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  1. Long Snapper that has never played a down
  2. Penn State in after Sandusky scandal. Michigan State still in after the pedi team doctor. Both with significant evidence of cover ups. Seems plausible to dump Nebraska because “some fans” and a TV personality said so.
  3. You just doubled down on this theory with more nonsense.......... it's very apparent that many fans in the B1G want us gone when prominent, albeit useless, former players now in large media positions call for it It's time to tap out.
  4. Plus......... We have a national football brand. Yeah it sucks right now, but it's not dead. Top 20 basketball attendance Going to be 80,000+ in a stadium to watch a volleyball game. The most to ever watch ANY womens event ever is 90,000 (Women's world cup) In general, top notch facilities for most sports. This is just stupid.
  5. "You couldn't negate anything I said as false so you do what our biased fake journalists do".....solid I guess this somehow makes your quote more palatable.......ok?
  6. The spin move looked a little 90's video game ish I have to admit. I found it more concerning that he didn't appear to get as much separation as I'd expect from a sprinter at his level. You can certainly see when he hits another gear on the long runs. That being said, I'd still take a chance.
  7. Probably getting rid of Jacob Hood to make room.
  8. I’m in the camp that believes track speed is different, but this guy is so elite I don’t think it’s much of risk. I do believe a guy that runs a legit 4.4-4.5 and is an elite route runner is better in the long run, but it doesn’t matter. Also, what if he can on special teams or even ended up being on defense. Take the best athletes available and figure it out later. 42” vert is stone cold crazy.
  9. Even if you’re right, you still take a shot at a guy that is 6’2” and runs a 10.15 100m.
  10. Bair has a 10 top all time mark. 10.15 is elite in track. Only few people have ever run faster…EVER. Crouch had ridiculous speed and ran a 10.8. I had a teammate that ran a 11.00 that had a legit (backed up) 4.45 40. This is a pointless discussion.
  11. Why would there be? Our program is terrible. They are also “projections”. Let’s go win a few football games we should win and the rest will play out.
  12. Weird. The company I work for is based out of Charlotte. Been taking a few jabs for a while now. All anyone has said is he “doesn’t win” and “thanks for taking him”. Have yet to hear a leadership comment.
  13. I think he’s a leader too. This program has needed one for a very long time.
  14. I could see clauses eventually that read something like, "by year 3 you're a starter" or "You'll get $100K if you're all conference". Of course we will never really know. It'd be nice if someone went all Project Veritas on this so we could see something.
  15. I know no one cares about Track & Field, but Oregon is kind of the Mecca
  16. Kind of thought Smothers could find a home fairly easily. At least he has some tape.
  17. The one rumor that always got me was being late to practice and missing meetings. I never understood how this was even possible at that level. If there was any shred of truth to this, I find it likely that there was also sub par effort on preparation and planning.
  18. 8 is high just because of history. The poor play and close loses are now a part of the program culture. This schedule is terrible and they should win 8 games. I actually think they win 7 this year. I think an improved culture will start to come through in tight games. I wouldn’t be surprised by 8. Unfortunately I wouldn’t surprised by 5 either. I think the 2-3 win predictions are the ones that are “out there”.
  19. Trey Palmer is gone brother. The 50-50 bombs he caught last year were the offense. edit: if I'm being fair they were probably 75-25. The ball obviously has to get there, but they weren’t happening without Palmer. I also think there’s a lot of QBs that could hit Palmer. I wish CT stayed, but he didn’t. Bye.
  20. Similar 110 time as Niles Paul. 110 can be pretty technical and doesn’t always reflect speed. However a sub 39 for a Junior is very good speed.
  21. Good subject change…..again. Try it again possibly. Maybe this time address the comment rather than deflect.
  22. Not sure why you continue you debate me. It’s my opinion. You like made up percentages and spending other peoples money. Cool. I’m sure your fantasy team crushes everyone. You have no idea how much money is available. You have no idea what’s been offered by anyone. You have no idea what Rhule’s thoughts are on the situation. You have no idea what the kid’s intentions even are. I’ll give you a few percentages. I 100% get your take. I 100% don’t care. It’s an opinion that differs from yours.
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