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  1. When we get good again, they should change Herbie to flipping the bird. Who else is buying that shirt?
  2. 7-8 wins. Much more aggregate coaching experience with the new staff additions will be the most important factor, IMO. CT looks promising as QB and could end up being really good. I'm looking for more RB and WR production/consistency and I think we'll see that with coaching upgrades at both spots. I'm now on the Chin's bandwagon, so I think the defense could be just as good as last season if the secondary additions pan out as we hope. ST will be significantly better with Coach Busch. Bank on that. The biggest question mark for me is the O-Line and what that looks like.
  3. Keep an eye on him for football too. Maybe? Good receiver for Blair at 6’4” and I believe has two years of high school left.
  4. Yeah. I agree. The new generation of season ticket holders aren’t going to stand for that experience. Better WIFI. Cool entertainment like the post 3rd qtr red pyro show for night games, better seat space, concessions, bathrooms…..
  5. Safari on iphone. It’s more of a reload than a refresh I guess.
  6. Beat NW and rally enough to win every home game except OU, but we’ll play them close (of course). Lose every road game (historically that’s what we do) except Rutgers, because they still suck. 7-5.
  7. Coach Busch on Sports Nightly tonight. Impressed. Seems like a no-brainer hire at ST coordinator.
  8. The HB website “refreshes “ mid-post often for me, erasing everything I just typed. Anyone else with this issue?
  9. I think it’s a joke about The New Staff thread turning into a discussion about a recruit.
  10. We haven’t developed our skill positions well, but I’d argue that Wandale is the only one on that list who has done well at his next school. Most everyone else (not including Adrian) hasn’t done much. Another issue for us has been passing on guys we potentially could have had (Burrow, Breece Hall, Sam LaPorta).
  11. A lot of previously promising recruits on this list. This, along with the portal, is why I just can’t get optimistic with recruiting rankings anymore.
  12. I’m guessing this blogger is somewhat well connected in football circles around Omaha and also to NU. He reported what he’s learned as the truth. I have no problem with that. And I’m pro-Frost. Sometimes it takes uncomfortable truths coming out to help spearhead change. At the end of the day, HCSF is making some changes to hopefully right the ship. I think he will.
  13. I doubt SSO is aiming to sh!t on the program, but rather call out alarming things he is privy to hearing about. I’m guessing it’s mostly true information. It would easily explain 15-29.
  14. I agree. I’ve sat on both sides. East- newer and better laid out indoor concourse area, overhang protection from rain, etc. West- A little closer to the field (lower), sun never really in your eyes. Can’t go wrong with either. It’s just nice having your own seat and easily able to get inside and warm up, cool off or take a leak.
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