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  1. Decoy73

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    Ha. I’d love it if we did. Just trying to keep it real.
  2. Decoy73

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    We go 3-1 against Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Northwestern. With all the hype, this may not seem too bold, but it is.
  3. Decoy73

    BTN Bus Tour - In Lincoln August 19th

    I know. First I’ve heard him. He gave a good interview. He should do it more.
  4. Decoy73

    BTN Bus Tour - In Lincoln August 19th

    Well that’s pretty good to hear. If DiNardo had maintained his original stance of us being overrated, I’d probably be launching my phone across the room right now.
  5. Decoy73

    Who's too good to not play this year?

    Yes. Take it like this. Hopefully we blow some teams out so the entire roster gets a minimum of 4 games.
  6. I'm talking true freshmen, transfers w/ a red shirt year left, or maybe a walk-on who has impressed, etc. I get that we don't know much yet, but from what we've gathered from practice reports and the media, who sounds like they're simply too good to redshirt this year? I'll start with a couple: Wan'Dale: Obvious choice Garrett Nelson: His motor and attitude must not be wasted on a redshirt IMO. I could see him becoming a special teams force this season.
  7. This post pretty much sums up why I think realistically our ceiling is 8 or maybe 9 wins. Anything more than that is possible, but would require some really good breaks along the way (no significant injuries or penalty issues, etc.).
  8. Decoy73

    Frost Appearances & Interviews

    Just finished watching it. Great talk. Frost never fails to impress me. This reminds me of how fortunate we are to have him as our coach.
  9. Decoy73

    Fall Camp Notes

    You are correct. At first glance I was expecting a good block and cut by JD to the open field, but as it turns out it was probably meant to showcase good defense.
  10. Decoy73

    Fall Camp Notes

    Nice video. Not sure about that last play though. Should have ended the clip just before the receiver ran into his blocker (who had just made a good block).
  11. Decoy73

    Huskers in 2019....

    We say these things because it’s the most anticipated time of the season and none of us knows squat. Until we see an actual game, all we can do now is hope and speculate.
  12. Decoy73

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    No loss is acceptable, but I can get over a loss to any non-division foe easier than i can stomach another one at the hands of Wisconsin , NW or Iowa. I’m just trying to temper my expectations. I picked 8-4 last season and we all know how that turned out. I strongly feel that 9 or more wins in year 2 in the B1G would be a tremendous accomplishment given how low we’ve been for so long.
  13. Decoy73

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    Yep. I was off on my MR seasons. I guess It's my brain trying to forget them.
  14. Decoy73

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    You are correct. My bad. In any case, I hope he's wrong about us being "overrated".
  15. Decoy73

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    What strong language? IIRC he stated a successful season for NU would be to make a bowl game. This is in year 3 of a coaches tenure and MR finally having his QB in T.Lee. That’s was pretty damning. I’m not saying he came out and predicted his firing.