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  1. You know, your posts could actually be good if they weren't so damn petulant. GFY.
  2. You know what's interesting? Before this article appeared, I said this in regards to recruiting: Imagine that, location plays a fairly large role in securing commits...who knew? Seriously though, I hope all the recruiting whiners, and they know who they are, will admit they were wrong come February after LOI's have been signed.
  3. Sarcasm aside... A preliminary judge of what comprises a good, successful class is one that is ranked in the top 30 nationally. [sarcasm] And apparently, huskers51 thinks that: Nebraska needs to be 6 deep at every position with 4 and 5 star rated kids exclusively, and if we're not in the top 5 in recruiting, then why bother to play...we won't even have the talent to compete.[/sarcasm]
  4. CheshireCat, My "take" on recruiting is quite simple and I've stated many times previously; however, since you've obviously missed what I said in past threads I'll reiterate it for you here and now: * If Nebraska doesn't sign player A, they'll get player B to take his place. If we lose player A, it doesn't automatically mean that player B is not as good as A. And when we do lose a player to another school, we rarely, if ever, know the real reason why. Maybe the coaches won't promise a player playing time, a starters role, a job for mommy/daddy/uncle buck, maybe the player is a trouble-maker, uncoachable, maybe they find something out about the player and tell him to look elsewhere. Or, maybe another school's coaching staff was able to promise the player what he wanted or maybe they are just better recruiters and did a more complete job of selling their school than the Nebraska coaches did. * Recruiting is a process that can make someone crazy if they get too in depth with it. These are, in most cases, 17 year old kids who are in the process of making a major decision in their life. And as such they are prone to changing their minds. * I want to see Nebraska recruit and sign the best available, but I'm realistic about the process. Nebraska, for all the history and tradition, has an uphill battle when going after the top talent. When going after the top talent there's a lot of competition and it's blatantly unrealistic to expect the Huskers to win all, or even a majority, of recruiting battles. And who should address these recruiting concerns? You? Me? Huskers51? We're just fans here. Nothing we do or say will change how this staff recruits. I will repeat myself again: If Nebraska is still sitting at 5 recruits and it's getting towards the end of October--then I will agree that's it's time to start getting at least a little bit concerned about what is going on. My guess is that now that the season is officially underway-it is game week after all, we're going to see Nebraska's commit list start to fill up. As far as class rankings go: I believe that as long as a team is consistently in the top 30 nationally-they're going to have the kind of speed and talent on their roster to compete with anybody. I don't buy into this notion that a team has to be 3 deep at every position with 4 and 5 star rated players exclusively.
  5. Winner! The "mop" one is very good as well.
  6. No self-respecting Husker fan would ever go against the '95 squad as the best of all time. And furthermore, to argue for, of all schools, Miami? There ought to be a law...
  7. I like BYU over Oklahoma...the game is in Provo.
  8. What you do in the privacy of your home is your business...
  9. HuskerJen

    J.T. Kerr

    I think, and I very well could be wrong, he left the team. No J.T. is still on the team. The JUCO TE Tyson Hetzer left. Dang it, you quoted me before I had a chance to edit my post! (I really should've checked the roster before commenting.) Ah...thank you. I knew there was a TE who had left-I just couldn't remember who it was.
  10. So Ken Dorsey won two national titles, was screwed out of the Heisman and is regularly referenced as "one of the greatest QB's to ever play college football?"
  11. Oh I'm sorry...was I supposed to play along? I'll try and do better...
  12. So you're worried about preseason projections? Play the games and let's see what happens. Most times those projections are wrong. oh come on. I was making a point. Since that doesn't work lets just go to how the last to OSU vs. NU games turned out, where each team has been in rankings last few years, who has beat more quality opponents, etc. Ok, now I'm starting to feel sick like I'm some OSU fan or something. I completely understand what you are saying and I'll simply counter with the following points... 1. Different years. 2. Different teams. 3. Different coaching staffs. 4. Different mentality. 5. In '08 the team clearly progressed and became better as the season went along. (Which was something you could NEVER say about Huskers under the former staff.)
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