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Found 9 results

  1. Anyone read this yet? Coach's comments are a bit interesting. https://www.cornnation.com/2018/4/24/17274680/editorial-scott-frost-unifying-around-a-purpose-of-rehashing-the-perlman-osborne-conflict
  2. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/life-in-the-red/driving-for-frost-s-fight-against-mediocrity-former-vols-aide/article_522d3fce-1b31-11e8-bbdf-43db1a6d9b09.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook This might not make a big impact, but one great thing I see about the morning practices is the early Saturday games. It seems like for as long as I can remember (mid 2000s, i'm only 25) the Huskers have started slow and been lethargic in the Saturday morning game slot. Maybe morning practices having kids used to being awake and moving will help knock off some of that!
  3. HUSKER POWER IS BACK! http://www.omaha.com/huskers/carriker/carriker-chronicles-boyd-epley-on-regenerating-husker-power-zach-duval/article_5b9b9a55-04f0-516e-938d-07141aa039da.html The Omaha World Herlad's & former Cornhusker Adam Carriker interviews former Nebraska strength coach Boyd Epley. Topics include: How our new strength coach Zach Duval is brining back the original "Husker Power" way of training. Insights into how the previous staffs trained. A story of just how powerful Scott Frost truly was during his playing days...and how he still is!
  4. I realize this isn't Husker Football related necessarily, but I think with Frost possibly coming home and all Huskerland paying attention to this game it's worth starting a thread for this game. GO KNIGHTS!!!!!
  5. "Nebraska is simply not the program it once was when Osborne and Osborne’s legendary predecessor — Bob Devaney — were stalking the sidelines and steamrolling the competition with their I-formation and triple-option offenses. If the Nebraska job were such a great job then why are the last three coaches hired named Bill Callahan, Bo Pelini and Mike Riley? This sounds like a pool of candidates for NC State, not Nebraska. " Orlando Sentinel full Article Here Momma might be calling, Scott.
  6. UCF has been playing sound football against 2 decent teams and 1 OK team. They just looked like a better-coached team than Nebraska does right now I think. But are they coached so much better than us they could beat Nebraska with the talent discrepancy there is?? Not sure
  7. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/ucf-knights/os-sp-ucf-scott-frost-oregon-mike-bianchi-1202-20161201-column.html Edit: Sorry, this was supposed to go in the "Other sports" section, not sure how I botched it.
  8. Hi, looking for a Nebraska game worn jersey, in particular the following players: #34, Trev Alberts #7, Scott Frost #50 Dave Rimington OR #30 Mike Rozier Thanks!
  9. I want this to be a serious thread for all questions relating to SF's future. What are the chances he does well at UCF? What are the chances he ends up at Nebraska? Can he recruit to a school that doesn't have the College of Nike Apparel appeal? Just wanted to hear other people's thoughts. Also, I'm currently a freshmen at UNL and was wondering if anyone else on HB is currently at UNL, or if it is all older fans that remember the good ol' days? I'd love to see the differences in opinions between generations. Oh, and GBR!
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