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  1. We’re not full of ourselves. We need a coach. You don’t know what all these coaches’ career goals are until you ask. And Nebraska has a lot to offer. You seem to be going with the “glass half empty” approach here.
  2. I know. I’m just not getting my hopes up because of being used to us not getting nice things. But, by a long way, he would bring the most excitement to me compared to anyone else. People complain about this and that about him, but the guy knows how to win with talent. And if he came here, he would bring in a good staff and talented players.
  3. Since Urban likely isn’t coming, I’m switching to Team Aranda for now (I’m sure someone will tell me why he’s not coming either). But I reserve the right to shift on a daily basis. I think we can hopefully all agree that whoever Trev gets will be a significant upgrade over fHCSF. It’s not a stretch to say that if Trev finds the right guy, Trev could end up being considered the greatest Husker AD of our lifetimes.
  4. Reporters looking for clicks. And head coaches about to get raises.
  5. I’d guess that, at most, maybe 1/3 of all the coaches on the “ big board of NU coach candidates “ actually turn out to be really successful P5 coaches. Which ones is anybody's best guess. Leonhard does look promising, but I don’t want to take a chance on a coordinator. I’ll support whoever Trev gets, though. All the evidence I’ve seen/read points towards Matt Campbell the most.
  6. I want him. But I’m not delusional. I agree with you that he likely isn’t coming. I want wins. I’ve about had it with all of our failed head coach experiments.
  7. Based on what evidence? Maintaining a good defensive culture? People thought that about Will Muschamp and Texas too. Ok, then Iowa instead. Or any other B1G west team. My point is that Urban is a close to a sure thing that there is out there right now.
  8. Let’s say Wisconsin is currently looking for a coach and all of the likely candidates are the same ones we’re debating. As a Huskers fan, which one coach would “worry “ you most if they were hired by Wisky? Anyone not picking Urban Meyer?
  9. If we didn't suck at tackling, I wouldn't care. But, then how can you know if you suck or not if you don't do it? We didn't find out until it was too late in Dublin.
  10. So people on this board were wrong. How, again, is that on Mickey?
  11. You're really putting that on Mickey, huh? How about the guy who ran the defense for 4+ years. Or the guys who recruited and supposedly developed the O-line? That loss wasn't on Mickey.
  12. He got run out?? The guy who wasn't even a HC for a week.
  13. And just pluck the coach of whoever wins? It’s one game. Are we really that pathetic?
  14. All I heard Stai say was that Frost missed some meetings. It was the one of the other hosts who was saying the stuff about the players, possibly trying to get Brendan to confirm it, which he gave no indication either way that I could thell. I didn't see anything out of line.
  15. “It’s not his dad, but it is his dad “?? Or Like others will be dramatic because a teammates Dad was a Husker. Didn’t seem to be a problem with other Husker legacies. Seems like a weird thing to worry about. Caleb would make a good safety and returner for us or wherever he goes. Plus he’s a good student. im guessing you just don’t like Damon. If that’s the case, don’t pay attention to him.
  16. Caleb is the best tackler I’ve seen at the high school level. People who don’t care for Damon just need to get over themselves. Good God.
  17. Let’s cheer for Scott to get right, whatever he may need to get right for himself. I really think he is going to make a helluva good offensive coordinator some day for some team. I think his style would fit the SEC more so than the B1G.
  18. Maybe we steal him with a good hire? We sure weren’t going to with Margaritaville Frost.
  19. Baggage? What are you talking about?
  20. Yep. Sorry, no more questions. We're out of time.
  21. Basically Trev is going to pick a coach who’s already had success somewhere else. It’s how he revitalized UNO hockey and it will keep Trev employed if said coach doesn’t work out. Taking a risk on an unproven and having it not work out would be bad for everyone including Trev. That being said, if MJ leads us to 6-7 more wins, then how do you not retain him? Just my 2 cents.
  22. Good points. The improvement will have to be eye opening. Not impossible, but Trev knows we are not in any position to take a big risk here.
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