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  1. Que the Eminem music. Football is back tell a friend
  2. I will always think of Grimes from The Simpsons whenever anyone has this last name
  3. Nebraska and Iowa were the only two schools that voted to play
  4. Just delay the season until November 7th, if you listen to all the Trumpers thr virus will disappear the Tuesday before.
  5. JD going to look to leave TCU after the allegations against Patterson?
  6. Bruh. If you are worried about being microchiped you should probably throw your smart phone away, lose all computers, never file taxes or register for anything.
  7. Or being pushed and having a much tighter game against South Dakota State than most fans want\expect
  8. I believe so. I always liked him at RB.
  9. Has the older fan base starting yelling yet?
  10. Let some of the girls from Barstool play the game. Much better entertainment
  11. Maybe, but Minny will have a lot to say about that
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