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  1. First down if the guy blocked, nah just stand there.
  2. Deion would have to fly a lot to do those Aflac commercials with Saban, so I doubt he gets the job.
  3. Ok gentlemen, off to celebrate my birthday with the boss lady, have a good night.
  4. If only we could figure out this tackling thing. I understand you miss tackles occasionally but we miss tackles normally. Make a couple of those tackles and we have a much better chance at winning games.
  5. Haha of course, 3rd and 11 and they make it look easy on us.
  6. Yep because our defense is just going to get run all over now. It's a damned if you do damned if you don't, so pick your poison.
  7. 4 plays or was it 3? Defense didn't even get a chance to take a breath.
  8. So at this point CT is AM with less running ability and a better touch. Most inopportune time to throw a pic.
  9. Is it me or do our LB's take some really really bad angles more often than not?
  10. Our tackling is also one of the reasons we lose so much the last few years.
  11. 3rd down was Washington though and I don't think he saw it bounce before it got to him.
  12. That crown of the helmet into CT's chest most definitely did not feel good.
  13. Ok that's the 3rd time I have seen the Andy Reid State Farm commercial and laughed every time, it's amusing.
  14. He's done it 3 times tonight so I think the question should be can that guy even tackle.
  15. Amazing what happens when your QB can run as well. We need more of that.
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