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  1. This is so true and partially why most politicians insufferable hypocrites.
  2. No. Ohio State players were cheering on their teammate. Sounded like boos, but wasn’t.
  3. He’s got some tree trunks. No way he’s sub-200.
  4. I get the feeling HM won’t be in a husker uniform come this fall.
  5. Did they pull him too soon? Bullpen not doing so great.
  6. Agree. Opinions are good. Do you care to explain why you think he’s a bad choice? Or who would be a better choice. Other than the age thing, which is dumb, I’ve not seen logical people give very good answers to this question.
  7. The obstructing a peace officer charge shouldn’t be overlooked. What the heck happened there? We put these student athletes on a pedestal, but in the end they’re just immature young adults doing stupid things.
  8. No doubt. Trump even campaigned for Pillen's R primary opponent, but Pillen still bows down to Trump's demands. Spineless and pathetic is what it is. But that's today's GOP.
  9. https://nebraskaexaminer.com/2024/04/05/sources-say-trump-sought-to-directly-pressure-nebraska-state-senator-over-winner-take-all-proposal/
  10. Interesting how the highlight videos are blurred away from the ball. Prevent us fans for reading too much into who's playing where? Prevent opponent scouting? Or, the video editor having too much time on their hands? Hopefully it builds depth and makes us better. Certainly a unique concept.
  11. Hitting: Creighton > Nebraska.
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