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  1. Did you watch the game Saturday? OU tackles in practice compare how they looked it showed.
  2. My Soul still hurts from the 97 game I want revenge.
  3. Bob Stoops Discusses the Nebraska Opening
  4. In three games the opposing team has not punted yet (0) . 2022 NEBRASKA-OKLAHOMA FOOTBALL STATS MATCHUP
  5. If Nebraska Gets Campbell as the Coach they need to throw lot's of Money at a Offensive Coordinator that's A+++ top shelf Campbell can handle the D with any D Coordinator. Something else that's going to become a huge Bonus with UCLA and USC is it's opening new recruiting grounds in Southern California Nebraska castrated it's Texas recruiting grounds like Mr Applewhite with the move to the Big-10.
  6. Speaking of Players what are the chances of players hitting the Portal to save Eligibility only three games in so not at the four game rule?
  7. Was wondering if Chin was game planning for future games using the "the Iowa State D" Campbell figured out Lincoln Riley and created the Air Raid Killer 3-2-6 hell even Belichick is running it at times Air Raid Killer. Campbell does more with less just imagine getting some real players in the scheme Black Shirts would be back with Campbell for sure.
  8. Has Chin been running Two or Three Safeties high at times?
  9. Campbell was the Coach that figured out Lincoln Riley and his secret offense he broke him.
  10. Come on now you're Nebraska not Texas A&M don't get silly. Urban would be a home run he needs redemption Nebraska needs redemption the media would love the story.
  11. Say no to Alex Grinch I really respect Nebraska as a Football team don't pick that guy trust me. The Only thing Bob Stoops is replacing is Urban Meyer at FOX when he leaves.
  12. Brent Venables Postgame Press Conference: Complements Nebraska and Fans has some fond memories.
  13. Bob would of taken the OU job his not going to turn around and take the job at Nebraska it's a loyalty thing not a s#!tty job thing.
  14. You might be able to get Urban but no way Bob Stoops does it.
  15. Total push overs they'll be unranked by the end of the year.
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