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  1. Todd McShane Owns Twitter

    Had no idea memorial stadium held 92,000 fans back in the 80's. Just a slight stretch of the truth.
  2. Collins to Cowboys

    Exactly! Baltimore tried to trade up to 4 for Zeke, which would have probably given Dallas another 3rd round pick, but Bosa, Zeke, and Ramsey would have all been off the board by pick #6. Baltimore's GM came out after Round 1 that he was trying to trade up to 4 for Ramsey. Who knows if he was just making things up after the fact.I'm sure Zeke will be very good at Dallas, but Dallas has so many holes that need to be filled long-term, that I don't think RB was the best choice. Especially when Stephen Jones said after round 1 that they were drafting Elliot for 1 contract (5 years). When choosing at #4, I would hope teams are drafting a cornerstone guy who can be there for 8-10 years. cows have mcfadden and Morris, draft zeke and then draft another rb in the 6th round. Well the cows are set to run the wishbone. They 5 RB on the roster. 3 DE and 2 are suspended for the first 4 games. 2 CB that are worthless and didn't address that till 5 th rd on a project. Once again cows will not get any pressure on the qb which in turn means the CB will get eaten up again. For that last 3 years, the cows have drafted perfectly. Just when you think the jones might have figured it out , they inform you they haven't.
  3. Collins to Cowboys

    Jerry jones is an idiot. Never seen on guy botch a draft as bad as he did.
  4. Laremy Tunsil Instagram Hacked - Ole Miss Cheating

    Lol my "account got hacked" bs. That's what you say when you realize you eff'd up. So this "person hacked his phone, the hacked his tweeter account. Amazing.
  5. Huskers in NFL Draft 2016

    I doubt any huskers go b4 the 3rd at the earliest.
  6. Five Teams With Spring Recruiting Momentum (ESPN)

    Texas for years always had a top 3 class. They won like one championship in those years. Ranking for recruits means nothing to me. Players develop in different ways.
  7. He will land in turkey or the Philippines. He's no where near ready for the nba.
  8. Recruiting Bigs

    If you can't recruit at least one big in 3 years, that may tell you something. If you can't recruits big then you better recruit some damn good 3 point shooters. Spread the floor and play up tempo style.
  9. Yori Resigns Amid Investigation

    You could be the next great rapper
  10. Jake Hammond Transferring

    Oregon 5 years ago was Nebraska. Now look at them. If miles can't get to 18 wins next year. My thoughts are Aloha. We are no better then doc days at this point.
  11. Jake Hammond Transferring

    The dude needed about 30 pounds on him For him to be effective in a power conference. You can develop all you want but he needed size. That's eating and the weight room.
  12. Recruiting Bigs

    While Hammond maybe tall. He's stick figure that needs about 30 more pounds to be effective down low.
  13. GT: Minnesota at Nebraska - 8PM CT - BTN

    Looking good since the last timeout
  14. GT: Minnesota at Nebraska - 8PM CT - BTN

    Interesting. Huskers starting the game with there scoring issues. 4 points 5 mins.