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  1. Let some of the girls from Barstool play the game. Much better entertainment
  2. Maybe, but Minny will have a lot to say about that
  3. Ferentz strikes me as an Andy Griffith sort of person who would try to resolve issues The Younger one probably grew up believing he was entitled and if someone didnt bow down to him or got the girl he wanted he would hold a lot of built up frustration Has anyone checked to see if anyone in the Iowa band is blaming Nebraska for this?
  4. The I like(blank) sported athlete so I cant be racist is right up there with I have a black friend argument. Great to see more of this stuff coming to light
  5. Fish tank guy told me JD took an upper decker in Frost's office bathroom.
  6. Hopefully Carl was with them Would be the first foursome of that kind for him
  7. How long has Harbaugh been quarantined on this kids bedroom floor?
  8. Yes. How much testing will be made available. Will smaller schools that are showing up for a paycheck and a prayer to win now ask that tests be supplied to them
  9. Was hoping Noah would go to South Dakota State, has ties to the state. I know it was a long shot but would have been fun to have him in the better Dakota
  10. Drugs are bad mmkay. Peter is doing more harm than good for the program but I do credit the knuckle dragger for being able to use technology
  11. Depends how much social distancing is still needed
  12. Hope the Bears first call was Lamar
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