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  1. This article picks 3... they all make some sense but I might have gone with two or three receivers not just the one. Maybe trying to spread it out a little. https://cfbsaturdays.com/nebraska-cornhuskers-true-freshmen-to-watch-in-2020/
  2. Saw this scouting report on Kpai... I guess this is the appropriate place to put it. https://cfbsaturdays.com/randoph-kpai-a-quick-look-at-what-the-huskers-are-getting/
  3. Yea I think they mean become a steady starter or a known player... but thats differenct for everyone too...
  4. Love McCaffrey hope he can get some time this year... especially if Martinez is throwing it to the wrong team a lot.
  5. Agree Wandale will improve a lot, especially when he can lock in on one position
  6. I think Martinez will get the job but the leash may not be very long if he struggles... I like Dylan a lot
  7. They have Ty Robinson as the breakthrough guy in 2020... https://cfbsaturdays.com/around-the-big-ten-west-2nd-year-players-who-will-breakthrough-in-2020/ I would go with him (Wandale probably doesn't count) or maybe Benhart if someone underperforms. What do you guys think?
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