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  1. Zach Herr is the only guy out of the bullpen that failed, outside of him I think Jennings and Bird did about all they could with the situation they inherited. This after Herr had dominated in his last few appearances. Go figure. Too many bad decisions today. If Mitch Abeita doesn't make a bad throw to third where he had no chance of throwing the guy out, Nebraska has their second consecutive shutout :/ Or, if Gerch doesn't try to stretch a double into a triple, Nebraska wins 2-1 (or worse.) We let Missouri off the hook
  2. Needed better than 4 IP and 6 runs from Dorn today. Crap.
  3. I suppose I should probably do something other than wmv's. I think audio quality bit the dust around 2 minutes also (if not before then).
  4. YouTube enjoys screwing up what amount of picture quality I may have had to begin with. Ah well.
  5. Outstanding resiliency by the club to come back from 1 bad game. Taking a series on the road in the SEC? Gotta love that.
  6. It's baseball, and it's early in the year. The postseason is 2 months away, I'll worry about that on May 21.
  7. They can't get home to Haymarket soon enough, it seems.
  8. Nebraska would play Texas A&M. http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/big12/...amp-bracket.pdf
  9. Thanks to Ryan Anderson getting ejected after he got elbowed in the face. And then Velander gets hammered on a 3-pointer, no call. Maric is fouled on a lay-up, they call it on the floor and screw him out of 2 points and a possible +1. The officiating was abhorrent.
  10. Well, they were supposed to play Iowa first. Edit: And now they will.
  11. Nothing new happened. Nebraska had no problems beating up on their freshman ace, but couldn't touch anyone else. I dare say, this loss could have been avoided if a few pitchers hadn't decided to get their drink-and-drive on
  12. Nebraska led throughout today.
  13. What a horrible nightcap. Struck out 11 times, could barely score 1 run on a guy with an ERA of 9. 6-2 final (Huskers picked up one run in the 9th on their closer.)
  14. Nebraska hit 6 doubles today, that's where a majority of the runs came from.
  15. Haha, good one. Two most important players? We signed no less than 6 DBs, and 2 solid LBs. How are they any less important than the 2 kids (out of 29) who flip-flopped at the last second? Answer: They're not.
  16. Assuming he has any which is not a limb I want to go out on
  17. This from the Lincoln Journal Star: "While Osborne captured populous Omaha and Lincoln, Heineman sealed his victory in rural counties and key population centers in western and central Nebraska’s critical Republican battleground.... ...it was the political impact of two gubernatorial vetoes that appeared to lift [Heineman ] into a late surge, especially in Osborne’s congressional district. Heineman’s opposition to Class I rural school reorganization and the granting of resident college tuition rates to the children of illegal immigrants cut into Osborne’s support. Osborne declined to sign referendum petitions seeking voter repeal of the rural school legislation and said he would have signed the resident tuition bill." I myself voted for Heineman, because during the campaign, I didn't really see TO taking much of a stand on any issues.
  18. Weinke was before 2001. I was referring to the past 6 winners But why miss the opportunity to bash F$U while we're at it!?
  19. Don't forget wee-willy Weinke at F$U.
  20. 1) How long have you been a member of Husker Nation? Born in 1985, but didn't really start watching/understanding football until 1995. 2) What/who led you to The Nation? Fam-damily. 3) Where are you from originally? Omaha 4) Where do you live now? Omaha 5) Favorite Husker memory? TO's last season, even though I didn't want him to leave. 6) Worst Husker memory? Not being that surprised by losing 38-9 in Lincoln on Senior Day to Kansas freaking State. 7) Number of home games attended? 10 8) Number of away games attended? 0 9) Favorite Husker memorabilia/apparel? Don't have any favorite. 10) Favorite place to watch a Husker game? (section in Memorial, bar, friends house etc.) If not at the stadium, then at home. 11) Favorite all time player? No specific favorite, they're all Huskers. 12) WCO or Option? Doesn't matter. Whatever it takes. 13) Stevie Pederson or Billy Byrne? Steve Pederson. 14) Lil Red or Herbie Husker? Herb. 15) Favorite Husker play? Are we talking X's and O's or just an individual play from any game? I'll assume the latter and go with Eric Crouch leveling an Iowa DB, just for amusement factor. In case it's the former, I really can't say I have a specific favorite, so long as the play works. 16) Favorite game-day beverage? Whatever's available. 17) How did you find HuskerBoard? (referral source) Hell if I remember, some random email.
  21. You forgot the part where SP devoured a human baby in the middle of a press conference.
  22. You had me going until you said Jarrett would be back for USC. Very funny.
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