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  1. Nebraska has been spoiled with good kicking and I think that's why so many people were down on Pickering. Let's hope this kid can live up to the billing
  2. Pickering leaves the kicking game in a pickle. Also feels like a kick to the pickle too
  3. Nash got consecutive pin 69 today. NIIIIIICEEEEEE
  4. Bookie became most well known for his hit in the playoffs that got him tossed. There were a few OU fans calling for him to be kicked off the team because of his mental laps
  5. Yes. The volleyball player left the team before the season which probably helped the rumor but she tweeted out she wasnt having anyone's baby. I'm assuming it probably started on campus and then to this message board
  6. There was a rumor going on that Martinez knocked up a volleyball player and that was why his on field performance wasn't good
  7. Gives the SEC time to drop teams if one of their opponents develop a pulse before they play
  8. For offense Maurice Purify. A big bodied WR would do wonders Defense Fabian Washington. Someone who could lock down a WR
  9. The replies to that tweet are pure entertainment
  10. Mel Tucker just ripped the hearts out of CU fans
  11. Mel Tucker is a rumor for MSU coaching job
  12. More of a honeycrisp or pink lady guy
  13. Not saying my alma mater was trying to out kick their coverage here ( possible pun intended) but Harth was offered a scholarship to Black Hills State in Spearfish. A team that has struggled to compete in the RMAC. Let's pump the brakes for a while on this.
  14. It is not that difficult to understand. One time he kicked a football and it went really really far and that was super cool. Plus he tries his gosh darn hardest. He should have the stadium renamed after him and a statue on every high school campus
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