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  1. There's no excuse, but let me type one up anyway. If money makes you act like this, especially when you are making a very good living,being around and influencing young men shouldnt be a job you have
  2. This is why I think Nelson gets such a pass from so many. People so badly want to see the small town Nebraska kid play for them. Its great that he does those things but that doesnt win games. Look at Michigan, Wisconsin, and other top defenses in the country. Does Garrett see their two deep?
  3. He has zero draft status right now. I'll agree that it will be easier to rebuild a pass rusher than the O-line but a majority of these guys are going to have to be completely retooled.
  4. This will make for some interesting debate. Ive made my feelings towards Nelson known. A fresh start at a smaller school would do him well
  5. He was. But with a DB coach already named it seems like Brown wont be coming here
  6. Why not both? Honestly either would do well. Really tough to pick How do they do on the recruiting trail
  7. Was that Prince's year too? I also miss the Bullock's twins. Man those guys kicked a$$
  8. Maybe Evan can coach up guys to play like Corey Cooper. Who wants to do the research to see how pass D and INT's went
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