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  1. Decoy73

    Next year addition and subtraction

    I know Frost is high on Jurgens, but OC next year? Talk about being on the fast track.
  2. Decoy73

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Is it insane? I’m not saying I agree with this theory, but it’s not insane either. Some of you folks really want to believe college football is immune from this type of corruption. Delaney has publicly said he essentially would like to cater to NCAA sports gambling. That shows where his priorities are. But some of you insist that any thought of chicanery is insane. It’s just us poor fans with our feelings hurt looking to spread the blame anyway we can. While I have no knowledge of any specific wrongdoing by anyone, I’m not going to sit here and make excuses for the refs or otherwise believe that college football is so squeaky clean that this couldn’t happen.
  3. Decoy73

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Witnessing that game in person Saturday, I am 100% convinced that there was a real effort by the officials to side with NW on penalty calls. Now, I don't believe the BIG hates Nebraska or refs hold grudges and I am not some crazy conspiracy theorist. I do, however, have eyes and what they saw was atrocious. I'm getting annoyed with people chalking it ALL up to bad coaching, dumb or undisciplined players, etc. Sure, there was some of that, but its not that NW is just some perfectly disciplined team and we just suck. It's hard to overcome biased officiating, I don't care who you are. As to what was the driving factor behind the officiating I witnessed? I don't know, but I have my theories.
  4. Decoy73

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    I hate to "read in" too much on what you're saying, but it's almost like you are seeing the penalty disparity Saturday justifiable due to past "reputations" that the teams have supposedly earned. Serious question: Were you at the game Saturday? The reason I'm asking, is because I understand there is a difference in being able to see TV replays vs. seeing it up close and live, but not being able to see the replays. I was at the game and was close to the field and without replay, its tough to determine the legitimacy of pass interference calls, etc. What I did see was NW holding our D-line and rushers multiple times throughout the game without it ever being flagged and it pissed me off to no end.
  5. Decoy73

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    If officials are slanting a game based on past reputations, then they should not be officials. That is completely unacceptabble.
  6. Decoy73

    What did we learn today

    1. Our pass defense is bad. Period. 2. Big officials reached a new low for sucking. Not so much for our penalties, but the egregious lack of NW’s. Was at game. Northwestern held all day long. It’s bad folks. I don’t know if it’s Delaney, whoever’s in charge of officiating for the conference, or maybe the refs today are the dumbest people on the planet. 3. HCSF. I love that he’s our coach, but he didn’t call his best game today, IMO. 4. The Oline , gave Martinez time to throw a lot, but choked when it mattered most. 5. This team needs a killer instinct.
  7. Decoy73

    Beaver tampering(not the good kind)

    It annoys me when writers do that. It's no wonder coaches get iritated with sports writers.
  8. Decoy73

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    Well stated.
  9. Decoy73

    Trump's America

    As we also need conservatives to do the same. You haven’t exactly been a role model for open mindedness.
  10. Decoy73

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    It is. If gets convicted of it, he should be out (and prosecuted). He has not been convicted of anything yet, so the talk of impeachment makes no sense at this time.
  11. Decoy73

    taylor and washington look ready to step up

    True. I’ve just been impressed with Ozigbo this season and would have liked to see him get more touches, but Washington is pretty special.
  12. Decoy73

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    It would be inappropriate to impeach Kavanaugh if no crime was committed. The man got it. Let him do his job. I know that’s not how politics work though and it’s sad.
  13. Decoy73

    taylor and washington look ready to step up

    IIRC. Last season, Wisconsin struggled to stop Ozigbo most of the first half. I would have liked to see more of a running game Saturday.
  14. Decoy73

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    Darn autocorrect!! You’ve failed me again. Actually I’m horrible at typing on my phone.
  15. Decoy73

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    Yep. I’m rediculous. I blame the Clinton’s.