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  1. Sometimes I have something to say that is not worthy of starting a new thread, but it doesn’t fit in any existing thread. And it's too long for a status update. I think this thread could be the place for such ramblings. So here goes.
  2. Any other Netflix fans here? I’ve been getting into watching stuff on Netflix lately. I only do the streaming, don't order the DVDs. They have tons of movies available—but only about 10% of which I’d actually want to watch. A couple decent movies I’ve seen lately: Limitless, The Troll Hunter and Trees Lounge. None of the three were *great* movies. But worth watching. Anyway, I’d thought a thread like this would be a good place to compare notes/recommendations about stuff on Netflix.
  3. Jerry Jones' skybox just after Cowboy's kicker Dan Bailey misses a last second field goal for a loss. The second week in a row. (I guess this is only funny if, like me, you're not a Cowboys fan.)
  4. West Virginia all gray unis: http://www.cbssports...rnate-uniforms3 Duke new helmets: http://www.cbssports...ome-new-helmets Post any others that you find throughout the summer and into the season.
  5. Since @Saunders is busy dealing with some guy named Ian (kidding! Stay safe brother!), I thought I'd help out. 2022 Game 3 “Expert” Picks: Indiana @ Nebraska ————— CFN.com Why Indiana Will Win Did Nebraska get better at college football in the off-week? Did the 127th-best defense in college football figure it out? Is the pass rush about to show up? Is the Big Ten’s worst pass defense going to get better, and will the worst punt return in college football fix the glitch? Indiana might have lost to Cincinnati with two many mistakes and misfires, but Nebraska’s defense doesn’t force takeaways and the secondary is about to get picked clean as long as Connor Bazelak gets time to work. Against this Husker defensive front, that might not be a problem. But … Why Nebraska Will Win Yeah, maybe Nebraska did get better with a week to take a break after the loss to Oklahoma. After all the drama and all the problems of the first month of the season, this program needed to take a breath. The defense is still a concern – to be nice about it – but the offense should be able to fire away on an IU secondary that got toasted by WKU and Cincinnati over the last two weeks and doesn’t come up with nearly enough key stops. No, the talent level isn’t there overall, and the lines need to be far better, but the offense has playmakers, the big plays should be there, and … What’s Going To Happen Get ready for a rejuvenated Nebraska team. We’ve all thought this before only to get hurt time and time again, but Mickey Joseph and the rest of the staff have had a little bit to settle in, getting a break will do wonders, and (deep breath …) The offense will come up with a real, live late scoring drive to win a close game. And there will be much rejoicing. Nebraska 34, Indiana 30 Line: Nebraska -6.5, o/u: 60 ATS Confidence out of 5: 2 Nebraska vs Indiana Must See Rating (out of 5): 2.5 __________________ ESPN FPI Nebraska 31 - Indiana 27 Nebraska - 60.6% Win ________________________ DRatings Nebraska 30 - Indiana 26.5 Nebraska - 63.4% Win _________________________ Big Red Wrap Up Mike’l Severe: Nebraska 31 - Indiana 27 Jay Moore: Nebraska 31 - Indiana 24 Damon Benning: Nebraska 34 - Indiana 41
  6. What is the best fast food chicken? KFC? Cane's? Chick-fil-a? Popeye's? Bojangles? Zaxby's? Church's? Some other place I've never heard of? I've had KFC. Uh, it's food. I have never had Cane's, Bojangles, Popeye's, or Zaxby's. I had Church's once a long time ago. It was fine, I guess. Nothing special. I have had Chick-fil-a a few times. Again, it's ok, nothing special. So let's hear what your #1 fast food chicken place is and why (none of this "you just gotta try it" BS).
  7. You know the drill! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of the Huskerboard family!
  8. Finally moved out of our condo last fall, so now we're able to have a real grill and/or smoker that uses real flames and all that jazz. I'm no grillmaster by any means, but I trust my HuskerBoard family more than most people so I'm hoping y'all can help me out here. What type of grill should I get? Gas? Charcoal? Brand/model recommendations would be awesome as well. I have also thought about getting a smoker of some kind. Nothing huge since I don't foresee making enough for the whole block. My parents love their Traeger, but I'm not sold on using it for grilling. Also, the Traegers are pretty pricey.
