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  1. I learned that Matt Rhule is a coach and not Gandolf or Dumbledore. There's only so much he can do in the first season. You can't make ice cream out of horse droppings. Now we need to focus on what the team needs because we can't change what we were this season. I didn't think we were going to win five games this year. Much less go to a bowl. There were moments this year where the team really did look good and then it always fell apart. I will become optimistic about next season starting now. I'm going to remain so I can be there for the big win. I know it's coming. I have faith. This season never had much of a chance.
  2. I feel like somebody ate all the skin off my KFC before I could get to it and left me just the meat and bones.
  3. It's just not fair. We don't deserve this as fans. I'm going to cry.
  4. The yolo bombs seem to be working for us. I say keep doing them. Can't hurt. It's not like our normal game plan will win this game. And this Team needs the confidence boost. This team has been beaten down too much and they need to know they can win.
  5. This is getting frustrating. I really hope we recruit some better offensive lineman.
  6. Wisconsin is playing good football. Nebraska has risen to their level but they're coming up just short. But our offense is not done yet.
  7. The defense can't stop all of them. And they're starting to get worn down.
  8. This would be a great series for us to get a turnover.
  9. They sure have our defense scouted pretty well..... Hey wait a minute! You don't think... I mean, it was only Michigan, right?
  10. I know I should be happy that we are winning right now, but I've seen enough of these to know better. But we can totally win this game.
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