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  1. huskerhaze

    Gotta Get Rid of It!!

    It's caught, it's caught!!!!!!! How many times have you replayed those words from the BTN broadcast today? I think I am at about 25.
  2. huskerhaze

    Martinez held out of practice with turf toe

    Just saw this on Twitter. Hope the injury doesn't linger.
  3. huskerhaze

    Bo at the Duke vs. UNC game

    I live in NC, anyone else see that?
  4. It would be within his reach if he has another year like this one in 2013.
  5. huskerhaze

    Nice blatantly biased scewer of Pelini by ESPN

    ESPN better do a segment on WVU Holgerson (sp?) next week.
  6. huskerhaze

    PJ Smith tackle on Bell.

    Bell knocked him off his rocker. He did jump right up afterward. I was surprised Spielman complimented his technique.
  7. huskerhaze

    **Husker #20 in Coaches Poll**

    UCLA loss to the Beavers hurts us.
  8. huskerhaze

    2012 Schedule

    Is our non-conference schedule complete?
  9. huskerhaze

    ***Predict the Wyoming Score, Passing and Rushing Yards***

    Huskers - 44 Cowboys - 3 Rush 288 Pass 144
  10. Huskers 38 T-Chatt 0 Pass 140 Rush 224
  11. huskerhaze

    **Predict the Iowa State Score, Rushing & Passing Yards**

    Huskers 35 Clone 10 Rush 292 Pass 166
  12. huskerhaze

    **Predict the Texas Game Score, Rushing & Passing Yards**

    Huskers 14 Horns 6 Rush 189 Pass 115
  13. Huskers 48 WKU 0 Rush 299 Pass 249
  14. huskerhaze


    Words that start with B... Bird B!tch Ball Baby Broken Bill Beyond
  15. During the OU game we made 2 changes. #1 Putting Lee back in. #2 Focusing on run and being more conservative offensively. My opinion is keeping Green in but still doing #2 would have been the best option.