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  1. You didn’t ask me, but I want Frost with a ST Coach and a shake up of the offensive staff in order to accommodate this.
  2. That’s an interesting point. I’d say that post Solich, all NU coaches including Frost have hired and stuck with their “buddies”. What’s gone along with this is the HC’s being relatively tolerant of underperforming position groups. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but holding onto an assistant, even to the team’s detriment, seems to be commonplace around here.
  3. I also see no reason why we would be capable of beating a B1G team. Pathetic ST. Pathetic discipline. Pathetic O line. Pathetic use of the offensive talent we have. Really good defense, but it won’t be enough. Each game will be like Groundhog Day. D will keep us in each game until the O and ST screw up just enough to lose it.
  4. Too many missed tackles vs OU tells me we’ll struggle to stop Walker unless we load the box. Plus I can’t imagine us being successful running the ball. We’ll keep it close though. If we do win, it most definitely will be a signature win for Frost. He’s never won this type of game at NU.
  5. Agree. I'm guessing that maybe for far too long the coaches have let much of the undisciplined stuff like penalties go on in practice without consequences. Maybe along the lines of the "no fear of failure" mantra. When those get called out on Saturdays, the gameplan falls apart.
  6. Slowing down the replay, yes he did get pushed back, but its not as much of a blow up as it appeared live. Ethan's right leg immediately trips over #70's left leg. That caused him to go flying backwards as much as anything. Call it bad technique by one or both of them or bad coaching, but they shouldn't be over-lapping their ankles like that.
  7. If we could barely cover those team's receivers, why did they only score 7 and 3 points on us? Maybe their coaches aren't very smart.
  8. It’s too early in the season for this kind of praise. It’s completely laughable that Iowa is a top 5 team. They have an underwhelming offense and a good defense. Top 20, for sure. But top 5? Give me a break.
  9. Nobody asked for it, but here's my take on the rest of the B1G schedule for us: MSU - It's hard to imagine that this wouldn't be winnable. I'll call it a 50-50. We'll see how they do against Miami. NW - will have a good D like always, but it could be a major down year for their O. First one to 20 wins this one? I like our chances in Lincoln. UM - Are they finally clicking this year? Maybe. If so, this one will be tough, but it is in Lincoln. I"ll say winnable, but must play well. Minny- With Ibrahim out, there O got a lot less scary, but they are well coached. Winnable, but again, must play well on the road (it happened at Purdue in '20). Purdue - Who knows with Brohm. He went from good coach to under achieving coach in a matter of a year or two. Winnable as it's in Lincoln Ohio St. - Vastly more talented, but Oregon exposed some issues they have. I still don't see a Win here, though. But we should play them tough. Wisky - uninspiring offense, but likely good defense and special teams. Winning in Camp Randall will be a tall order, although late in the season, who knows? Iowa - Like Wisky, Top shelf D and ST, but unimpressive O so far. We're due to knock off the Hawks. And it's in Lincoln. Assuming OU is a L, we need to at least split the rest. Barring a major setback, I think it could and will happen. If it doesn't, things may get tough for the staff. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Ha. No thanks. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. But despite their obvious underperforming, with the D I still believe we get to 6. Outside of OSU and possibly UM if they actually are for real, no B1G team on our schedule is a sure loss. At least at this point anyway. Every other team has “issues “ of there own. Now if I’m wrong and we don’t get to 6, then I’m with most of you that a change would be coming.
  11. Well that’s a pessimistic approach. I think with our defense, we get to 6 wins and a bowl. Frost makes some necessary and overdue changes and the “dreaming of a new coach “ crowd quiets down a bit. Can someone please tell me why I’m wrong?
  12. Our D is pretty good right now. I think we play them a pretty even low scoring first half. Then we’ll come out and have the usual crap 3rd quarter, claw back a little in the 4th, but lose by 2 TDs. Another special teams blunder will account for one of those scores. Our offensive tackles will have a rough day, I fear.
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