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  1. this could end up being that sustained drive we need.* *although, if so, it probably ends with a FG that uses almost all the time left and UM takes a knee for the win
  2. hey! couple of run plays and look at that...first down
  3. I see very little that would suggest we can win enough games under any coach to get to a bowl game any time soon. I think the talent gap is wide enough to have a parade through
  4. beautiful pass! only one problem...went to the wrong team
  5. we can still pull this out, but need a sustained drive.
  6. the team may, in fact, suck and the first half was mostly luck?
  7. going out on a limb and saying we need to tackle them
  8. wow. never should have completed that pass
  9. meanwhile, as we seemingly begin to choke this game away, Northwestern is giving OSU fits
  10. we will win against Minnie and shock the world by beating Michigan in the big house - no fights - and will beat Iowa. Write it down now. We are going to a bowl game. A crappy one, but a bowl game. Husker fans will pack the place and we win that one too starting the MJ era off on the right foot.
  11. Mel Tucker might be available soon after yesterday.
  12. The remainder of our schedule is stacked with high quality opponents. We better play better against top tier teams. Have games against Wisky and tOSU and Minnie left. Wisky has 3 games left against top teams to finish the regular season. tOSU doesnt have it much tougher. But we did beat tOSU at home, albeit in 5 sets. Time to buckle down and focus.
  13. Watched it again yesterday. In my opinion, it holds up as an action film. Sure, the plot is predictable and a bit cheesy, but that was the point. they replicated the first movie and did so with amazing accuracy. One of my kids asked me about the call sign for Rooster's nemesis, H_ngm_n and that got me to watch it again. Didn't take much!
  14. I also think the move to the big ten hurt recruiting more than we realize. The games are just too far away from our base.
  15. I don't think we have any right to call them clowns. 29 yards at home in a half? THe team gave the f^%$ up! WHo are the real clowns?
  16. I learned that we suck. We really suck. I also learned that 1 win the rest of the season appears to be our peak potential and that it won't be a game we expect to win.
  17. What would he do with this team? What could he do with this team? I think the answer is not much better than what we see every week. It's awful. Look at the teams we make fun of...Kansas, Illinois, even Minnesota. They are improving and we are going backwards in a freefall. That can't simply be coaching. It's systemic in my opinion. Our entire program is a shambles.
  18. Bielema went 12-1 in his first season, 9-4, 7-6, 10-3, 11-2, 11-3 and 8-5 at Wisconsin. He won 2 bowl games with top-10 finishes and lost 4 (he quit before the 5th). He took WIsconsin to the Rose Bowl 3 consec years - which is pretty ridiculous. Sure, he lost them, but I would take that in a heartbeat. Win the West, Win the Big Ten and play in the Rose Bowl every year ... where do we sign up for that business?! Do that and you have a shot at the CFP. A shot is all I ask. We haven't been competitive for far too long.
  19. so it's bad recruiting and bad portal choices then...
  20. we have been mentioned a whole lot more on national shows both radio and tv than they have! I mean, not in a good way, but going with the any publicity is good mantra
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