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  1. Not when the guy being bought out is Scott Frost and when they've already been schmoozing donors to help with the new FB Facility. It's just not a good time for that kind of buyout. What Trev did with the contract restructuring was brilliant.
  2. We are losing some good ones, but I do have faith in Chins and co to develop young talent. Hopefully Damian Daniels comes back.
  3. I'll be good later tonight. I used to be pissed for 3 days after a loss. Apathy just scored a TD and is catching up. I picked after bowl season, because then we can go a couple months without seeing much of anything about CFB. Ignorance is bliss.
  4. I agree about the "circus", but I'm not flushing 2022 yet. I'd uncomfortably take the "over" at 7-5 at this point. But I actually think 6-6 is more likely as we stand now. Lets see who we get for new assistants and transfers---> PLEASE!!! A good QB!!!! Other teams profit on transfer QBs. Why can't we? Heck, the bigger question is, would 6-6 keep Frost employed? I think 7-5 would, but I have nothing to base that on. 5-7 or worse with 2022's schedule won't cut it anymore.
  5. Some good points. I think Frost realizes some of this now. Perhaps too late. We'll find out by October next year I think. It's why Trev did what he did.
  6. Hearing his presser words would give credence to that theory if that's what you want to hear , but then why did he fire 4 guys? What's he supposed to do? Come out and say he was wrong when I retained those four coaches last year? It's pretty obvious he's been wrong about several things in the past four years.
  7. Maybe, but that's not really my point and I don't do Twitter so I wouldn't know--or really care about a Twitter poll. This whole thread screams Frustrated Fan venting. I get that, but on HB--at least with the usual posters that I've seen, the overwhelming majority, even his "defenders" knows Frost needs to make major changes in order to be employed a year from now. Frost is back next year no matter what. Some of us want him to (finally) figure it out and turn things around. Some are convinced he will fail and are counting the days until we get to take a chance on the next guy in '23. In either case it's likely going to be at least a couple more years until we get to the next step on the way to where we want to be. If it's Scott, great. If a change needs to be made in a year, I'll go along with that too. Something really concerns me...When was the last time, the "next guy" worked out for us? That's pretty much how I look at it.
  8. The question was being asked on HB. Not Twitter. That's the issue.
  9. Scott's coaching tenure is on the ropes and he knows it. I think to get a chance to be successful next year, wholesale offensive changes needed to happen. Lubick wasn't a glaring underperformer like others, but I'm not sure he was completely dialed in to this job. Maybe it won't work, but they need to try to get a spark on O, IMO. Completely agree on getting a portal QB.
  10. Exactly. Even Frost's most ardent supporters I've seen on HB realize changes have to be made for anything to work out in 2022. Literally no one thinks the status quo is working.
  11. People can want Nebraska to do well and remain optimistic. Is that who you are targeting here? Should we just adopt a pessimist attitude like so many here have? Sounds miserable.
  12. Dumb a$$ fair catch on the 6 set that safety up nicely. ST will kill this team in 2022 if not taken seriously again.
  13. Amen to that. Anyone else catch Gretna's state championship win over Westside? Flores was zinging the ball unlike any QB I've seen at the HS level in recent memory. Impressive velocity and accuracy. I sure hope he is being strongly considered by NU.
  14. Nope. We're not winning this one. So what's the over-under for INT's for Iowa?
  15. It’s not going to matter who the new OC is if we don’t get a good ST coach. And I’m not confident that we will. Scott thinking we have a specialist problem instead of a ST problem is just flat wrong. I like Coach, but it’s just disappointing that he doesn’t see this.
  16. Coming in as an OC isn't a destination anywhere. Unless, I suppose you just want to settle down and don't want to do the HC thing anymore. It's a stepping stone to getting back to a HC gig someday if that's the goal.
  17. I meant going straight from analyst to P5 HC as in how I interpreted your previous post. Sark got to Texas because of his success as an OC at a high level. And yes, I also confirmed my info from that wiki page
  18. Not true. Although he briefly was an analyst at his first Bama stint, he went: OC Bama, OC Falcons, OC Bama --> Texas.
  19. I agree that Sark isn't likely to get fired. But it's Texas, so who knows. To your point about big time coaches and going the analyst route, Is there actually an example of a current P5 coach that played it out like this? Maybe there is, I just can''t think of one.
  20. We probably will end up with someone younger and not ever a HC. Why not Nebraska for the likes of Mullen, Herman and possibly Sark? Turn around a struggling offense that Native Son and former NC winning HCSF couldn't do. Especially if you were allowed to bring 3 assistants with you. That would be pretty impressive and would look pretty good on a resume.
  21. You may be right, but where would be an example of one of these openings? Florida, USC and LSU aren't hiring recent P5 failures. Even Herman is not very far out from his jettison from Texas. Maybe I'll end up being wrong, but I see P5 schools going straight for "up an comers" like Fickell, Napier, etc. Or trying luring other P5 coaches (Campbell, Franklin, etc).
  22. But are they really still considered "big time" coaches? They just got the pink slip for failing to meet expectations. I just don't see another P5 hiring a newly fired P5 coach from the previous season. I actually don't recall that happening in my recent memory. Maybe it has. I suppose they could go Go5 or FCS, but is that a better resume booster than a P5 coordinator, assuming both were successful? Who knows?
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