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  1. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Big get. Athletic and deep threat speed. Should get a decent ratings bump.
  2. S Aashari Crosswell

    They do but are on a 2 year probation due to playing ineligible players. He ended up transferring to Long Beach Poly.
  3. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    Mute All False Speculation........
  4. QB Max Duggan

    That's the exact same way many feel down there about Nebraska. Just substitute the "hot as hell" part to it being "cold as hell" in thr winter months.
  5. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Obviously hasn't recommited yet, but he's now a composite 4 star now.
  6. Elijah Blades heading to JUCO

    I wish him all the best and accomplishes all of his personal goals. The short term blow is there but by the time he becomes D1 eligible, our DB room will be really good.
  7. ** 2017 Opponent Previews: Wisconsin (Game 6) **

    I can't help but feel that WI is being over hyped this season. They'll be good and do the stuff that Wisconsin does, we know that. However, they lost their two top RBs, an All-American left tackle, two all-conference DBs, a 1st round draft pick OLB and a 3rd round draft pick OLB. . So yeah, lots of senior leadership and returning starters, but they lost some talent. They're still gonna be good and I have no problem looking at them as favorites in the West, but lets be reasonable about going undefeated. Couldn't have said it better.
  8. Sure but the other side of being ready to play is not being sloppy/mistake prone, but I'm on your side of the ledger.
  9. Not trying to dis Northwestern but the results of the games are significantly more about us playing poorly than them playing well. They could say the same thing. It's a matter of perception. That's the way Oregon views itself vs NU last year. How many of you would be willing to attest to that? Not really. Doesn't take much to look at the stats and see we mostly killed ourselves. 2011 - The one time they actually "beat" us. Out-gained us by 50 yards. Managed to win by 3 points. 2012 - We only won by 1 point thanks to three turnovers (to their 0) but we out-gained them 543-301. 2013 - It took the Hail Mary to win but we again out-gained them 472-326. Killed ourselves with 4 turnovers 2014 - Finally played a good game and beat them by 21 2015 - We out-gained them by 40 despite letting a freshman QB run for 126 yards which was about a third of his total for the year. Lost the turnover battle and the game. 2016 - Beat them by two scores despite fumbling twice inside the 10. Totally agree AND in that '11 game Burkhead, who regularly had sure hands, fumbled on NW's 5. Ironically, as you mentioned, Nebraska lost by 3. Oh and in '15 Tommy threw a pick 6.
  10. Some taking them for granted but mostly sloppy play imo. Taking them for granted? How about Pat Fitzgerald just knows how to put a competitive group on the field? Christ almighty, taking them for granted would be something a great team does. Literally nothing Nebraska has accomplished warrants that mindset. It's time for the fans to stop using that as an excuse. If you have a loss to Purdue in the last 10 years. You can't take anyone for granted. Or else you're an idiot. As Mav said, not trying to diss NW BUT many times Nebraska rested on their name(or their perception of the opponent) and didn't come ready to play. Don't have to be a great or even good team to overestimate the other team. I agree that Nebraska isn't in the position to overlook an opponent, but their losses against NW gave been largely self inflicted.
  11. OT Cade Beresford

  12. QB Max Duggan

    Wiltfong CB to Nebraska.
  13. CBSSports: Picking Big Ten Win Total Over/Unders

    TA's passing and decision making were questionable, but he was a powerful runner who could make something happen when protection broke down. We had a massive drop off in performance last year after TA's injury. I am not convinced Tanner Lee will be an improvement. He has to be a better passer, but an unproven QB from Tulane is not guaranteed to make the offense better. IMO, the key is how well the O-line protects Lee.I agree the O line will be important (it always is) but I think having the right type of QB alone should make them look much better. TA struggled with quick hit passes, outs, screens, well basically any throw except for the yolo bomb. Pretty tough for a pass first offense to be productive in that situation. I may just being hopeful but I think a QB who can make the reads and throws this offense seems to demand will be a game changer for everything including the O line. For as shaky as the OL has been at times, there have been numerous instances where Tommy felt pressure when there wasn't enough warrant scrambling. Often he'd needlessly gave up on a play to scramble or was afraid to hang in a less than clean pocket to deliver a pass without throwing off his back foot. Most QBs would love a clean pocket but that's not always the reality. The ability to slide, step up or keep his eyes on the field were things he struggled with. Also his propensity to opt for deeper routes rather than allow more shallow routes to develop was maddening, especially if he used better pocket footwork.
  14. ***2018 Recruiting***

    If I'm tracking this right, our 2 safeties could be Tutt & Griffith. In an ideal world based on this weekend (doubt it'll happen), We could close out the class with the following with board with only the OTs being unknown. Would anyone be that upset? That said this is a 19/20 person class, might be too high. QB - 0 RB - 1 = Pledger WR - 4 = Allen, Moore, Brown, Smith TE - 1 = Jurgens OT - 1-2 = Stratford, Traore OG/C - 1= Will Farniok NT - 1 = Mapieu DE - 2 = Wildeman, Culpepper LB - 1 = Parsons CB - 3 = Bookie, WIlliams, Goodrich S - 2 = Tutt, Griffith K -1 = Pickering If anybody was anything but ecstatic about a class like that, get out. Still have a hard time seeing Parsons sign with us, and maybe it's just me but I see Tutt as a pure corner and Goodrich as a safety. can we find a way to fit Hufanga in? Surprised no one is really talking about him. Seems we are sitting well and he is one of the most talented players on our board imo. He will always have a spot if he wants N.