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  1. stuff should be working now, hopefully

  2. Thanks for the heads up on that, I thought about this the other day then promptly forgot. The url has actually changed, it use to be www.huskerboard.com/formus/index.php - when we switched servers I moved it from the forums directory to the root so it's now www.huskerboard.com/index.php. So you're right, anyone who had the old link bookmarked would end up nowhere. I've added a redirect.. Thanks
  3. As I'm sure many of you noticed the site went down this evening. Our server company was doing maintenance on the server which caused it to abruptly shut down, which in turn crashed a couple of our database tables. This isn't something that happens on a regular basis, hopefully it won't happen again. I apologize for the site going down without notice. If there is any good news about this, the server didn't go down due to being over taxed which was our issue in the past..
  4. well crap. now i have to post another 1300 posts to see what my Rep would be... Doesn't work that way, it's based on the number of overall votes you get. See the break down below. That's the default, if it's to easy one way or the other to get + - rep we may adjust those numbers.. Bad: -20 Poor: -10 Neutral: 0 Good: 10 Excellent: 20
  5. Hopefully that won't become an issue but if it does we can review how the reputation system works at that time. That said, the user reputation doesn't hold any real weight other than a gauge of what other users feel about a given users posts. It won't be used for any disciplinary means.
  6. You get reputation by other members voting on your posts. You can vote on up to 10 posts a day, (subject to change). See the little green positive and red negative in the bottom right corner of the posts? Click one or the other if you like or dislike what's being said..
  7. New feature.. I just set the daily limit to 10 positive and 10 negative per day per user, lets see how that works to start. You can vote on your own posts, and I think I set the highlight post to 20 votes for good and then 50 excellent. On second thought, I turned of the part that lets you vote on your own posts, I just realized you could go through and uses your 10 daily votes all on yourself every day, not exactly bias..
  8. Hey guys, I turned the old forum back on on the old server, you can access it via ip address: if you want to go login in and grab your signatures, avatars, and stuff. Do it quickly because we will be shutting that server down for good soon. And I don't think I need to say it but I will anyway, any posts or activity you do over their will be lost..
  9. New feature.. I just set the daily limit to 10 positive and 10 negative per day per user, lets see how that works to start. You can vote on your own posts, and I think I set the highlight post to 20 votes for good and then 50 excellent.
  10. Ha, I'll probably be heading back to retirement really soon.. I don't know what we're going to do about the mobile version. I haven't even looked at the site on my phone. For phone viewing try switching the skin to IP.Board Lo-Fi.
  11. We may make changes to the board skin down the line and will keep these suggestions in mind but for now I'm sure you'll get use to the new look.
  12. As you all can see the board upgrade is now complete. We've moved to a new server and upgraded to the latest version of the board software. Bear with us while we get thing back into working order. If you had your personal messages organized in folders you will have to reorganize them. You'll also have set your profiles back up the way you had them; adding your profile pictures and signatures.. Sorry for the inconvenience but I assure you the new forum software and server will be worth the initial headache.
  13. Thanks guys, feeling older and grayer today..
  14. Some of us might have a little hippie in our blood, anyway what's wrong with Ron Paul?? I didn't put that banner there by the way...
  15. Along those lines, check out WorstFans.com. It's a new site brought to you by the good people at HuskerBoard.
  16. If you want a pushup that makes your whole body hurt I have one for you. Get one of those exercise balls and put your feet up on that. Then have two 3 or 4 pound medicine balls and put one under each one of your hands so you are balanced on all of them. Then try to do 5 to 10 pushups!!!! Those are the hardest pushups I've ever done in my life!!!! well BRI the next time you go to the gym you need to try this one. get 2 20lb dumbbells and something to elevate your feet on. place your hands on the dumb bells and assume the elevated feet push up position. do 1 pushup then lift one of the dumb bells up to your chest in a rowing motion, then do another pushup and repeat the rowing with the other arm. that is 1 repitition. now try and complete 10 of those. That's good, I'm going to try that. I sometimes wear a backpack with weight plates in it and elevate my feet on a bench, does a heck of a job. Ever try to do push ups standing on your hands, I tried it before and about killed myself. Had my feet balanced on the wall.
  17. we're supposed to get it here in kc bad tomorrow night.
  18. Yeah, sorry, board crashed yesterday because of the search feature so had to turn it back off. We will be upgrading the board software soon so hopefully that will get things back working the way they should.
  19. Literal LOL! Actually the issue was slacker this time, this interwebing thing is hard.. . . ..but everything else can be blamed on 'chad' going forward.
  20. I thought this looked kind of like BIGREDIOWAN from the pic in the what you look like / pic wars posts, very talented..
  21. New caption contest... Don't forget to vote for your favorite cap for the last one: Poll: Caption Contest CVIII Best caption gets a $1 Husker buck! Rules and stuff here: Fark, Caption & Riddle Contests
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