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  1. Cam Taylor Britt fielded the punt correctly and then out of excitment he punted it right back. Special teams really setting the bar high
  2. Hope band kids at Iowa talk shi^ again this year
  3. Martinez fumble against Michigan, being too scared to step into the throw in the first play of OT against MSU and then throws a pick. He is the QB and a leader, he shrinks like a frightened turtle when he needs to be 12 feet tall
  4. Nebraska wasn't prepared for how Minny lined up in the first half Martinez is exactly who he is Jacob Knuth is going to haunt Nebraska the same way Tanner Morgan does
  5. Adrian had another shot at a game winning drive. He failed, he failed against Michigan, he failed against Michigan state. He is awful when you need your leader to be their best.
  6. He needs to leave after this year. A different QB can manage the game and not piss it away at the end. Kirk Cousins of college football. Empty stats.
  7. Adrian's kink is choking and not the kind most are in to Imagine if he was a tenth as good in the clutch as he was a good person off the field. Williams is another person who should leave
  8. This defense deserves better than Adrian
  9. Lol. Pressure for a big moment is already on. Adrian will hold up like a wet paper towel per usual
  10. How do the blue hairs handle it? Do they not go to late games because of bedtime?
  11. What if they blow it dead and half a second later he breaks it to the endzone? Genuinely curious I think it was probably a second or two from being blown dead but had no issues with no whistle
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