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  1. Also pulling in some serious offers... Michigan, TAM, Penn St, Ohio St, ND, Oklahoma... Get'm Frosty
  2. Nice addition to the roster. Special team warrior with the potential to push for a starting roll at position of need in the near future. Not to mention he must bleed Husker red to pass up a full ride at CSU.
  3. So he qualified and enrolled at TCU his freshman year, redshirted then transferred to Kilgore JC for red shirt freshman year. Could he be be added to 19 class since he qualified at TCU?
  4. Does this not remind you of Suh vs McCoy...
  5. Shows his versatility and athletic ability if both sides of the ball want him. If we fill out the class with Robinson, Matthew Noa-Poa, possibly Datona Jackson (still visiting tomorrow?) and I'm sure this staff could pull that rabbit out of a hat. He'll end up as a good interior lineman... Pay check for playing on Sunday.
  6. This guy's a CB?... That's what 520#!?!?! Duval needs a raise!
  7. Has Lee ever gone through his progressions and checked down?
  8. Ail... Trouble, Ailment...I actually googled to make sure it was a word.
  9. I know... Was called the "Ginger Assassin" when he canned Bo.
  10. Why has no one come up with this
  11. With recruiting accelerated as it has your going to have kids that you back off of. There are 8th graders receiving offers now. I do think allot of these offers go out to gauge a recruits interest. On the top tier especially... Josh Moore has what... 50+ offers. I get what Matty's saying. If you offer and spend the money to have a recruit visit on University dollars...you take the kid. Exception being a kid that don't fit our culture on his visit. Then you tell him to kick rocks. What's the average for a 3 person flight from LA?
  12. His passes when he does that have to much zip on them... Bullets that our receivers can't catch
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