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  1. redintampa

    Recruit reactions to Mike

    I wouldn't be upset with this at all. I live in the same town as Pensyl and my oldest son plays against him. I have seen him play the past two years. He is got a rocket of an arm, is smart and from what I can tell (my son and he follow each other on twitter) he's a good kid. He did have somewhat of a down year this past season, but truth be told, his receivers were God awful. So take it for what it's worth... (prolly not much) but anyways...
  2. That was a LAME match! Ticked I stayed up to watch it.
  3. redintampa

    Eagle Raceway

    That's too bad about the outlaws...it was a great show! Loved the videos on that site...the only thing missing is the scent of alcohol filling the air as they blow by! Got goosebumps watching those! Taking me back bro...taking me back!
  4. redintampa

    Eagle Raceway

    LOL...great story about Steve and Sammy...it doesn't surprise me at all! I didn't realize the World of Outlaws stopped going there. How long ago did they stop? That many cars is incredible considering the size of the track...if you go, you gotta post some pix on here. I would love to see that!
  5. redintampa

    Eagle Raceway

    Would love to! Over a 100 sprints cars?!!?! That would be awesome. My favorite weekends out there was when the World of Outlaws came into town. Watching Slammin' Sammy and Steve Kinser go at it was a sight to see. All that horse power on that small track was a beautiful thing! LOL! And I think I remember that name Deterding...been a long time though.
  6. redintampa

    Eagle Raceway

    Love Eagle! I used to be out there every weekend from about 1986-1990. My dad and I were part of the the pit crew for Dennis Parker and the 3BK sprintcar. But alas, in 1990 graduated from HS, went off to college and have never come back home. But I have GREAT memories of that place.
  7. No doubt! this is no joke, as my son and I were watching right before Seth went "heel" we were wondering out loud when the the shield was going to implode...literally, 5 seconds after we got done talking, bam...the chair. We looked at each other and went, "whhhhaaaaaaaaaattttttt?!?!?!?!"
  8. redintampa

    Ideas for items to have TO sign

    and then have it inked before it washes off!
  9. redintampa

    Receivers Want "Warrior" Mentality

    Here's the obligatory "talk is cheap" comment
  10. I know I haven't contributed to this thread..but have been following... Just read this morning that the Ultimate Warrior passed away at 54 yesterday in Arizona. UW was my favorite wrestler as a young boy...sad day. http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/story/25200065/2014/04/09/iconic-wwe-wrestler-dead-at-54