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  1. One has to wonder how much irrepairable damage Fox News has done to our nation.
  2. You’re not alone. I remember how bewildered I was when I heard Devin Nunes’ opening statement when the impeachment inquiry began and he basically dismissed it as farce and baseless, blah, blah. I couldn’t believe it. I thought this was an investigative inquiry. I guess I was being naive thinking that approaching something of this historical magnitude would call for being open minded ( or at least making it seam so). When all the evidence has been presented and all the witnesses have testified, then you can give whatever assessment you want. Oh silly me. Apparently being professional and respectful is too much to ask of these clowns. We all now know why Nunes was behaving like he had something to hide. Well, turns out, he did. Nunes not recusing himself when he’s supposedly neck deep in the Ukrainian scandal is grounds for his impeachment from congress. IMO.
  3. Sometimes I feel that Chris Wallace is the only adult in a room of full of juveniles at FN.
  4. Exactly. This thread needs to die. Nothing worth discussing here.
  5. I’d say either d!ck or a$$hole. Women are generally not referred to being one of these.
  6. I’m guessing Mario was the driver. Not quite outfitted for walking CRP.
  7. You call Schiff a snake. What do you call Nunes?
  8. Exactly. It's that first step or two that doesn't have the burst he did in 2018.
  9. Funny how Devin Nunes "can't remember" if he spoke with Lev Parnas because he apparently get's a lot of calls from around the world. BS https://www.salon.com/2019/12/06/attorney-says-parnas-wants-to-testify-since-devin-nunes-cant-recall-their-calls-lev-remembers/ Never fear Devin. Its Fox News to the rescue: Maybe it was someone else using Devin's phone. https://www.newsweek.com/fox-news-legal-analyst-says-maybe-it-wasnt-devin-nunes-using-nunes-phone-call-giuliani-white-1475522 It never ceases to amaze me how far these a$$holes will go to deny that they ever do anything wrong. It's even sadder that their unwavering audience will believe their horse sh!t. And that is why they do it. There are a lot of dumb and gullible people in this country.
  10. I don''t know exactly why, but I always enjoy hearing Jason Peter's take on the Huskers. He makes some good points here.
  11. His tackling has improved, but not yet to the level of the underclassmen who rarely played. SMH. He was supposed to be defending the the TE who caught Iowa’s last pass that set up the winning FG. Was beaten badly. It’s why the guy was wide open. Im more pi$$ed at Chinander on that one though. We knew they had to throw a long pass. Why he had Barry and Honas out there defending receivers is beyond stupid. Those two struggled with coverage all season. Put 4 D-backs in!!
  12. The Mueller report in no way Confirmed Trump didn’t collude with Russia.
  13. Excellent summary. I’m going to send it to my brainwashed family members. I have to ask though. Did you just type this up or have you been saving it.
  14. In the heat of the moment it’s hard to believe, but we definitely are heading in the right direction. It’s good to see these stats. Thanks for posting!
  15. Ouch. Granted that was only a handful of plays, but it certainly illustrates how important perimeter blocking is and how lack of it can make the QB or play caller look bad.
  16. Alright posters in the know. I have an honest question. What exactly does “not buying in” entail when it comes to a starter or major contributor? Not practicing hard? bad attitude? calling the coaches names? Seriously. Why would they be getting playing time if they were somehow holding back the teams culture growth? For now, I’m calling B.S. when it comes JD (or Domann) “not buying in”.
  17. This kid is going to bring the program to another level.
  18. I just watched his post game interview and he certainly didn't hide his frustration. Especially with that last pass play that set up Iowa's FG. I'd say it was pretty fitting once again watching the ILB responsible for the coverage trailing about 5 yards behind with his guy wide open.
  19. The offense did suck more and ST even more than the O, but I could bag on the coaches starting two ILBs and a certain OLB til the cows come home.
  20. If Domann leaves, I'D rather piss on some D coaches. Clearly he was our best tackler and IMO best overall defender. In fact, the only other time I saw other LB's make good textbook tackles was at the end of the Maryland game when Johnson and Reimer were in there.
  21. One certainly couldn't blame him for his frustrations. He has been my favorite player this season by a long shot. Heck I'd be frustrated too if I were in his shoes, based on who the coaches were starting at certain positions that clearly were holding the team back. Meanwhile he's busting his a$$ and the D is still getting exposed. That's why I maintain my "addition by subtraction" prediction for next years D. There are some who had NO business starting and playing as much as they did. Put that on the coaches.
  22. This is really bad if true. You would naturally wonder why. Loss of confidence in coaches? Want's to get closer to family? He was one of the few defenders I would trust on open-field tackles.
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