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  1. Remaining 2017 Season Predictions

    Agree. 3-4 fits Nebraska's needs from a local talent pool, it's just the current passive scheme that's the issue.
  2. Bill Moos named AD

    You're not.
  3. Fire Cavanaugh

    Agree with the OP. MC needs to be sent packing in the interm.
  4. DE Micah Parsons

    A guy like him would've been extremely helpful today in getting to Herbert.
  5. LB Jaelan Phillips [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    I think they are in for a long year. Run defense is suspect. Rosen will probably want to get out of ucla healthy.
  6. Ohio state vs Indiana

    Caught that didn't you?
  7. Ohio state vs Indiana

    There it is
  8. Ohio state vs Indiana

    Agree. Glad they're someone else's problem. Dobbins has been one the few positives for OSU's offense.
  9. Ohio state vs Indiana

    Gotta imagine IU's offense was difficult to prepare for, and they seem to always play OSU tough. If Lagow keeps it up watch out. Defense has looked good too.
  10. Ohio state vs Indiana

    IU gonna be a tough out for teams on their schedule, should they keep improving.
  11. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    That's the word.
  12. S Aashari Crosswell

    I'm sure you've heard, but it's still a possibility right now. Also, Crosswell is bringing his mother.
  13. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Big get. Athletic and deep threat speed. Should get a decent ratings bump.
  14. S Aashari Crosswell

    They do but are on a 2 year probation due to playing ineligible players. He ended up transferring to Long Beach Poly.