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  1. anyone who has kids likely knows this, but Disney + offers a bundle...Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for about $12.99/month. Far cheaper than subscribing to each separately. But as near as I can tell ESPN+ is broadcasting all the 1st and 2d round games, so it doesn't appear to be just us. Sadly it's the way of the future given the ridiculous tv money being paid these days. They cannot recoup on dwindling subscriber numbers so they have to do this nonsense. At least there is an avenue to watch if you couldn't get tix to Devaney.
  2. This sounds like an all too common story for married couples (well, not th ephysical violence part, but that's is far too common as well) that may ultimately end in divorce. I was sitting in a docket call and an uncontested divorce matter was called. The Court asked the wife why she was seeking divorce and wife's response was simply put and eloquent, she said "finances and romances, there wasn't near enough of either one." That about summed it all up. Arguing about "infidelity" is vague, I suspect intentionally vague.
  3. weird that all the "hot rumors" from multiple sources seems to be completely made up. The story is sad. I don't know if there might have been a spot on the coaching staff for him or not. But there isn't now and his family is in pain. It would suck for any of us, worse because of the fishbowl he is in.
  4. to summarize the facts: MIckey came home to find his wife in bed with her female trainer, who turned into Mickey's friend Steve, who may or may not be a woman now, but soon MJs name will be cleared. Got it. I'll wait for the facts. Not that I feel entitled to them or that the matter is any of my business.
  5. ...and this is why I would have locked this thread long ago. "I've heard from..." is the new code for the BS I am about to say might just be made up and intended to stir the pot...or it might have a shred of truth. I don't know, but I want to sound like I am super-well connected.
  6. this thread is out of control. Please remember there are many lives involved in this incident, especially the victim and the family but certainly MJ. Almost as important is that there are always two sides to any story. None of us know what happened, or why. Maybe we will never know. That is OK.
  7. MJ was involved in his share of trouble when he played here and that didn't phase TA...He's on leave now and no chance he returns to the coaching staff.
  8. domestic assault and strangulation (the charges, don't necessarily indicate guilt) are "intentional torts" so the phrasing, "just had something terrible happen to him" is just inaccurate. If he is ultimately found guilty, he did that to himself and most importantly, his family. These are real people with real lives. I am not going to judge. He's in the legal system now...I hope he and his family get whatever help they need to get through this, whatever it was/is. I wish them strength.
  9. inauspicious start to the final reg season match...I want to head into the tournament on a winning trend! Let's GOOOOOOOOO Big Red.
  10. my sense of humor is just fine. What I dislike is assh@ts who think winning one game gives them the right to be a$$holes. It's a bad look, childish and immature. I guess I am in the minority but I try to be a better fan. I love whn my Huskers win, in anything, as much as the next guy. But, as a fan, I realize that a) I had NOTHING to do with said victory and b) my behavior does on some level reflect back on my alma mater and I try to act accordingly. I was in Indy when we got run out of Lucas Oil 70-31...and wasn't a d!ck about it. I think I was the only Husker in the stands at the end of the game. I was drunk. Very drunk, that's a fact. But they beat us and beat us badly. I clapped when the trophy was presented because I felt that was the right thing to do. I was gracious in defeat as I walked back to my hotel.
  11. I feel awful for Knuckles, she is the heart and soul of the team. Major loss on the court and just before tournament time in her Senior year. Makes me sad. She was so fired up tonight too...can't help but think that had she been able to play - the outcome would have been very different. Just sucks that her Husker playing days ended with an injury at practice. Hope she recovers and has a long pro career or maybe announcing! I would watch other teams just to hear her.
  12. Maybe we give him a chance to change the trajectory? I don't know. Maybe we aren't the winning program we all want us to be and need help. If Trev likes him, don't we owe it to the program to support that? I know I don't have any say in the matter, or authority to negotiate contracts on behalf of DONU. I have to trust TA. I choose to do so, because I want us to win games again. And be competitive when we don't.
  13. I simply want the last word in this thread. Cyhawk, we have one thing in common - beating Iowa was the highlight of our teams' respective seasons. Better days ahead for both...I hope
  14. Good start everyone! The entire world thinks it is Rhule, and we are saying only Urban is the guy! Hahahahaha. I support Rhule and his record in college of rebuilding trash programs. Make no mistake, we are and have been a trash program for two decades.
  15. I guess the whole concept of "act like you've been there before" is lost on you. We won 4 games this season. Indiana, Rutgers and Iowa...and YOU think that justifies talking sh!t? Really? Iowa was playing for the Division title and we ruined that. Be happy with that! That was a big deal, but to go and rub it in their faces is classless. Shows your character, or rather lack thereof. Whatever, I can't convince you how ridiculous your position is.
  16. Nope. Just a guy who strives to be much better than that juvenile crap. Recite "The Prayer" genius...answer the question if that behavior is consistent with sh!tposting on an opponent's message board. Especially when they are GOING TO A BOWL game and we, once again ARE NOT. It's a stupid move. Childish and immature. Bad sportsmanship. Be better. Seriously.
  17. You should try being a better sportsman than that. You have set Big Red Nation back 30 years with this nonsense while at the same time reaffirming non Husker perception of the relative intellect of our fan base. Thanks for nothing.
  18. Seems like this kind of garbage is a violation of the terms of this forum, not to mention the terms of the referenced Iowa fan forums. But what do I know?
  19. I hate that Bucky owns us on our court
  20. what happens after reconfiguration of the conference? We can't beat Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Purdue and Minnesota...are we going to fare better against Michigan, OSU, PSU, Michigan State? USC? Maybe a 3rd, non-competitive division with us, UCLA, Rutgers, Northwesters and Indiana would be better.
  21. Just hit me that Northwestern has 1 win all season. 1 win. How can we even think we are "close" if in Northwestern's entire season, we are the only team they managed to beat? That's not close. That's program-ending.
  22. I vote to cancel the Freedom Trophy for lack of interest. Also because we have never touched it. Therefore it is silly.
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