  9. Season 5 (Part 2) starts tonight. Anyone watching? Warning, the following image contains naughty words.
  10. I didn't want to keep bumping the Mike Riley thread in the Husker Football section, so I'm starting this thread to discuss the AAF itself. https://aaf.com/ This league was started by Charlie Ebersol, son of Dick Ebersol. Dick will be on the Board of Directors. Bill Polian will be "Head of Football" along with being a co-founder of the league. Troy Polamalu will be the Head of Player Relations. Other names in the head office include Hines Ward, Jared Allen, and Justin Tuck. Rules: 50-man rosters with some selected by a territorial draft. No TV timeouts and 60% fewer commercials. They are aiming for a game length of 150 minutes. Only 2-point conversions, no extra point kicks. No kickoffs. Offenses start on their own 25-yard line. In lieu of an onside kick, the "kicking team" can attempt one scrimmage play from their own 35-yard line but must gain a first down (10 yards as per usual). 30 second play clock. Only replays used will be on coaches challenges. Each team gets 2 per game. Someone asked about Tim Lewis. His career has mostly been as a position coach in the NFL with several teams. He was also the D-coordinator for the Steelers (2000-03) and the Giants (2004-06).
  11. I came across this article today and it cracked me up: Why Are Men at the Gym Wearing D*ck Towels? It goes through some other articles about men wearing compression leggings/tights to work out in and how some wear the d*ck towel in front while some wear shorts over top. Personally I don't think I could wear just the tights. I don't think I would/could wear the tights even with shorts because I get way too hot while I'm working out unless it's an outdoor/cold weather situation. Lately I have been buying actual workout shirts rather than using old ratty t-shirts. I usually buy them on clearance but even that little bit of monetary investment seems to motivate me to workout more. Also, why doesn't Adidas make Husker workout gear? I would rock that s#!t to my spin class all the damn time!
  12. What is the best Gatorade flavor? (No Powerade! Maybe I'll do a different thread for that) Here are a couple rankings: https://www.thrillist.com/drink/nation/every-single-gatorade-flavor-ranked-worst-to-best https://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/your-favorite-gatorade-flavors Post your favorites and I will create a poll on CHEESY CAPS LOCK FRYDAY
  13. Spring ball counts, right? Herm Edwards seems to think he only needs 45 guys? What The Hell Is Herm Edwards Talking About?
  14. 'This Isn't Year Zero': Scott Frost Expects an Immediate Turnaround at Nebraska
  15. Bout that time of year, boys. Usually they are revealed before fall camp.
  16. Here's the link to the group: https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/leagues/huskerboard-2018 Password: FrostEffect
  17. I'm guessing there are more 402ers but I was curious to see the breakdown
  20. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/patriots/2013/06/18/aaron-hernandez-homicide-investigation-north-attleboro/2436327/
  21. Can't believe it's already here again. Season starts a week from Friday, 11/11. AP Top 25 Duke (58) Kentucky (2) Kansas Villanova (4) Oregon (1) North Carolina Xavier Virginia Wisconsin Arizona Indian Michigan State Louisville Gonzaga Purdue UCLA Saint Mary's UConn Syracuse West Virginia Texas Creighton Rhode Island Iowa State Maryland Others receiving votes: Cincinnati 110, Dayton 98, Florida State 88, California 74, San Diego State 48, Miami 35, NC State 29, Butler 21, Wichita St 21, Ohio State 18, Virginia Tech 18, Florida 18, Texas A&M 14, Mississippi State 14, Oklahoma 11, Colorado 10, Michigan 8, Monmouth 7, Notre Dame 6, Washington 5, Seton Hall 5, Princeton 2, Ohio 1, Vanderbilt 1, Harvard 1 USA Today Coaches Poll Duke (27) Kansas (1) Villanova (1) Kentucky (2) Oregon (1) North Carolina Virginia Xavier Michigan State Wisconsin Arizona Indiana Gonzaga Louisville Purdue UConn Syracuse West Virginia Saint Mary's UCLA Maryland Texas Creighton Rhode Island Cincinnati Others receiving votes: Florida State 65, Iowa State 56, California 43, Miami 35, Dayton 34, Oklahoma 33, Seton Hall 24, Texas A&M 22, Notre Dame 18, San Diego State 17, Virginia Tech 16, Wichita St 15, Butler 14, USC 14, Ohio State 12, Colorado 11, Florida 11, Clemson 11, Michigan 10, Pittsburgh 7, Georgia 6, Yale 6, VCU 6, Chattanooga 5, Washington 4, Kansas State 3, Nevada 3, Davidson 2, Valparaiso 2, Arkansas 2, Utah 1, SMU 1
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