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  1. For some reason, we aren't getting those players so there must be a reason. Why can't we isn't working for me anymore
  2. it was lost because of bad players that didn't deliver when it really mattered. Clock management was a bit sus but whatever. We don't have the talent. They wanted it more and showed it in OT.
  3. This exactly. It's our "talent" level. We don't have it. Full stop.
  4. No doubt, but for real, is playing an easy schedule the only way we ever play in a bowl game again? There are like 435 bowl games. We suck. We need to accept that we suck and think about how we can get better, that doesn't and can't rely on playing trash opponents like Wisconsin. They beat us.
  5. At this point, we don't deserve a bowl. Come on! We had this game in the bag. Their offense was trash. Their defense couldn't tackle to save their lives...until they did - in OT.
  6. I learned that throwing 4 picks and fumbling once is not how a team will ever win. HH had a QBR under 1 and Sims' was under 10. That stinks.
  7. Rhule got himself a big paycheck. We are his last stop. Not because he is likely to build a culture of winning but rather because nobody else will be silly enough to hire him
  8. I picked up on your sarcasm, but my intense bitterness took over
  9. We have no offense. But, I had hoped our defense would at least keep it close
  10. golly, so much celebrating on the Husker bench...weird
  11. easy to break a big run if your blockers are all holding
  12. So far, It's a statue of liberty...sadly to the other team...to be continued
  13. Over/under on what play is forever dubbed the Heinrich maneuver?
  14. Let's try to make that happen! Even if only for one week/game. I'm in.
  15. Nope, not mine. When we come out and demolish someone, anyone who has a pulse...then I will regain hope and they will quickly revert to who they are and I will lose hope again. Why do I keep buying tickets for this ride? I know how it ends every time and yet...I keep getting in and dropping the shoulder harness. gbr (lower case this time due to lack of enthusiasm)
  16. I would take a good hot dog vendor over Rhule
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