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  3. Oh, I am not putting the loss 100% on him at all. I was just using that as one of many examples where his situational awareness completely failed. And if he did not realize he got the first it is another example of his slow blinking. I think maybe he feels he needs to put it all on his shoulders causing him to try and do more than he needs to. C
  4. Heck of an athlete but making QB decisions he is awful. A 4 year starter should know to not run out of bounds for a 3-4 yard loss and just throw the ball away, not AM though. This year in multiple games he ran out of bounds for loss instead of throwing the ball away, that is Pop Warner level crap. When driving for a win with under 2 minutes to go once the QB gets the first down they should go to the ground right away and not fight for one extra yard. All that trying to get extra yardage does is burn time off the clock and risk a fumble. A 4 year starter should know that but what does AM do....That is junior high level crap. His football IQ and situational awareness is horrible. C
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