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  1. Agreed Tommy Frazier and Doane as a prime example
  2. The WAC has been around for a long time. Arizona and ASU were in it before they went to Pac 8. WAC champion played in the Fiesta Bowl - ASU beat Osbourne in the '70's
  3. Falls under the umbrella of Code words: "Dismissed from ____ University for violation of team rules"
  4. Does anyone have the number of transfers from UNL after Solich left?
  5. The most serious talk involved CU, but as a ripple effect I seem to remember MU talking with Big Can't count conference, and OU looking at either Pac 10 or SWC to replace Ark who jumped to SEC. NU was going to be left out, Big Can't count didn't want us, Pac 10 was too far - there was local "concern" that NU was going to be independent or join the "gasp" WAC. Which spurred NU to help push for the "merge of the B8 and SWC"
  6. Before the Big 12, and the Big 8 was going to explode - CU to Pac 10, OU to Southwest or SEC, KSUcks to Mo Valley (Hah!, they might even win the conference FB title) MU to Big 10 - NU was interested in Big 10 too, but were not "up to the tough Big 10 academic standards". Tell me again, how many teams are in the Big 10? Anyhoo - If NU DID get into the Big 10, the Big 8 went the way of the Southwest Conf, what would the past 10 years of Husker FB been like . . . . More off season drivel.
  7. I call them the "Big Can't Count Conference".
  8. First thing I thought when I heard the news and then I remembered, Callahan isn't coaching this team any longer so nah. If he wasn't good enough to beat out Matt Ryan Flynn, he wouldn't be able to start for Nebraska anyway. Though I do wonder what he'll do. Perhaps supplemental draft (7th round to the Bears) or I-AA. Edited. Or for a better fit - the Bengals
  9. This says everything I was going to say. Plus, Pelini is probably the best defensive mind in college football. He'll figure something out. Heck, even old Cosgrove was bright enough to figure out how to shut down Missouri in 2006. Yes but Cosgrove was coaching against Pinkel, who until this past year pulled multiple bone-head moves per game. Just ask Cy about Pinkel's legendary play calling.
  10. huKSer


    Nicks went much later than expected - must have been his alcohol related problems. So who drafted him? New "Bourbon Street" Orleans!
  11. Flawless logic, indeed. More flawless logic follows: Joe Dailey vs. Baylor, Oct. 16, 2004 threw for 342 yards 342 x 16 NFL games = 5472 yards per year, since he will have better receivers (and an offensive line) round that up to 7000 yds. 7000 x 37 year career because he's ripped = 259,000 career yards Beat that Josh!!!!!!!!
  12. Speaking of Michigan, who does Appalachian State play that weekend?
  13. The following is an actual post from their thread "You are the joke times a thousand" I have not heard such witty reparte since first grade. I think I am dumber for looking at their posts
  14. Don't worry about them. Give them time to gel. Its a new system and Coach has had only had 15 practices with them, and the QB has had only 3 starts . . . .oh crap! that's NU KSU really should be much further along than they are - and we were upset w/ Cally! I would be very surprised if Purple Prince lasts much longer.
  15. Yeah, and most of them were upset a basketball game didn't breakout.
  16. I think that Ganz was responding honestly to a reporter's question and not trying to air dirty laundry. He's probably short on PR experience as well as game experience. I agree that coaches want to win. Having been a youth coach, I had the team's intrests in mind while parents had their kids intrests first. I don't want NU fans split into QB factions - trust the coach who sees the players every day. If the coach makes poor decisions he can go to the Jets. On experience, I would like to see more players get a series or two in the second quarter when the game is on the line - if Ganz had this type of experience throughout the year he would have been more prepared and maybe have gone 2-1. Damn, I am admiring Pinkel's coaching I remember that Keller played pretty well in the Spring game last year against Coz's D, high school junior varsity quarterbacks would look good.
  17. With the old format all the ones were on the same team, so I dont see how we would worry less about a one taking out a one as in the old format a one never took on a one. I think thats pretty irrelevant anyway because most injuries occur when just freak things happen not matter if its a one, two, or the kicker hitting them they could step wrong or just get hit funny. Like carrying a TV set
  18. Seems coaches are treating Kansas B-Ball kind of like a prostitute...use em until you get what you want and then go back home.... Williams goes back to NC Self will be heading back to OK State Next thing you know Bobby Knight will be sitting on the KU sideline, slinging chairs. I'm actually looking forward to that. Next year's Big 12 basketball could be wide open with all of KU's players going to the NBA and Mizzou's players going to prison.
  19. that was taken from a KSU board, but what makes me laugh is the fact that they thought they were ever at the pinnacle, and i pointed it out, that the pinnacle is winning national titles, and asked how many they had and remarked that i'd go down and look at the 5 trophies nebraska have. and all they could come back with was "that i was a fan and haven't won anything for the U" sad and pitiful mildcat fans. What is "LHCBS"? Loser Head Coach Bill Snyder?
  20. I believe he was one of the first. Another that never recovered from the same injury was Lanny Hopkins. He had so much promise. At that time I was wondering what the heck the strength staff was doing to those guys. IMO injured players should be exempt from the overhyped category. The player had no control over bad luck (outside of carrying a TV ). Half exempt would being screwed up by Cally's miscoaching - a good athlete would "have been excellent in every area" and overcome that obsticle, if permited to be on the field. Players that should be on this list should be the lazy and the stupid decision makers. What about the morons at the recruiting services that can't judge talent?
  21. Go to , it gives you a different angle and better picture quality. The play is at 1:21 into the video. Like you said, Wiggins was hit right? Well in the video it shows him falling over after the hit. It cant be a kick if Wiggins was hit and as you should see, after his body hits the ground is when he hits the football, and hes not even looking at the football. His legs bounce of the ground (which im sure yours would do in that situation) and hit the ball. Hows the first way you get up after you get hit over in pads? Well if you want toget straight up you lift your legs in some way Im sure. Bottom line, it wasnt an illegal kick. Wiggins admitted in an interview afterwards that he did indeed intend to keep the ball alive by kicking it, but like previous posts, refs can't read minds and unless it was a clear penalty, let the players determine the outcome of the game. Worst call - K-State "doesn't the face-mask come out of the back of the helmet?" call. Kind of obvious.
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