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  1. I'm not really sure it's safe to say Braylon has better vision. There's a reason AA returns punts and kicks. Either way Braylon seems to have some explosiveness no other RB on our team has. Seems like when he does get out there he always make a play. I guess we'll see going forward. Just glad we won.
  2. If you're in the Haymarket and want ice cream, Ivonna Cone is freaking amazing. Lazlo's in the Haymarket is my favorite place to eat dinner.
  3. Joe Thompson, Don Wilson, Jimmy Cortez, Ryan Faester, Joe Stack... I made those up...who cares.
  4. Let me guess, you're going to become a fan of: Oregon, Alabama, LSU, or Boise State?
  5. But his throwing motion is so much better! Isn't that all that matters!?!?! How it looks??? Doesn't matter if the guy catches it, it's only how it looks!!!
  6. I wondered the exact same thing. Blocking the guy who is supposed to cover a receiver makes the game MUCH easier. I won't blame the whole game on the refs, but they sure didn't help in some key situations. Now, all of those false starts and holding penalties...shot ourselves in the foot the entire second half.
  7. I think he still didn't get enough love when he played for Nebraska. No, he wasn't Green or Phillips, but the dude was really good here. He was a little up and down sometimes, but he was really fun for me to watch.
  8. What I've never understood is that everyone is so concerned with Bo leaving. However, Bo is going to move down. Right now he's done decent at Nebraska, but hasn't won anything. So, all of the big name schools like the LSU's etc. most likely won't come beating down our door for him. Why would they want to hire someone who has done decent at a very good program? That's not usually how it works. If a bigger name comes calling it's going to be because he won something here....which in turn would be GREAT for us right? Those schools want someone proven, or a young up and coming guy that has moved up the ranks (see Urban Meyer and his career). Bo's not leaving for a lesser job, and right now the LSU's of the world are calling him. That could all change if he starts winning conference championships and making BCS games....which in that case Husker fans will be totally happy, and maybe he won't leave at all because we are actually producing. Same school of thought, if Nebraska is winning, and he's getting better recruits because of it, why would he want to leave here? Unless for his dream job, which just hired Urban Meyer.
  9. Looking like the B1G Championship game is having a hard time filling the stadium. Paying $75 to show up and wear dark green or red? Sure seems like the B1G Championship game....if so, embarrassing. http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/evg/2727703432.html
  10. He's only been gone a year, the games is the same. He won 2 NC's in Florida. Pretty confident he'll do well at another big name school like Ohio State. Look at his coaching record everywhere he has gone....trend looks pretty good.
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