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  1. Ok....go on record.....are we done???

    This loss is just what the doctor ordered. This is still a division champion caliber team and that tough playing despite all of the obstacles of yesterday proved it.
  2. Screw you complainers

    Hey now, TIME OUT!.... My only complaint is that we let a highly pressured, slightly frazzled, and poor time managing BYU team regroup not once, BUT TWICE in the final seconds of the game.. Doesn't make me give up on the team or Riley.. It makes me frustrated.
  3. ***Predict the BYU Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Nebraska 37 B.Y.U. 25 225 Rushing 220 Passing
  4. Bo's Hires vs. Riley's Hires By the Numbers

    If it took firing Bo to get rid of the two weakest links John Papuchis and Tim Beck (In that order) on the coaching staff then so be it. Bo was all about himself anyway.
  5. Kansas State coach? That's a great get! In the very least we know Bill Snyder can say the word "Mentor" correctly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcHMMHL-tP8
  6. I'm sure despite this rant there are still plenty of "Bolievers" buying up all the Youngstown State garb online and willing to genuflect to S his D if the opportunity should arise.
  7. Mike Riley's Staff

    and I don't know about you, but that one coach from OSU doesn't sound like such a bad pick up.
  8. Mike Riley's Staff

    Keep that half rate Oregon State defensive coordinator away from this football team.
  9. #11 With a five star added by Riley.
  10. 14 Seasons of Conference championship drought at OSU and a waning Win/Loss record.. What is this hire?
  11. The Sock Puppet Rides!

    I smell BS.... on the "wheels down" story.
  12. The Sock Puppet Rides!

    Kenny Bell said nothing, it was a fan page.
  13. Anyone Watching flights?

    If the University was willing to spend several million dollars to hire Tressel, don't you think they might send the private jet to Youngstown?
  14. Anyone Watching flights?

    Is it just me, or does this all seem slightly obsessive?
  15. This year's defense

    After four games I must say that I am very impressed with the intensity and emerging talent on the defensive side of the ball. With that being said, I have been and continue to be completely unimpressed with the Defensive play calling of John Papuchis. I find myself often wondering if he is fit to coach a high school team and if he could get any job on his own merit instead of because he is friends with Bo.