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  1. That was rough to watch. They had us from the opening tip off.
  2. We ain't looking too good today.
  3. Sure he will, but he isn't beating either of the top 2 at 133. I don't mind a little optimism, but Xmas32 has been pretty spot on with every prediction.
  4. Pretty accurate. Even if Labs had won, we still lose 17-16.
  5. I think I'd rather forfeit 125 than have to watch Reno get schooled liked he did tonight by an unranked guy.
  6. Labs with a s#!t performance.
  7. Bubba Wilson just knocked off Cameron Amine. Didn't see that coming.
  8. "The Huskers (17-4, 6-4 Big Ten) took down Penn State (9-12, 3-8) 76-61 on Thursday night for their fourth straight when since returning to play following the programs COVID pause." He needs a better editor.
  9. Not Husker Wrestling but..... Ooofffff
  10. Serrano is probably our 133# now. Not sure we have a viable option at 125?
  11. Schultz looked much better today. 10 takedowns and wins via tech fall.
  12. I just caught the last half of his match, but Labs looks much better tonight.
  13. We just pulled 2 QB's from the portal. So, why would we want him?
  14. When is the NT from Miami visiting?
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