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  1. i have been on job sights since i was 14 and i am 61 now. that is definitely saw dust. i would even go so far as to say it is most likely pine sawdust rather than cedar or oak.
  2. i might vote GOP again if we ever get them on the ballot....but this MAGA takeover of the party isn't for me.
  3. and you are telling me reagan was a democrat and biden is a republican since young people vote for democrats and when they get older they vote republican.
  4. the same members who voted against impeaching trump
  5. i voted for Reagan when i was 18 and i voted for Biden when i was 58.
  6. talk about the drones...nice video showing destruction of russian equipment
  7. i was saying this months ago...give ukraine thousands of drones per month. right now the countermeasures are not up to the task https://www.defenseone.com/threats/2024/02/uk-latvia-launch-effort-send-thousands-fpv-drones-ukraine/394238/?oref=d1-skybox-post
  8. i am lost. is the come to america and get all the roids and cross fit training talk suppose to stop immigration or bring in a trillion new democratic voters?
  9. as he keeps taking country after country and gaining their manpower and production capabilities for his army he is gaining in his ability to take whatever he wants.
  10. putin has declared the sale of alaska to the united states as illegal. it's the same as claiming the ukraine is ethnically russian.
  11. some people ignored history class in school. people like putin keep pushing until they get what they want. what putin wants is a new world order with russia leading the world. guess for peace we should just follow putin as faithfully as maga does
  12. chechnya defeated russia in the first war between them. russia then signed a peace agreement and rearmed then attacked chechnya again and won. now russia has chechan troops in it's march on ukraine. if russia defeats ukraine russia will have ukrainian and chechan troops when they march on the baltics, poland,. alaska or wherever they decide to go next
  13. last year at this time the US was producing about 14,000 artillery shells per month. we had production up to 28,000 per month by november of last year. and it is expected to be 36,000 per month by march. that is in america. we also funded facilities in canada, india, and poland to increase their 155mm shell production. there are shells out there.
  14. the reason russia is advancing now is due to the artillery ammo shortage for ukraine.
  15. can we trade trump for her and our journalists?
  16. ukraine is doing amazing things with drones....but this is a bit underwhelming
  17. poland and ukraine need to settle their disagreements and start cooperating again.
  18. well...they gave ALL of their artillary and ammo to Ukraine. they also gave f-16's. they are a very small country but the % they are giving is huge.
  19. for the "but Europe should do more" crowd. how about this?
  20. the people who are voting for trump would vote for him if he shot someone on 5th avenue.....sooo
  21. it isn't trump who is fined...it's his cult who are fined and it seems that they like it that way as they keep opening their wallets to cover a rich mans debts.
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