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  1. I wonder that too. I think some are "not for profit", so essentially their income goes to staff salaries and company enhancements, etc. I think the ultimate return or "profit" is their team competing at the highest level. I think it's sort of an entertainment expense that wealthy boosters are willing to pay to make this happen. We all can agree that Saturdays are a heck of a lot more fun when the Huskers are good. That's how I see it anyway.
  2. I agree. That reversal reeked of bias. But, tOSU took the brunt of it so at least there's that.
  3. My experience is that range extenders work a little, but can't overcome an outdated/bad router. Get a good router and you may not need the extenders.
  4. For year one? Did he actually say that?
  5. I really hope you’re kidding. just in case you’re not…..uh simply stated, Frost can’t coach. That wasn’t going to change at NU. He can craft some impressive offensive plays, but the day to day CEO part was just too much for his abilities. Maybe some day he’ll figure out some things and work his way up to a good HC job again, but I’m not seeing it. He’s better suited as an OC IMO. We need a reset with Rhule and again, in my opinion, have no business expecting a bowl game in year 1.
  6. Did we ever have a legitimate chance at Duggan? Like was this another Frost recruiting F up or was he always going to TCU? Hopefully the latter, I guess.
  7. How’d you come across this, if you’re willing to share?
  8. Exactly. If Rhule and staff can coach, recruit and develop like we hope they can, we’ll be just fine with the players that want to be here. If some player wants to leave, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
  9. I was even more bored with what I was doing before I made that click.
  10. I’m bored with who’s going where, so I’m going with a philosophical post. Random thought about transfers out of NU. If I’m being completely honest, I couldn’t care less if they have success or not at their next destination. Not rooting against them or anything. I just don’t care either way. I’m here for Nebraska and our team. I suspect most people here probably feel that way too, but feel the need to “wish them luck “. Take AM for example, as good of a person he is, it sucks for him that he got hurt again, but after hearing about it the first time, I really haven’t given it a second thought ( until now I guess). Anyone else feel this way?
  11. This is one of the best analogies I’ve ever seen.
  12. I’ve been 50/50 on renewing. This probably makes it 60/40 renewing, I’d hate to flush away the priority points built up over the years, but we’ll see. The passion just isn’t there anymore. Maybe Rhule can change that.
  13. Sounds critical, whatever it is, but including “thoughts and prayers “ in the statement is pretty discouraging.
  14. Me too, but unfortunately I do love ice cream. Employee’s we’re allowed to take two pints home per day back then. Not sure if that’s still a benefit or not.
  15. My impression is that he finished the season better than how he played in the first couple games. I recall seeing somewhere that PFF graded him as our top OL for what it’s worth.
  16. Somewhat, yes. But my point is that the J&J are more important and we shouldn’t fret about what some Gamecock fans had to say about Our new OC. We need some players. I just used Chins as an example. No D line studs, no JoJo, no CTB. Same Chins. Much, much different than 2021, when we thought he might be pretty decent.
  17. Remember when we thought Chins sucked. And then he didn’t. And then he did. We need the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s.
  18. Good for him. He’s been around a lot of programs and good coaches. I hope he has success.
  19. Based on Jackson State? Not saying he can’t, but I’d pump the brakes. Let’s see him do it in P5 week after week.
  20. “Coach Prime wants to stay down south “ ”Fickle won’t leave the state of Ohio “ ”Trev is getting a lot of ‘No’ responses “ ”There are only a couple jobs Rhule would consider and none are currently open “ ”Wisconsin is locking up Leonhard so nobody else gets him” I swear I heard those things. At one point I actually talked myself into believing the one about Trev. Apparently BS makes coaching searches fun for fans.
  21. So much for not “winning the press conference “.
  22. Clear player development. Proper roster management.
  23. He’s definitely had to deal with injuries to his starters and has Hausman playing well. I agree though, he probably won’t be kept.
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