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  1. It doesn't seem there's been any contact at all with the new staff. I'd say he's as good as gone.
  2. Looked like there was potential for a flip but apparently said he's solid to Iowa State.
  3. I don't love that it feels like we're stealing recruits from Temple. But this staff has a ton of connections in this region so if they're recruiting him somebody has told them they think this kid can be a dude.
  4. Apparently he is thought of as one of the most underrated commits in this class. I honestly didn't realize that Michigan and A&M were real options for him but it sounds like they are.
  5. I don't think that has anything to do with it He really liked Frost. Iowa State was his first offer and Campbell has been there the whole time. This has been a long time coming I think they were just trying to be respectful and give Rhule a shot but it was going to be really tough to keep him at this point. It boils down to him having a really great relationship with Campbell and Scheelhase built over two years. That's a lot to overcome in one visit and especially when I think his mind was pretty well made up. A tough blow but he wasn't going to be an immediate contributor anyway. We really need room for at least one portal tight end that can play right away and move our focus on Carter Nelson for the 2024 class.
  6. https://baylorbears.com/sports/football/roster/devin-neal/11366 Originally committed to Rhule at Baylor.
  7. Probably should go after that Ernest Haussmann kid.
  8. If this is what it appears to be on the surface, Mick just went from asking for a $1.5 million salary with lots of options to possibly being unemployed. Life comes at you fast sometimes.
  9. Apparently his family is from O'neill, NE. Wonder if there's any connections with Peetz. Also read on twitter that his girlfriend is planning to attend NU next year. Also related to the Hausmann's on the team. This seems like one to keep an eye on.
  10. I'm really hoping that a healthy Nouili and a healthy Teddy Prochazka give a big boost to our O-line. I could see Corcoran moving to C. I really want to see what Corcoran and Piper can do with some new coaches. If not them I still think we have some other options (maybe Lutovsky) and then find a tackle in the transfer portal.
  11. I had read somewhere else that Fidone didn't care for two of his (soon to be) former coaches. Not sure which two but if there was any truth to that he may be happy about some new guys coming in. Also the depth chart is wide open at tight end so I'm assuming he has a really good chance at being the #1 TE here. barring anymore setbacks.
  12. He has a football scholarship offer from Texas Tech. Also apparently he postponed his commitment because he was I’ll and also it his voice.
  13. @Mavric Other than maybe QB, are there any commits in this class that you suspect the staff may not try to keep?
  14. So now that we know Fickell was in fact willing to leave Cincinnati.. Did we choose Rhule over Fickell or did Fickell choose Wisconsin over us.
  15. How do you know we didn’t?
  16. @Dogs In A Pile posted the tweet from SSO. The guy is pretty tuned into the program. Also Sean Callahan also basically said they same thing on RSS.
  17. Wisconsin reportedly targeting Luke Fickell. I hate to say it but he’s be a great fit there and that would make me nervous.
  18. Sounds like Mickey is being made a priority by Rhule to be retained so that is good news. However it sounds like his asking price is steep. But he knows he has leverage so you can’t blame the guy for trying to cash in.
  19. This is one I really didn't think we'd have to worry about being an in-state kid but this doesn't sound great for the home team. Benjamin Brahmer – Committed to Nebraska on 4/2/21 “I don’t know coach Rhule personally so once I get a chance to speak with him I will know more. I probably won’t take another visit (to Nebraska).”
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