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  1. Looooooollllll. If a team does that to Nebraska you would go nuclear if it wasnt called
  2. And Warner gets the onside kick. Id love to see Frost as he watched this. Great job AM
  3. He hasnt been great but he is managing. They lost to Tulane last week. Lets not get caught up in the moment.
  4. Deion is waiting for FSU to open up
  5. Georgia Southern only scored 21 against UAB. Maybe Nebraska can hire their D coordinator
  6. Hire Jevon Bowman as the new strength coach
  7. Mehhh. If it is Leonhard, he better bring a strong OL coach and some offensive mastermind.
  8. Chin knew his days were numbered when his buddy got axed. With the defensive performance he wasnt getting a flashy gig either. Wouldnt be surprised if asked for it or phoned it in the second half. Have fun being a linebackers coach in the mountain west (at best) next year
  9. The pride of Milbank South Dakota
  10. Benhart was walking home and apparently got lost. Rumor is he missed his block. Ill see myself out.
  11. Garrett Nelson must be saving all his energy and moves for conference play.
  12. Cant imagine Allen stays after the season though. Guessing he follows Applewhite
  13. With every game played means one game closer to Benhart no longer being on the roster
  14. So much better than what Frost was say. Accountability has improved
  15. Few Saturdays are better than having my kids have games so i dont have to watch Nebraska. Unfortunately only three weeks left.
  16. So do a lot of guys when they get older
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