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  1. Bleedin'BigRed

    Helu starting for the Redskins

    Congrats to Helu Jr. Couldn't go to a more deserving guy, I'll be watching him play pro-ball every chance I get. Now, if we could just get Phillip Dillard a starting shot...
  2. Bleedin'BigRed

    Game ball goes to...

    ^^This. He had an awesome game, can't wait to see what this kid does in the NFL!
  3. Bleedin'BigRed

    Kenny Bell - Blue Shirt

    I agree. If he's getting games like this in as a freshman, I can't wait to see him and Jamal Turner when they're juniors/seniors.
  4. Bleedin'BigRed

    Game announcers

    Rather these guys than Kirk Herbstreit and Brett Pussburger any day.
  5. Bleedin'BigRed

    Jared Crick's condition

    Sad day in Huskerland... And the news comes out on my b-day, what kind of birthday gift is this Bo?!
  6. Bleedin'BigRed

    Good for T-mart

    I don't think he was ever really "bad" to begin with. I just think they kept sticking him into offensive schemes that were not his area, whereas tonight he proved he's a very capable option QB.
  7. Bleedin'BigRed

    What did we learn???

    I think we all learned that the option still looks DAMN good for Nebraska, and that Martinez is the perfect kid to run it. It's amazing to watch him actually blast holes for 10 yards when he knows where he's supposed to run, as opposed to dancing/scrambling in the backfield on busted plays and getting sacked. On a second note, I didn't learn a thing about Burkhead and David. I already knew those two are the hardest playing Huskers on the field, and will always give it their all for the win.
  8. Bleedin'BigRed

    Game Ball goes to...

    David! That one snatch from Miller changed the entire tone of the game for Nebraska.
  9. Bleedin'BigRed

    Crick vs. the All-Time Nebraska Sack Record

    You guys are going to jinx him with all this "records" talk...
  10. Bleedin'BigRed

    Bo says Brion Carnes number 2 QB

    ^^Hear, hear!
  11. Bleedin'BigRed

    Niles Paul

    Regardless of what others say of him, I have nothing but high hopes for Niles Paul to do well in the combine, and to be well recieved into a professional football program. The kid gave us Nebraska fans 3 solid years of starts, and despite his let downs, also had his moments of greatness (that 100 yard kickoff return for a TD against OSU that I got to see live in Stillwater this last year will always reside in my memory of Paul ). Again, regardless of what you all say of him, or any other Husker who dedicated 4 years to the Nebraska football program, I will always wish their success at the next level.
  12. Bleedin'BigRed

    Welcome to Danny Woodhead's world

    Great little article. To think a playmaker like that could've had a place on the Cornhuskers. Ah well, hindsight is 20/20 I guess. As someone who hates the Patriots, I legitimately hope that he does awesome and gets to the Super Bowl this year.
  13. Bleedin'BigRed

    T-Mart officially gone

    Well, like everyone else so far, I nearly crapped myself when I read the title of the thread and clicked on it. Very sneaky As far as the game, I don't see much. Especially if the same Crick from the Big 12 championship shows up for this one, he'll be having Locker for lunch. Next, I think our secondary's seniors, realing obviously that this is their last game, will be playing a lot harder, so we may be seeing much more aggressive man to man. Which is awesome, I love watching Prince and Hagg bottle up recievers. As for offense, I'd personally love to see Zac Lee get to play out the bowl game and lead the Huskers in his last game there.
  14. Bleedin'BigRed

    Your Favorite 2010 Husker Game

    I voted for Oklahoma State, because Martinez and Paul had an awesome game... Plus, I actually got to see it in person.
  15. Bleedin'BigRed

    Mangino as OC?

    Haha, why is suggesting Gill as an OC any more crazy than Leach? Despite his whole getting fired controversy, does anyone here realistically think that the dude would take up an assistant coaching position after 9 winning seasons at Texas Tech?