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  1. 6’4 165?? Somebody take this kid to the nearest Golden Corral.
  2. In fairness we probably would have had the same odds in the 90's.
  3. Deion Smith is super talented, he’d sure take the sting off losing Betts.. Washington would seem to be the more likely candidate though.
  4. I’m going to say Nebraska. If Texas couldn’t return to glory in the B12, good luck doing it in the SEC…
  5. Lole would be a great pickup there's going to be a lot of competition for him.
  6. Those two and Drew would make me feel a lot better about next year.
  7. Joseph must of got here and looked at our young receivers and thought wtf... Good news is he can probably recruit well enough he should have us in good shape in no time.
  8. We can only hope that this is an actual issue for us!
  9. That was my first thought. I think Nelson could be close to having a breakout year and this will certainly help.
  10. For the love of god pick already
  11. Sometimes when you are close you just need a game changing player to get you over the hump. On a season like last year one player might take you from 3 wins to 7 wins. Just proves that we haven't had a guy like that so it's not surprising that we have been lagging in the win column.
  12. I'm going to laugh when all these people at the universities spending hundreds of millions of dollars still don't have a National Championship to show for it. The thing is, this isn't like the NFL where you are paying for a known commodity. These are just high school kids and only a handful of them are sure thing can't miss prospects if there even is such a thing. Look at Ohio State and Alabama, they already get the pick of recruits every single year. Are they good every single year? Yes. Do they win a natty every single year? No. I think of Kentucky basketball for another example. I really don't see how they can get any more loaded with talent than they already are. Their entire roster is basically 5 star players yet they haven't made a final four since 2015... Unless schools can start getting kids to walk-on with NIL money (which is possible I suppose) they are still only have so many scholarships to give out. I think when this is all said and done you will see a bunch of programs try to buy success and in the end many will be no better off than they are now.. The real wild card is how they are going to manage kids taking offers to transfer. To me that's where things really could get ugly.
  13. That's what I thought. Really an odd situation.
  14. Is there any reason why she wouldn’t have been on a full scholarship?
  15. Yea I'm hoping that's where Thompson is an upgrade over AM. I believe in regards to overall talent they are very similar but Adrian was 0-15 on last drives to tie or win the game. Woof...
  16. We finally have a much easier schedule than we've had. If we don't have any missteps early and if If luck swings our way I could see this season being similar to the 2016 team under Riley that went 9-4. Not necessarily saying we'll be that much better just a better record.
  17. This and the “No Sit Sunday” Wisconsin game at the PBA are Co #1 for me.
  18. I think it's unfortunate that we've absolutely sucked for the last 7 years. Donors probably getting tired of thowing money around to see a s#!tty product on the field but then again Tennessee hasn't been great and they're somehow getting it done.
  19. Likely places to see some guys move on. QB- Smothers seems most logical but has given no indication that he doesn't plan to stay and battle it out. RB- Somebody has to go but besides Stepp they all seem to be right in the mix. Even he may just want to play out his career at this point. WR- Grimes, Hardy III, Neville OL- Lynn, Maybe Alex Conn I know he's young but I've never heard him mentioned at all DL- Need guys for bodies at this point until you get replacements but seems like we have at least a couple that will never contribute. LB- Malcom maybe but also really young CB- I thought Lynum was mentioned as coming along last year but seems to be lost in the shuffle now. S- Pola- Gates So still a lot of possibilities.
  20. It would not surprise me to see them try and add 4 or more bodies on the DL. Besides maybe an OL, we seem pretty set and have at least decent depth at most other positions.
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