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  1. Losing your two best on ball defenders is really showing here at the end of the half. Need to run these guys they should have less legs than us.
  2. Had to get the refs to call something against Ohio State because we were getting the shaft.
  3. They let them play until the last 3 minutes then had to even the call and the score.
  4. I will be braving the icy tundra to see if we can get a win tonight. No or little snow just freezing rain in Lincoln so I'm sure the roads are gonna suck.
  5. I don't think this one will be close. Hope they prove me wrong but feel like we are going to be dealing with a bunch of foul trouble again tonight.
  6. Didn't get to watch but huge to get a road win anywhere in league play.
  7. Um this isn't the first time. Albeit a long time ago not the first time arrested though not DV similar "anger" issue.
  8. Keisi lighting it up. If he could get some help would be up by a lot more than 3.
  9. This lack of running any set offense is irritating to watch.
  10. Alvano needs a scholarship with his performance tonight.
  11. I'm assuming he's a senior but the kicker from Omaha Westside needs to get an offer asap. 5 for 5 including a game winning 45 yards as time expired.
  12. Finally we dont lose a game due to stupid penalties and the other team does.
  13. Theses spots have been anywhere from 1 to 2 yards off consistently.
  14. Yea way to take away any momentum we had.
  15. Our right tackle is getting beaten like a red headed stepchild every play.
  16. Their OL falls forward ours goes backwards or is stationary at best.
  17. Pull Thompson put in someone who can move because this OL can't protect.
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