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  1. Somewhere in this world, a perfect bracket has survived.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Yeah, getting all 4 of the final four is not that rare.  But a perfect bracket to that point has never been documented.

    3. krc1995


      Final four still intact. 

    4. GSG


      ^Nice! If Michigan wins then I'll have 3 out of 4

  2. Define a Jaysker

    1. NUance
    2. Loebarth


      You can't define something that isn't real or something fake or make believe. Jayskers are a myth as much as Tinkerbell and her little fairy friends.

  3. Anybody besides me having a passing thought that the 2020 season might not happen?

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      I don't even want to think about it! :(

    3. Moiraine


      I don't think we're gonna be in a place by then where 90,000 people can be that close together. Maybe they could sell 1/4 stadiums and still play.

    4. Decoy73


      70-30 no season, but I’m more concerned about family and friends.  Football can take a back seat.  

  4. So........Define a Jaysker ......

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I'm no expert but I'd say it is person who is a Husker football fan and a Creighton basketball fan, with the stipulation they prefer Creighton to the Huskers in bball.


      Or, according to some, the worst type of scum...:lol:

    2. Decoy73


      JJ Husker is right. What’s more annoying than a Jaysker?  People who criticize you for who you choose to cheer for. 

       An no I’m not a Jaysker.  

    3. Enhance


      I don't really have a problem with "Jayskers." But, I do have a problem with the Jayskers that absolute trash the Husker basketball team, boo the team/players, etc., but then turn around and cheer on the football team in the fall. That doesn't make a modicum of sense to me. They're from the same university. If they don't want to be a Husker bball fan that's totally fine but leave it at that.

  5. Can't imagine an all out brawl in a Nebraska-Creighton basketball game.

    1. teachercd


      Ha...that is because both teams are filled with soft players that don't hate each other.

  6. LSU 49-Oklahoma 14.....and it's only halftime.

    1. Toe


      As a pair, I expected this to be the most lopsided first-round games in CFP history, and so far it's certainly looking that way.

    2. Nebfanatic


      @Toe really? This other semifinal was expected to be a great game and it is turning out 

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  8. I learned that no matter how many points the offense puts on the board, the defense will always allow enough scores for our opponents to win.
  9. 27 24 Husker Rushing: 190 Husker Passing: 250
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