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  1. I learned that Nebr. covered the spread. Alabama just lost to Auburn, and now has 2 loses for the year. Sabin is on the hot seat and may be available.
  2. I learned that I need to join KAA. (Kool-Aid Anonymous) It has a 12 step program, and if memory serves me correct, one of the steps has a NEVER EVER pencil in a win preseason in August.
  3. Mudhen

    Win #900

    There were plenty of bloodbaths between Texas and Arkansas in the 60's-70's. Coach's Frank Broyles and Darrell Royal always made it a great game to watch, during that era when there were only 3 college games on TV on Saturdays. (disclaimer.....I hate Texas)
  4. I understand what you're saying runningblind. It's not a perfect system. Maybe someday. I would guess 99% of college football fans think the committee got the first 3 teams right. It's just that fans differ on the last Bama selection. I'm just so glad I'm out of the "Dark Ages" of college football, when on a Saturday afternoon, there would only be 3 games on, and watching them in black & white. It sucked. As for bad ump/referee calls, there was no such thing as reversals from instant replay. That was in a futuristic dream world. Also much better rules for protecting the players. College Football has evolved over the years for the better. I'll take the current playoff system with it's warts over none.
  5. PEOPLE! Be happy there is a playoff system nowdays, compared to the 60's forward, when there was no playoff system around, and a Big 10 team and Pac10 team was locked into going to the Rose Bowl. It sucked! As an old fart, I remember those days. College football fans were begging for a playoff system! It's not perfect now. I don't think any playoff system would be. I hate Bama like most everyone else on this board, and they didn't "earn" the right to be there, but they are one of the top 4 best teams. Go back last month before the Auburn-UCF matchup results. Only about 1 in 10 thought UCF would win. OK, lets guess what Vegas would make a line back in early Dec. after the regular season ended. Bama vs. Wisc. +7 Bama vs. Clemson +3 Bama vs. Oklahoma even money Bama vs. Ohio St. +9 1/2 Bama vs. Georgia +3 Bama vs. Auburn (2nd meeting, +3) Bama vs. UCF +13 This is just a guesstimate, you may have a opinion a few points one way or the other, and that's fine. I hate Bama, but they should be there if the criteria is "The 4 best teams"
  6. Great work Beorach, very eyeopening.
  7. Not having other teams pencil Nebraska in as a win.
  8. Submitted for your approval (I love my Twilight Zone)
  9. If anyone is worried about Frost coaching UCF in a bowl, instead of being at Nebraska, than what better positive recruitment tool than to see potential recruits see him coach in a bowl game?
  10. And a big thank you to Hedley Lamarr for letting a old fart like me, get the last 2 weeks of great sleep.
  11. The right coach can take a losing program, and have a quick turnaround. Jason Peter was correct when he said their was no accountability on the team. Submitted for your approval (I love my Twilight Zone) Head coach of Arkansas Lou Holtz decided to suspend 3 players, (2 starters) before the 1977 Orange Bowl against #2 Oklahoma, African-American players wanted to boycott playing . Gov. Bill Clinton pleaded with Holtz to reconsider. Arkansas won as a large dog. No. Carolina St. in 1971 went 3-8 1972 first year coach Holtz coached them to 8-3-1, took them to and won Peach Bowl vs. West Virginia Arkansas in 1977 went 5-5-1 1978 first year coach Holtz went to 10-1, took them to and won Orange Bowl vs. #2 Oklahoma Minnesota in 1983 went 1-10 1984 first year coach Holtz went 4-7, in second year, 1985, went 7-5 and won Independence Bowl Notre Dame in 1985 went 5-6 1986 first year coach Holtz went 5-6, in second year 1987 went 8-4, going to Cotton Bowl South Carolina in 1998 went 1-10 1999 first year coach Holtz went 0-11, second year 2000, went 8-4 going to Outback Bowl, beating Ohio St.
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