. 2. Lack of developed talent? Oh heck yeah! How many guys have been flying off to the NFL the past 3-4 seasons? Not many, especially on the O and D lines. 3. Sub-par QB play? Definitely, but more ails the offensive performance than just AM's major sophomore slump. 4. Lack of trusted playmakers on offense. When your clear go-to guy is a true freshman (albeit a future star), that's pretty telling. 5. Consistently poor linebacker play. The 3-4 scheme cannot possibly be effective without good linebacker play. 6. Inconsistent special teams. Some bright spots now and then, like a few blocked punts, but overall not very good. Especially the kicking game. So, in summary, most everything needs to get better for this thing to get right. I think it will happen, but could be another 2-3 years. It's hard as hell, but we need to have some patience.
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