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  1. Looks like Notre Dame is going to lose their sellout streak. Amateurs
  2. Bigred_inSD


    The trolling for topic names today has been top notch. Gold stars for everyone
  3. A lot of bad offenses look like juggernauts when they get Chin across the sideline
  4. Got about a month and twenty days. It will also be a decade too and the internet influencers want people to go big
  5. Yeah. I dont know if the OP was being sarcastic or not but they posted a list of things and one was that terrible take
  6. I guess this squashes one theory of board user here that Martinez was gay and that caused his regression and fear of being outed. Just wait to see how he is with no sleep
  7. And with players being able to make side cash his heart issues will probably go away
  8. How high are you Bob?
  9. If Nebraska wins I will Venmo the first two people to message me $20 each
  10. There has been some stuff in he news lately about teams running up the score in high school and coaches being suspended and so on In a "playoff " game in South Dakota, Pierre beat Spearfish 103-0. Pierre is undefeated, Spearfish winless but the Spartans still qualified for the playoffs in an 8 team conference with 3 of those teams finishing above .500.
  11. Someone named April basically says "I just think its funny how " every guy here has some PTSD flashback. Brave up boys
  12. Vedral gets love because he is a Nebraska kid. McCaffrey would be ahead of him on the depth chart if the staff didnt want to redshirt him and will be next year. Teams know what they need to do to stop AM. AM isnt getting the coaching to go to the next level of playing and is pushing way too hard. He drank way too much offseason koolaid and is probably diabetic because of it
  13. If any of you are watching the Florida Georgia game it looks like Chin already took the job calling third down plays for the Gators. Huskers are off the hook!
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