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  1. And when your primary read is almost always open.
  2. One game is always the best way to judge any QB, obviously... I love the way TA looked, and I also thought Kellogg played really, really well. TM is still the best quarterback on Nebraska's roster. Obviously that toe is a big concern, because you take away that running ability and you take away a lot of what TM can do. If TM still can't run very well, is he the guy you want just sitting in the pocket throwing the football? I don't know. Turf toe doesn't just affect his ability to run either. It affects his ability to plant the foot and throw. If the injury is affecting him at
  3. I'm as happy as anybody that our QB play looked so good today. But it's beyond ridiculous to start calling for a starter change based on this game. It was South Dakota State. Our players, across the board, are bigger, stronger, and faster. By a lot. SDSU had no chance on defense today. Go back, watch the film, and watch our offensive line obliterate their front seven. Our WR's consistently had a step on the coverage. I guarantee our offensive line will not look like that in Big Ten play, nor will our WRs will be that open, and I guarantee that none of our QBs (including TM) will look that
  4. They shouldn't read these boards. Athletes and celebrities have said not to read about yourself for a long, long time before message boards and social media were even around.
  5. Nate Gerry getting targeted on that flare pattern. Made the same mistake as Alfalava the play before. Or maybe it was the MIKE's responsiblity. Either way, same bust two plays in a row.
  6. man, newby just spidermanned his way into the endzone
  7. I think Kenny is beat up too. I remember seeing him favoring a wrist or forearm in an earlier game. The drop today and that fumble - uncharacteristic.
  8. Lots of talk about the QB play. It's significantly improved, no doubt. If Taylor remains beat up, they should start Armstrong or Kellog, even in B1G play. If Taylor gets healthy, I'd be fine seeing what he brings to the table. That said, lots of fans are missing the biggest difference in the offense today: the offensive line. They are obliterating SDSU's defense so far.
  9. That is the scheme ... and I hate it That is NOT the scheme. You didn't see Jared Crick or Ndamukong Suh ever play like that.
  10. Great to see the offense getting its mojo back this week. Hope the defense can continue to feed off that energy and momentum.
  11. :facepalm: :facepalm: no adjustments on defense since last week.
  12. It looks like it will be fun to watch TA today, but this won't start a QB controversy. We are destroying their front seven so far.
  13. You are wrong about one thing - this isn't their Super Bowl. Next week, they play North Dakota State. That's a bigger, more important game to SDSU fans and players than Nebraska. Frankly, I'd rather have Nebraska be their Super Bowl. The way it is now, they'll play with a lot of fire, passion, and they'll really want to beat us - but they're not going to be tight. They'll play loose. I think the 2013 team is worse...
  14. Brian Christopherson ‏@HuskerExtraBC14m Martinez did not practice. If game was today, Pelini said Tommy Armstrong would likely start. #Huskers
  15. Not going to happen. We're not going to offer the job to a guy who's only been a coordinator for a year, but if he were to get that offer, he'd be absolutely nuts not to take it (or he'd have to know that he's a few short years from the Oregon job).
  16. I'm not in total disagreement with you, but Bob Devaney wasn't a Nebraska guy. If you find the right guy, they can fit the culture irregardless of whether they've been here before or not. Shawn Eichorst is an example of that - he's not a Nebraska guy, but so far he seems to understand what it's about much better than Pederson.
  17. For the record, I've never heard any one drop a racial slur at a game. Never. If I did, not only would I turn to them and tell them to shut the hell up, but I'd be willing to guarantee that about 10 other people in the area would do the same. Hell, most of the people in my section get mad just when people who clearly know nothing about football start criticizing players or coaches. If someone is dropping racial bombs, do something about it. Don't just sit there.
  18. Stuff like this is why Bo should probably just have a social media ban. At this point, it's not that his players make mistakes on social media. Very rarely do we see a player tweet something that deserves to be taken down, but clearly the players (and coaches) are unable to filter the criticism appropriately. They're reading too much about themselves, whether it's positive or negative. The overall vibe of the fan base is no different than it was in 1996, when they booed Scott Frost. But back then, you couldn't just pop onto Twitter after the game to give an earful directly to the kid.
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