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  1. We had that guy here. It was Bill Callahan. Guy could and still can coach offensive linemen. The rest of it well maybe not so much.
  2. Can't punt anymore either. Will see if any changes are made during the bye week.
  3. If Mickey goes 9-0 I don't see any way he isn't the head coach going forward. This would even worse than the Solich firing. You would lose the team if he wasn't retained as head coach winning out the rest of the way.
  4. Not that it was likely he was coming back but now that he's hiring an agent there is no way right?
  5. Didn't see the game but saw Teddy had a big bucket late that helped New Mexico State upset UConn.
  6. Its where Devaney is and the Ice box and now a new hotel and where they are building the new track.
  7. Sweet Justice! Chucky missed it and how this team fought to overcome everything today. For as hard as we've all been on this team this year they never quit.
  8. Well refs are taking over the 2nd half. What a joke 7 fouls less than 4 min in the half.
  9. So do the refs get us the next 5 minutes or do we do it to ourselves?
  10. Well Iowa isn't making everything they are putting up so thats helping so far. Probably whats keeping it close right now.
  11. If that isn't a T I have no clue what these refs are even doing on the floor. Might as well be streetball call your own.
  12. Maryland's #4 must have insulted Verges Mom he has been all over him on the defensive end tonight.
  13. Amazing how we have 6 fouls and they only have 2 fouls and in less than 2 minutes its 6 to 5. Refereeing is so inconsistent makes it hard to play the game.
  14. We need to be up 20 with 2min to go for me to feel comfortable.
  15. Battle is killing us in the 2nd half. And we can't make free throws seen this story too many times this year.
  16. Well as the story has been all season can they close this out?
  17. Well guess it looks like watching my sons Y basketball was much more enjoyable than the crap this team came out with today. Again though is our 3 point defense that terrible that nearly every team that comes in shoots nearly 50% from 3 in a half if not for the game?
  18. How does your best player not touch the ball the last 2 possessions? Thats coaching.
  19. Bad reaction by Tominaga but a terrible call by the refs.
  20. Great response and McGowens is definitely starting to round into a first round NBA talent by the way he is asserting himself on the offensive end and much better shot selection. Very efficient.
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