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  1. It's caught, it's caught!!!!!!! How many times have you replayed those words from the BTN broadcast today? I think I am at about 25.
  2. Just saw this on Twitter. Hope the injury doesn't linger.
  3. I live in NC, anyone else see that?
  4. It would be within his reach if he has another year like this one in 2013.
  5. ESPN better do a segment on WVU Holgerson (sp?) next week.
  6. Bell knocked him off his rocker. He did jump right up afterward. I was surprised Spielman complimented his technique.
  7. UCLA loss to the Beavers hurts us.
  8. Is our non-conference schedule complete?
  9. Words that start with B... Bird B!tch Ball Baby Broken Bill Beyond
  10. During the OU game we made 2 changes. #1 Putting Lee back in. #2 Focusing on run and being more conservative offensively. My opinion is keeping Green in but still doing #2 would have been the best option.
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