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  1. Went to my first Husker VB game last night. It amazed me how little in game coaching Cook does. He’ll call a time out and literally not say anything, I thought that was incredible and a testament to how well coached this team is.
  2. Yea pretty much how I see it. Although a lot of these guys have talent behind them albeit unproven. Really comes down to a few players imo. If Daniels, and Thomas return on the D-Line, I'm not too worried about the defense. Allen is going to get drafted I don't see him staying, he'll be a big loss but if Fidone heals up I won't be worried there. Line returns but if the last 4 years are an indication of anything that doesn't mean that they will be better, or even the same guys will be starting. I pray Betts doesn't leave because he seems criminally under utilized. But I have a feeling we will hit the portal harder than ever this year.
  3. Agree but I do think Adrian often holds the ball too long.
  4. 1. Fleck is a better coach than Frost right now. 2. Austin Allen will get drafted. 3. Adrian still hasn’t led a team on a hand winning drive I don’t think despite what seems like dozens of chances in his career.
  5. No words for Adrian. He’s a great kid but just folds in crunch time. Honestly has he ever led this team on a game winning drive?
  6. This team has given their all and expenses a lot of mental energy the last 3 games and came away with 0 wins. It doesn’t surprise me that they are laying an egg this week.
  7. Morgan once again has all day and makes a throw Martinez could never make.
  8. Sure but that was a damn good D-Line they were playing. On that note I thought Prochazka did really well against Hutchison. I don’t want to jinx him but I think we have a really really good one there.
  9. Domann, Taylor-Britt, Dismuke, Williams, Stille for sure. That’s a damn good group. Then throw in there Tannor, Thomas, and possibly Daniels. That’s a lot of guys that would be severely missed..
  10. What a fun game to be at until the bitter end.. Pretty much everything has been said.. 1. AM is really playing well, I don’t think he comes back next season and I’m afraid we’ll miss him more than many realize. That being said, he is the exact opposite of clutch. It’s just mind numbing at this point. 2. Tough break for Frost to have his best team when we have an absolutely brutal schedule. 3. We lose so much on defense next year it really worries me that we’ll have to push reset next year and take a big step back. 4. Overall we are a really solid team we are just missing those one or two studs that can get us over that hump. If Hutchison from Michigan was wearing a red jersey tonight, no doubt in my mind we win. Problem is I’m not sure who we have that’s on the team that can become that guy.
  11. Usually it takes me at least 3-4 days to start drinking kool-aid again, you just took it to a new level. Unfortunately my fear is we are close this year, but we lose a ton on defense and I just don’t see why Adrian would come back. Then next year the excuse will be that “we’re young”.
  12. Na. I love the call to go for it you just have to score. Had a chance to set the tone and get the stadium absolutely rocking. It just didn’t work out.
  13. I forgot Edwards is immediately eligble. That would stink for Webster. But I guess that speaks to the increase in talent if guys like that are getting pushed down the lineup.
  14. I mean he played at the Olympics, I think he'll be ok.
  15. I have a feeling we're going to hit the portal hard this year..
  16. Michigan has a reputation of shooting itself in the foot? I hate to to tell you but….
  17. I’m not sure what Benhart’s issues are, he’s just not playing well. Both he and Piper have a lot of potential but have really struggled. I hope we can get those two figured out so they can contribute going forward.
  18. Agreed. If Frost could just walk in and fix the line like that he woulda done it a long time ago. But they played a clean game against a poor team. Maybe a couple new hungry guys provided a spark. However I think there’s a good chance that Austin won’t be back next season..
  19. I learned that chugging keg beer all night like you’re 19 is a horrible idea. It’s going to be a long f#&%ing day.
  20. As a very casual VB fan , my opinion is Lexi is a very solid player but she doesn’t strike fear into the opposing team. That’s what we are missing as a team to get to the next level. It’s tough for Lexi but at least she is cashing in on some endorsements this year.
  21. Just put the motherf#&%er in the air and let your team cover like every other f#&%ing team. We make the simplest things so hard it’s just baffling.
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