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  1. Absent tactical micro-management on my part (i.e. armchair quarterbacking), it would seem to me that any coach worth his weight in this business would take factors such as QB injury into account when gameplanning. Flashback to 1994 when we lost not only our #1 QB, but our #2 QB, and had to play a walk-on against both OK State and K-State. Did Coach Osborne run the same offense with our walk-on that he ran with our starter? Did he gameplan the same (Offense / Defense / Special Teams) as he would have done with a healthy starter? The obvious answer is no. Lawrence Phillips carried the ball 31 times at K-State. 31 times!!! We limited QB rushing and passing attempts and played to our strengths defensively and in special teams to win both games. Crying foul due to an injury is nothing more than rationalizing failure. Again, let's not fall into this trap... New topic please.
  2. He may be the next coach of the Raiders, but I am not completely sold on him. Several recent KC Offensive Coordinators have moved on with limited success (Doug Pederson - Eagles and Matt Nagy - Bears). Pederson had the lone Super Bowl season and then was very quickly ushered out. Nagy has struggled in Chicago. Make no mistake, Andy Reid remains the force behind the offensive playcalling in Kansas City.
  3. 1-3 seems the most likely scenario at this stage. What makes the scenario the most difficult for me is the likelihood that this is the year we breakthrough with a win against Wisconsin. At that stage, and under this scenario, it will be meaningless in terms of postseason.
  4. Your assessment reveals the truth, we will not likely be any better in 2022 (notwithstanding the schedule). Accordingly, we need to accept two likely outcomes; 1.) the staff will receive a 5th Year and 2.) it will be their last at the helm. The scenario that would be best for all parties, but seems unlikely, would be for the University and Coaching staff to reach a mutual separation agreement after this season. Sometimes things do not work out so rather than continue with the charade, both should move on with respect. Hall of Famer Forrest Gregg coached only 2 seasons at his alma mater SMU (2-9 and 1-10) and soon realized that it would not work out. Of course, getting beaten 95-21 by Houston may have also contributed, but he at least understood that sometimes in life the most respectable thing to do is swallow your pride and move on for everyone's good.
  5. Agreed. This year's senior class has had to endure 33 losses during their time in Lincoln. Dealing with that alone is the epitome of mental toughness.
  6. And as a result, Coach Frost did attain a #1 ranking today on Rivals. With Coach O resigning, he is the Coach on the hottest seat. Balloons and streamers for all!
  7. I think the overall philosophy is what is flawed, so undertaking a staff housecleaning will do little to change the results at this stage. Watching other former / current AAC coaches such as Luke Fickell and Mike Norvell struggle at the Power 5 level makes me wonder if that approach can translate in the BIG, ACC, etc. The lesson we should take from this experience, and others such as FSU and OSU, is to avoid going that direction again.
  8. Correct. I tend to think that Coach believes that many of our issues are either externally driven, or a failure on the part of players to perform in game situations. I do not doubt for a moment that he remains confident that his staff is performing at a top flight level (even now). This is why staffing changes in my estimation will not change the overall product. The philosophy, at least at the Power 5 level, is what is flawed. Altering the tactics at the position level will do nothing to change the results.
  9. I cannot speak to what he discusses privately, but publicly he is steadfast in his assertion that this is a "good team". I think we can all agree that a 5-3 record (with near misses against MU, MSU, OU) would affirm that suggestion of progress. However, we are not and to suggest otherwise in any forum is a bit hyperbolic. In terms of the specific problems, he is measured not on his ability to identify issues, but resolve them. I would say he is slow to identify issues and his record of resolution to date is poor.
  10. I agree HN. To your point, I posted in another forum that one must actually recognize a problem in order to fix it. Coach Frost does not believe there is a problem as we are a "good team" that is "close". Hiring new personnel will not alter his mindset about the progress he believes he is making. NU in his estimation is merely the victim of circumstances outside of his control. I think we all know where this is headed in 2022...
  11. Decoy, I completely agree that most successful coaches identify an issue, find its' origin (technique, personnel, staff, scheme, etc.) and correct. Given that this Coach hand-selected the staff and has steadfastly stood by them for 4 years, it is hard to argue that he even recognizes that a problem exists. Remember, this is a "good team" that is "close" and just seems to be stuck in the "same movie". In other words, NU is a victim of circumstance with no ability to re-shape the outcome (with sarcasm of course). That then leads me to the conclusion that staff changes at this late stage are only the result of booster, administration, or fan pressure and are a means to prolonging tenure. The changes will not ultimately result in a better record next season.
  12. Hardy, I think Coach Frost's opportunity to change assistants has passed. You and I both know that changing assistants after Year 4 is only a means to an end (i.e. prolonging tenure). It serves no other purpose at this stage. Frost supporters will only see failure next year as the result of a "new system" or a "new position coach" rather than part of the overall regime. If there were identifiable issues that could have been corrected through a personnel change, Coach Frost should have exercised that option in Year 2 or even Year 3. Given that he did not identify those issues through personnel, it appropriately reflects on his management / responsibility for the team. The staff should remain as is for a Year 5 (assuming Coach Frost does not resign). Too late...
  13. I would be surprised if 3/4 of collegiate football players are not dealing with some form of injury at this stage in the season. The game is violent and takes a toll on a player's physique. That said, the mere mention of this at this stage in the season seems to be rationalization. While results are not directly correlated, injury Q&A following a poor performance suggests that one is somehow related to the other. In other words, if we only had a healthy QB, the game result would have been different. Let's not fall into that trap...
  14. The Head Coach has the opportunity to pick the team that best supports his efforts. That team was chosen for their ability to work together, their loyalty and their complimentary talents. At this stage, I am not in favor of Coach Frost removing assistants as a means of prolonging his tenure. This group of coaches should remain together and will get a 5th Year despite the poor results to date. For a Head Coach who is struggling to remove a few assistants this season only to wrongly claim in Year 5 that poor performance is now the result of a new system is misguided. If he wanted to go a different direction, that should have been considered in Year 2 or Year 3 (at latest). We are too far down the road for that to even enter the discussion.
  15. Keyboard warrior indeed. Brains over beauty. Glad to see you have a good sense of humor. I left my physical garden earlier and am now in my virtual garden. Here I cultivate a crop of realism and pragmatism amongst a disillusioned fanbase. I will send the Webster's link for "disillusioned" tomorrow.
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