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  1. Being reported in the rivals network that's its bama or arkansas now.
  2. I was on my phone and can't get the Twitter stuff to post correctly. But I first saw it from his older brother, then some of the local stl guys started and then it was confirmed with Raymond by rivals. And mark is right, the first time it was rumored around stl but nobody would confirm. That was not the case this time. Sory again for trying to update. Linking on the site from my mobile is impossible for what ever reason
  3. Will announce on 1/4 at the AA game. Word on the street in stl is its down to bama and mizzou
  4. those stats specifically? No, because I seriously doubt a NFL scout, coach or GM sit and think, "ESPN says he is good, so never mind what the tape says". I think if you really believe that ESPN, or Fox, or USA today has any power or influence over what players get picked in the NFL draft then you are really reaching. Heisman trophy, yeah you are absolutely right. Who they invest millions in and stake their jobs on? no way. influence over the general public, absolutely. But then again, if you sit down and watch the teams you can get a feel for teams or conference strength. I watch a lot of games. And it is clear that the SEC and PAC12 are clearly the best two conferences. Most of that has to do with their players and coaches. And I would wager that over the next few years those two conference will have more picks than the BIG10 or Big12 because of that.Not because espn has a hard on for one team or conference over another. The whole thing comes down to players and coaches. Either you better recruit the heck outta some good players or be able to identify and develop talent. And I fully disagree with your statement about rankings of hs players. You claim they get extra stars after they commit to SEC schools. That is pretty far fetched really. Considering most high ranked players receive rankings long before the commit. The reason the SEC has more 4 and 5 star player is they have a lot of really talented players in their areas. Have some advantages by being able to sign extra and redistribute early enrollers to the prior year and that frankly right now the SEC is 'cool'. The play the 'best players and teams'. Some of that is media perception and some is based on the run of championships multiple teams share, the vast number of players drafted the past few years and because they (the SEC) market the heck out of them selves and their conference. One thing that differs the SEC from everyone is that the SEC is important to all SEC teams. They champion the conference. They support the other teams when they play OOC. You watch, no matter which team wins on Saturday, coaches, ADs, fans & SEC mouth pieces all alike will champion that team to the NC game. The SEC is a draw to players because of all of those things. And all the teams bring in top players.
  5. hard to believe that saban would leave bama. But who knows. He has never stayed any where for very long. I seriously doubt Texas to the SEC. They are not keen on add teams from the same states. And if that ever bends there seem to be a ground swell that would support FSU and Clemson over anyone else.
  6. The fun thing about stats is you can manipulate the amount of data to make the numbers support your argument. Your numbers go back to 97 when the Big10 was still a power and not a weak link of the auto qualifiers. Just by using the last 10 seasons it becomes 105 more picks or more than 10 per year. How about I only grab the last 5 during which the SEC has dominated recruiting and been knee deep in the title streak. Well now that number is 229 SEC to 150 for the big10. 79 more picks in 5 drafts, or nearly 16 more players per draft. Or how about first round picks during those 5 years? 46 to 18. Or 9.2 a year for the SEC compared to 3.6 for the big10. slightly more than 2.5 times the number of players. That's pretty significant. Add in Missouri, ATM and Neb for the time prior and then that number jumps to 55-20 or 11 first round picks a year to 4. Total of 255 SEC to 167 Big10 or 17.6 more players taken per year. Just for fun the past two seasons are 105 picks / 22 first round SEC to 61 picks / 5 first round Big10. no real point, other than showing that I can make the same numbers look dramatically different than you did. In fact I made that number jump by 3 times.
  7. Mavric (and others for that matter), I am not trying to come off as a d***. I just love my team. And every once in a while I get a little hot under the collar about it. I know Husker fans, if anyone, around here would understand that.
