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  1. David Reeves could get a look if changes are made
  2. Just sit out three years and try for the NFL rather than going to Nebraska
  3. The tweet from Illinois is hilarious. Nebraska has some truly mentally weak fans
  4. Chin and Frost have a million dollar ego and two cent game plan and an overdraft fee for adjustments
  5. So does Nevada. They ran a successful bubble screen
  6. Nebraska should see if they can breed their arms and maybe make a decent QB
  7. They could hang with Chadron for three quarters
  8. They slid off Mt. Everest like they were on the sled from Christmas Vacation
  9. Remember when people thought Wisconsin ducked Nebraska and progress was shown in the Ohio State game? Bunch of clowns.
  10. How you going to get fired in a season that doesnt even count?
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