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  1. 3rd and 16, no pressure on the receivers at all, but also a great catch.
  2. I love the kid, but he is not IT. We cannot win with him constantly throwing INT's. That's 2 in less than 5 minutes though only 1 counts.
  3. Well thanks HH, ST did everything they could and you immediately turn it over. I hate not having a QB, I really do.
  4. Wow, bench his a$$. That was not even close to any of our guys.
  5. Have to get it there faster than that too, that seemed to float for and hour before he had a chance to get it going forward.
  6. EJ is going to be special I think, kid does not dance around like others, he finds a hole and hits it.
  7. Holy crap, you actually pressure a receiver you have a chance to keep them from getting a first down, what a concept.
  8. looks like they will be doing that all day long since we don't do anything to stop it from happening other than play further off the TE.
  9. 4 turnovers per game and we have 5 wins...that's normally not even happening.
  10. I got lucky and the wife informed me she already had an account and has for over a year. Added it to the TV, she put in her info and I won't be listening to the radio tomorrow now.
  11. I want a 5 start #2 OT in the country, can we trade Brix for that guy?
  12. I would have told him to get the hell away from damn near all kicks today, but apparently we have no one we can trust to field a kick and make a run, the 1 we finally did attempt to return ran for a yard then ran back to that yard. 2 facets today completely failed, offense and ST and they didn't only fail they looked lost.
  13. So fair catching at the 5 and 7 is now "safe"? I think I would chance it because either way you're QB is in the end zone if he has to throw. Going with common sense here because the ball will bounce into the end zone, to either side or gain us yards, a chance I would take 100/100 times.
  14. We need to hit that portal and start scouting whose in there and who might be getting in there. We have 0 QB's on our roster who should be playing QB. Hit those OL guys and the QB's immediately.
  15. Finally just past noon here, the wife tend to frown on me getting drunk starting at 9am haha.
  16. They do, just not in the Nebraska cards. TIme for early drinking.
  17. They don't even try to rip the ball out even at this point, they just tackle the guy. Try and get that damned ball out.
  18. Of course, the story of the last decade, chance to win and we cough it up or throw and INT. Absolutely saw that coming.
  19. A big thank you to Frost and Riley for those numbers, mostly Frost haha.
  20. Damn, figured Kemp would field that kick at the 1 this time.
  21. HIll would have so many INT's if he ever looked for the ball when defending, so many.
  22. There is no way that is not PI? Ball was catchable if he didn't throw his body into Coleman
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