  8. actually I said 7 and you only have (3) 10+ win seasons, and the same number of division titles over that time. you also have a 5 win season. Yours was due to being awful. Ours was due to having more injuries than Nebraska this season, including having 7 of our top 10 OL go down while playing the #2 schedule in the country. But that wasn't the point. the point is that that poster cant try to slam mizzou when recent history is not bad. I was just simply showing how silly it was to say that. And if Mizzou was second tier at the end of the big12 so was Nebraska since they were darn near identical those last years. You are right though that it is not like everyone else is playing pee wee. But look at the players in the league, on every team. look at the rankings. look at the nfl draft. They did a little thing on a mizzou board comparing the number of 4 and 5 stars mizzou has faced this season compared to 2007. They faced like 54 in 2007, have faced 130 this season so far. That's crazy. by the time they finish this year that # will be triple 07. Its just there are fewer really bad teams and even the bad ones have playmakers and nfl talent. Regarding ATM and Mizzou doing well. JFF will do that for you. And I think we would all agree that ATM underachieved for years in the big12. They had plenty of top talent and just had crappy coaching. A new coach and a once in a quarter century type of player will change your level. As for Mizzou they started making changes back in 08 & 09 to be the team the are now. They had the makings of a really good team last year, but playing with a 3rd string oline, back up freshman qbs, missing your best RB, having DB's and LBS out will frankly kill you when you played the teams they did. Mizzou is trying to build to an every year thing, But they are really on a 3 year cycle right now. Pretty good for 2 years, and really good the 3rd.
  9. THis stuff just pisses me off frankly. The blind and ignorant statements about my team and others like auburn. I want to see the best teams play, not the best of some weak conference. Just curious if all this big10 love for an undefeated team was there last year for ND? I personally thought ND in that game was a joke. Just the idea of trying to stick it to a conference or build a playoff that will keep the best possible teams out so others feelings don't get hurt is stupid. The big10 pushing this crap is old. 10-15 years ago the roles were reversed and the big10 was the power. no way would they be arguing this way then.
  10. I don't want to insult your intelligence...but can you explain what the past seasons have to do with this one?? Hate to break this to you...but if Missouri was in the big10, they are undefeated. They would be in this position regardless of conference. And every single husker fan or big10/big12 ding bat that tries to slam the SEC based on what Mizzou is doing this year is showing their ignorance and jealousy. If anything let me flip the script. Look at Nebraska. The fact that your record is what it is given just how avg to even below avg your team is shows just how pathetic your conference is. Do you even make a bowl if you are in the pac12 or sec? six wins max, and I don't know if you even get that. yet you champion OSU like they are gods. They haven't played a team ranked higher than 17 in two years. and that was NW who won 1 conference game and is closer to the bottom 25 than the top 25. Which means OSU's best win is what, Wisconsin. Wisconsin who has beaten only 3 teams that are even remotely decent in Iowa, BYU and Minn. Let that sink in for a minute. The first top 10 team that OSU will play is this weekend. That has to mean something. It has to mean something that their best win is only slightly better than Missouri's win over Florida. There just seems to be some blind hate about this stuff. Blind to how bad the big10 currently is and blind to the possibility of just how good mizzou and auburn might be. And FYI this is MU's 4th time winning or tying for a division in the last 7 seasons. Their 4th 10+ win season in that time frame. acting like we are some scrub group is just dumb
  11. "we're going to tell a group of young men, who just went 12-1 in a most difficult schedule against 6 ranked opponents, that they don't have a chance to play for a national championship? I'm going to need help with that one." Urban Meyer 2006. lol

    1. fro daddy

      fro daddy

      Just thought this was funny since urban said this compairing the sec to the big ten when he was on the other side of things.

    2. maskershake


      remember that time he got all pissy when a reporter was talking bad on tebow? classic urban

    3. Junior


      Nevermind that he was comparing himself to another 12-1 team that year.

  12. fro daddy

    SEC Luck

    Now your just grasping straws. If you truly believe a team that finished second in their division and at that time had zero wins against teams with winning records should have played for that mnc you are either crazy or blinded by hate. There is always some luck in getting to that game. Ohio state needed two teams to lose while they sat at home idle. With thqt said. Not much luck in a 21 point 4th quarter lead.
  13. I thought every SEC team is ranked at all times??? That's because he is wrong. Mu has beaten 4 teams that were ranked. Only on of thise is still ranked though. But mizzous four victories over ranked teams is the same as OSU & FSU combined. But don't let facts get in the way of jealousy and hate.
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