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  1. Anybody besides me having a passing thought that the 2020 season might not happen?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more


      I don't even want to think about it! :(

    3. Moiraine


      I don't think we're gonna be in a place by then where 90,000 people can be that close together. Maybe they could sell 1/4 stadiums and still play.

    4. Decoy73


      70-30 no season, but I’m more concerned about family and friends.  Football can take a back seat.  

  2. So........Define a Jaysker ......

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I'm no expert but I'd say it is person who is a Husker football fan and a Creighton basketball fan, with the stipulation they prefer Creighton to the Huskers in bball.


      Or, according to some, the worst type of scum...:lol:

    2. Decoy73


      JJ Husker is right. What’s more annoying than a Jaysker?  People who criticize you for who you choose to cheer for. 

       An no I’m not a Jaysker.  

    3. Enhance


      I don't really have a problem with "Jayskers." But, I do have a problem with the Jayskers that absolute trash the Husker basketball team, boo the team/players, etc., but then turn around and cheer on the football team in the fall. That doesn't make a modicum of sense to me. They're from the same university. If they don't want to be a Husker bball fan that's totally fine but leave it at that.

  3. Can't imagine an all out brawl in a Nebraska-Creighton basketball game.

    1. teachercd


      Ha...that is because both teams are filled with soft players that don't hate each other.

  4. LSU 49-Oklahoma 14.....and it's only halftime.

    1. Toe


      As a pair, I expected this to be the most lopsided first-round games in CFP history, and so far it's certainly looking that way.

    2. Nebfanatic


      @Toe really? This other semifinal was expected to be a great game and it is turning out 

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  6. I learned that no matter how many points the offense puts on the board, the defense will always allow enough scores for our opponents to win.
  7. 27 24 Husker Rushing: 190 Husker Passing: 250
  8. AM is obviously a great practice player, but struggles to make his reads in a game. Not sure what the solution is to change that, but what little I have seen of Noah Vedral, it's obvious he has the basic ability and the confidence to run the Scott Frost offense. I'd definitely give Noah the chance to start.
  9. Despite what my eyes saw last night, my gut says Scott Frost will take us to the promised land. Time will tell what body part was correct.

    1. TonyStalloni


      I too think we will be better in time. Till we get a much improved O line, we will be an 8-4 team.  The recently recruited kids will have to grow up quickly.

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