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  1. The way he listed schools spells Mona. I have a relative with that name He's N
  2. General Booty went to OU. Let's hear the jokes
  3. It wont be pretty, it wont be good. And will be so violent and described in such vulgar terms that Ricketts might try to make it illegal
  4. Giants also reached for him, that said Staying at Nebraska would have more than likely had his stock lower.
  5. After watching the Bears draft this made my day better.
  6. Dont worry. The American political system is set up so they wont fail. I'm sure it is just a write off on their taxes.
  7. That's the worst attempt at "still waiting to announce Nebraska " I've ever witnessed
  8. What ever happened to the twins from North Texas?
  9. Or maybe it is a mental health issue. Or he is worried about his physical health in the long run.
  10. I went to a college that was NAIA at the time. Kids came to visit and my buddies on the football team would talk about how "messed" up they were going to get him to show the college experience. Only they used a word that rhymes with ducked. Should I call the cops? Moral police?
  11. What happened to his accent?
  12. What's clickbait about it? Nebraska walk on defense back who never saw a snap during his time at the University of Nebraska during his time at the school" is quite a long headline.
  13. You hit your head on something?
  14. Because it is all a flawed system. Why was Tathan Martell a 5 star
  15. Nebraska players taking notes on that undressed player running on the field. A good way to get dumb penalties
  16. Anyone know the record for draft picks by a three win team?
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