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  1. these tanks and the bradleys will be used well by Ukraine https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/24/europe/germany-leopard-2-tanks-ukraine-announcement-intl/index.html
  2. did you lose the other 4? You get them by the dozen as far as i know
  3. here is pence calling for former vice presidents found with classified documents to be investigated. seems like a be careful what you wish for moment 2nd tweet...can't get rid of the first 1
  4. the GOP wants someone who leans far right to be moderator. someone fair and balanced like tucker carlson and his favorite bag of M&Ms
  5. at least pence didn't claim he declassified them, filed lawsuits to keep them, cry about being raided for them...etc...etc... he turned them over as he should have.
  6. sounds about right. will women need to get a doctors note to cross state lines? take a pregnancy test to get permission?
  7. if you wait til then...it is too late. FWIW, if they do get to that point the first 1 will probably be Gitmo. i sure have seen a lot of far right idiots talking about sending political prisoners there.
  8. those eyes make me think he is blind....but he says he knows hunter is violent based on what he saw on the computer.
  9. with 2/3 of the republicans...it was more than rhetoric. they actually voted to deny the election.
  10. hmmm....it seems jeffries voted to certify trumps election. something that most republicans couldn't do for Biden.
  11. in the thread about the future of the republican party?
  12. and it's white noise that everyone appointed to the homeland security committee is also an election denier?
  13. it seems like the proud boys are not so proud of their rules
  14. don't forget them force feeding us woke M&Ms
  15. some people prefer to look at it from a different angle
  16. cringe. i hope metallica survives this assault on their music
  17. i was thinking he would have had to take his shoes off to count past 10
  18. he must not have been paying attention.....20 people were shot....not 10. 21 if you count the gunman shooting himself
  19. it's a call for revolution to many MAGA. i think that makes it a bit more than "white noise"
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