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  1. Your “Super Six” 2018 Class Edition

    1) Maurice Washington 2) Adrian Martinez 3)Caleb Tanner 4)Will Honas 5)Cam'ron Jones 6)Miles Jones Sleeper Casey Rogers
  2. Super Six-2017

    1) T. Lindsey 2) A. Roberts 3) E. Blades 4) D. Thomas 5) T. Gebbia 6) B. Jaimes Sleeper C. Walker
  3. 2015 Super Six

    1 Eric Lee 2 Carlos Davis 3 Dedrick Young 4 Khalil Davis 5 Stanley Morgan 6 Avery Anderson Sleeper Tyrin Ferguson
  4. Benny Parker

    Benny is definately fun to watch on the defensive side of the ball.
  5. 2014 Super Six

    1 Monte Harrison 2 Tanner Farmer 3 Nick Gates 4 Joe Keels 5 Peyton Newell 6 Chris Jones Sleeper DeAndre Wills
  6. DE Blake McClain [South Carolina - Signed LOI]

    Heck of a pick up
  7. SIGNED LB Jaevon Walton

    Can't go wrong with under the radar kids from LA
  8. SIGNED S Joshua Kalu

    Would be a nice addition to the class if that should happen. Really good size for a DB
  9. Your 3 predictions for Husker football this season.

    1) 11-1 Loss on the road to Mich. 2) bcs bowl 3) D in top 20
  10. Breakout player of the season?

    Corey Cooper
  11. DT Abu Lamin [South Carolina - Signed LOI]

    At least we got him up here for a visit and a chance to show him what we had to offer. After that hope for the best and let the chips fall were they may.
  12. DE Harrison Phillips [Stanford - Signed LOI]

    Best of luck to the young man
  13. CB Henre' Toliver

    Any of you guys like our chances with Toliver? He is one of my favorite prospects at CB.