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  1. Could be. But Rhule seems like he is conscious of preserving redshirts. Maybe we’ll see him in 4 games in the later in the season.
  2. HH played a good game but still feel that we need to temper the enthusiasm a bit. From what I saw he pretty much locked onto one receiver as well. Against a better team that’s not going to work. He should have had one interception as well that was dropped by the defender.
  3. Per Sean Callahan Farmer is the only player missing from fan day. Both Newsome and Singleton are there.
  4. Could be. Also you look at a guy like Farmer that’s listed as a Junior but has already played 4 years here. I mean we know what the ceiling is and Rhule might be wanting to roll with younger guys. I think we’ll havre some guys not listed at seniors be encouraged to move on if they don’t do it on their own.
  5. Supposedly didn’t get along with Cooper, lack of buy in. Further supposedly Farmer had been passed by Sanford and wasn’t even on the two deep. But Newsome would be odd considering Cooper gave a seemingly glowing review of him a couple weeks ago. Sean Callahan acknowledged the smoke but seemed to be referring to Farmer. He seems to be avoiding answering when being asked about Newsome. Something is definitely up. That being said I just don’t see either Farmer or Singleton as huge losses other than hurting depth. Newsome is a potential NFL guy and had one spot locked down, he’d obviously be a huge loss.
  6. Word on another board is Farmer, Newsome, and Singleton are all gone. Wow if true.
  7. Brix is a guy you make room for even if the other two are already committed. I’m just not sure if that works the other way around though. Wishful thinking would be that Brix is leaning N so Pyfrom wants to secure his spot but I’m not sure if that’s the case.
  8. Sounds like possibly Bleekrode, Ortiz, and Fleeks not on "scholarship" + at least two guys taking the "retirement package" Guessing those guys would be from the LB/DB rooms.
  9. Luckily RB is an easy position to get a guy from the portal if needed. Also the easiest position to have a freshman be an impact player. Gotta go get a stud this class.
  10. I'm not so sure about that. Just as you have guys moving up from lower levels you have guys transferring down as well. Still though it sucks if they luck into finding an absolute stud he won't finish there. Overall I think it may increase parity of college football throughout the Power 5 but I also think it's going to make it extra tough to knock down the top dogs now. It's going to be rare that teams like Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State ever have an off year because they'll never have holes in their roster. They whiff on a few QB classes in a row, no big deal just go to the portal and get somebody better.
  11. It sounds like Alante wanted to be here but he was not academically eligible for this semester. That’s why the reports were that he could return this summer. He had to get his grades up to get back to get back into the University. Either things weren’t looking good in regards to him getting that done or Rhule likes what we have enough that he told him that it’s best for him to move on.
  12. I think it was stated that he had some family issues that caused him to be away from the team. But we do have to trim the roster so the easiest place to start is with a guy who hasn’t been here. If Rhule likes our depth at the receiver position he may have encouraged him to move on.
  13. Lot's of speculation about Ajay Allen it seems. Either he's giving us clues on his social media or he likes to egg it on. There's obviously going to be some guys to leave that we don't want to but I hope he isn't one of them.
  14. I'm holding out hope that Hill can still reach his "Sunday Guy" potential that we heard about last year.
  15. Well he started a trucking company in the peak of the freight market post-covid. The bottom has completely fallen out of freight now so I imagine his pro basketball options are much better than trucking at this time.
  16. Oh yea, it was just the first year that seniors didn’t count.
  17. Nice. I believe it was the spring games two years ago that I noticed him and thought he might be a walk-on to look out for. I’m almost surprised this is the first time we’re really hearing about him.
  18. Is there a possibility that Clark could not count against our scholarship limit? Could he technically be called a covid guy still?
  19. Sucks that none of the guys you listed were early enrollees as they could be getting some good reps this spring with a couple starters out. Van Poppel looks pretty mature and will probably have as good of shot as playing as a freshman as any DL ever will which is still not ideal. Maciejczak obviously has the brute strength but I have no idea what we should expect from him.
  20. They do have packages that put them on the field at the same time. Would likely see them together on 3rd down, especially obvious passing situations.
  21. I've thought Bullock would contribute before his time here was over, he looks like a dude. Had high hopes for Kpai, but he and Malcolm probably need to start showing something or they're going to get pushed out. Rogers might have the best chance of any freshman at early playing time.
  22. I should have worded that differently. Haarberg was QB2 at the scrimmage, with Thompson and Smothers still limited.
  23. I don’t think there’s any doubt he will be. But if he ends up behind Sims, Im not sure he sticks around. So who ends up QB3 could be important. Also I’ll throw out another scenario. Say it ends up like, 1. Sims 2. Thompson 3. Haarberg/Smothers 4. Purdy 5. Torres. I think it’s possible that at least 2 out of 3 of Thompson, Purdy, and Smothers could move on if Sims is the starter and Haarberg is ahead of Purdy/Smothers.
  24. Reports from practice are that Sims looks very good. Haarberg is reportedly the #2 guy right now and looking good. It’s going to be an interesting fall in the QB room.
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