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  1. I'd be shocked if Nebraska pulled it off
  2. If White goes to USC, I hope Cam and some of the other young studs don't follow.
  3. More money, easier recruiting, but winning might put more of a shine on his name.
  4. Weird that White didn't even seem to get an interview there.
  5. Max Johnson already passed on Nebraska once. If they want to bring in Nate Johnson, that's fine, but you need a guy with starting experience as well, imo
  6. Adrian will probably give Nebraska a glowing review if he does enter the portal. Could help land him.
  7. Okkkk but. OSU loses, they fire Day, he comes here and brings a bunch of guys from the portal. My pants are tight, and not from Thanksgiving
  8. No reason to keep Raiola. Not sure why you'd keep Martin.
  9. How nervous are all the offensive coaches when their phone rings over the weekend? Inexcusable if Rhule doesn't shake it up
  10. If they trot Purdy out as QB 1 next year they'll be lucky to win 5 games
  11. Same school as current OSU QB Lincoln Keinholz and Husker lineman Jason Maciejczak
  12. White better take a HC job this offseason. Playing OSU, USC, and UCLA will bring down his relevance unless the secondary vastly improves. The offense needs a huge overhaul. *Beats a dead horse
  13. what a bunch of dummies on that roster and staff. They don't deserve a bowl game. Hit the portal Chubba
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