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  1. Listen from min 53 to min 56...WOW http://www.971thefan.com/live/content/tools/player/skin_replay.html?item=88827
  2. Quite frankly, I think it's a bigger deal if Bo Pelini wants you on his defense. Oh really? No knock to Bo Pelini. The record for ending the season ranked #1 in total defense is 4 times. That record is shared by 3 teams.....Alabama, Auburn, and TCU. Alabama and Auburn have finished #1 4 times in 75 years. It just so happens that TCU has done it 4 times in the last 9 years. So I think Gary Patterson edges Bo Pelini out in that regard. Try playing Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Texas Tech in the same season...then talk about defensive stats...Would you have wanted to play NU after the Holiday Bowl??? Didn;t think so!
  3. The entire staff is worth every penny!
  4. If Cody Green starts any game next year its because of one of two things 1. This kid is a STUD! 2. horrible first half of season.
  5. How does cody glenn get a sack...when he isn't even playing??? REAL In-depth
  6. woe is me I live in ohio surrounded by buckeye fans who bitch about 2 and 3 loss seasons!
  7. Tom Shatel had a good response in the OWH...That hit he took from Potter was no worse than the hit Ganz took while running out of bounds and throwing for a T.D.
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