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  1. I think our special teams are a bit too special.
  2. We looked better on D than I thought we would be the comedic buffoonery on O destroyed us.
  3. I am always hopeful and maybe that's part of the problem.

  4. I turned off the game and I'm walking away. I just can't deal with this today. We're not supposed to be in this position right now. Our Golden Child came back to us and he was supposed to fix everything. Instead, we're worse. And it's like he doesn't know what he's doing but we know that he does because he's proven it at other places. And it's like the team just doesn't know which way to go. This isn't fair! We're the best fans in college football. We're kind and courteous, respectful and supportive. We deserve better than this. But week after week I see my childhood jus
  5. I don't. I come here to cheer along with other fans because I have to work during the games and I live 9 hours from Lincoln.
  6. The Blackshirts come through in the end! I told ya! I said this would be the day!
  7. Finally a sack! Just when we needed it, too!
  8. Our secondary has made some damned good plays today.
  9. In doing so they let PSU in the game. They should have stayed aggressive.
  10. This game should not be this close. It should have been wrapped up much earlier.
  11. Yeah, the D is starting to show wear and tear. And we don't have the depth to give them a break.
  12. I told you so! I knew this team would look better and play better today. We are beginning to see what this team could be. And what it could be is a beautiful thing!
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