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  1. Tell me that one wouldn’t have. I don’t know the specifics of this one, but was merely illustrating a broader point. That point is mass shootings like this potentially can be prevented in certain cases. There is no one fix for these shootings. Take away everyone’s guns? No, that’s not the answer. Temporarily take away guns from those deemed a threat to themselves or others? Yes. It’s only logical to include this in a multi pronged approach to minimize these types of attacks. To oppose Red Flag laws is pure nonsense.
  2. Thank goodness no pesky Red Flag laws got in the way of this shooters right to exercise his freedom. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be, Gov Ricketts?
  3. I think Biden has the best chance. I’ve seen the polls and don’t put a lot of stock in them at this point. That will change in 6 months. I believe Bloomberg’s chances are dwindling due to some of the factors you mentioned. I will say that a Sanders/Warren ticket would be intriguing. I think we have to focus on the swing states here and I believe Florida is essentially a must win for the Dems. I think it’s going to be very tough to defeat Trump in WI, PA, etc.
  4. It’s almost comical watching Dems tear Bloomberg down to nothing when he is one of maybe two who could actually beat Trump. The Dems are well on their way to screwing this election up just as bad as 2016.
  5. I can see the potential to add some "good" weight to that frame. Maybe it's the camera angle, but those are some massive shoes!
  6. OK so what makes a person a "good" debater? Stay consistent with your stances no matter how badly attacked? Remaining stoic in the face of personal attacks? Lying and demeaning your opponent with accusations? Speaking with facts and personal convictions? Showing confidence no matter how right or wrong you are? Behaving like a royal jacka$$? Just curious..
  7. Bloomberg has been in all of one debate and he endured about 6 people constantly attack him about his money and past transgressions. How could anyone look good in that situation? This past one was the only debate I've watched, but I thought Biden looked OK. Nothing bad, nothing spectacular. The thing is though, what makes you think Trump will be a good debater? He wasn't against Hillary and I'd actually be surprised if he would agree to more than one debate, if that. There is a trove of Trump's bad behavior the Dem could pile on him almost at will and could cause him to loose his cool very easily. So, while I don't see any of the dems as particularly "good" debaters, I certainly don't see Trump as one. I think he's scared to do them and will likely think of an excuse to get out of it.
  8. Oh, I doubt that. Hopefully we'll get to find out
  9. Republicans lost the house because of D-bags like you, Devin. I expect the margin to be even wider next year at this time.
  10. This scares the heck out of me too. I like Bernie, but despite what polls say now, I don’t think he can win. I still maintain only Biden and Bloomberg. Although the other candidates are doing their best to paint Bloomberg as a Democratic Trump.
  11. Thank you for contacting me about the impeachment trial for President Trump. As you know, Article One of the Constitution stipulates that impeachment proceedings must originate in the House of Representatives and grants the Senate with the sole power to try an impeachment. On December 18, 2019, following its inquiry, the House voted to approve the impeachment articles for President Donald Trump. The Senate begins every impeachment trial by voting on a set of rules to govern the proceedings. The rules for this trial were proposed in Senate Resolution 483, which was modeled after the procedures adopted during the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton in 1999. The House managers and the president's defense team each had time equally divided to make their case. Senators also submitted questions in writing, which were read aloud by Chief Justice John Roberts. Each side spent two days answering the questions of the Senators. After closing arguments, Senators considered introducing additional evidence. I ultimately opposed this measure because senators had already received the same information the House used to pass the articles of impeachment. It is the responsibility of the House to conduct impeachment investigations -- to support specific charges with related evidence -- not the Senate's. The House managers presented 192 video clips containing testimony from 13 witnesses, and submitted more than 28,000 pages of documents. Additionally, senators were able to ask 180 questions of the House managers and the president's counsel for clarifications on their arguments. Furthermore, none of this evidence charged the president with a single crime. On February 5, 2020, the Senate voted on each article of impeachment, separately. I voted to acquit the president on both articles because the House managers failed to make a compelling case that the president should be removed from office. Fewer than two-thirds of senators voted to convict on each article of impeachment, which resulted in acquittal of the president. I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and to be an impartial juror during the trial. I have given fair and careful consideration to the evidence presented during this trial and engaged in the questioning process. It is time for Congress to move forward and return to the people's business. Again, thank you for contacting me. I am always ready to engage in a civil discourse on issues affecting Nebraskans and our nation. Accordingly, I believe it is important for Nebraskans, along with the rest of the country, to continue working toward reconciling tensions that persist and reuniting around our shared values as Americans. I remain committed to working with my colleagues in Congress to advance policies that improve the daily lives of the people of Nebraska and this nation. Sincerely, Deb Fischer United States Senator
  12. Still lots of time for misinformation to influence our nation of the gullible. I’m sure Trump has a plan to do just that.
  13. I got that letter too. Makes her look one of two ways. Clearly a biased liar who’s unwilling to do anything to cross their dear leader and therefore puts the nation second or just simply horribly incompetent as a Senator. Could be both.
  14. I was thinking he's not wrong more in the sense of our current course bankrupting us. As far as his analogy of the 95 year old, it's a tough one. No two situations will be alike. Will $20,000 of prostate CA therapy cure him? No. Will it prolong his life? Possibly. But where is his hypothetical family in this situation? Are they financially sound enough to pay for gramps care? Why should they not have some responsibility here? If they have little money, there are programs with drug companies that can help with providing low or no cost drugs. My point is why should Medicare, and thus taxpayers, keep throwing high cost dollars at someone, with no chance at a real cure, until the day they croak? I don't have all the answers, but I know we just can't sustain that.
  15. He's not wrong. It might be hard for some to hear, but it's true.
  16. Anand is taking this way out of context. Bloomberg is explaining how it can be learned. And yes it can. Farming is not easy, but also not rocket science.
  17. On a positive note, it looks as if Christian Gaylord may be back for a final season. If nothing else, should help with depth and a veteran presence in the room. Good for him.
  18. Good luck to the young man. Sounds like he has some struggles with depression and homesickness. Best for him to get closer to family.
  19. It looks like the DOJ did just that and found no crime to charge him with.
  20. I get what you’re saying and for the most part agree. I’m just to the point right now with Trump that I want him defeated by most any means necessary. If that happens because Bloomberg bought himself a presidency, so be it. I see it as easily the lesser of two evils.
  21. Money buys politics. That’s nothing new. Bloomberg is buying “no more Trump” and I’m perfectly okay with that.
  22. Only unpopular if you would vote for Trump instead of writing someone in or not voting at all.
  23. Why do you think the Democratic nominee may influence the senate races?
  24. I think Bloomberg wants Trump defeated and will support the nominee.
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