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  1. JUCO DT Tony Fair

    Pretty much
  2. ATH Nolan Groulx

    That is the reason he decomitted from Wisconsin. Really think he'll stay in the ACC/SEC foorprint.
  3. Pretty good spot for Frost. Only gonna go up.
  4. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    UF hasn't been great either. That said I except him to go south. I'd choose Mullen over whatever is going on at LSU.
  5. QB Michael Johnson, Jr.

  6. RB Thomas Grayson [Nebraska Commit]

    Very true on conditioning, and it's another reason him coming so late isn't ideal. He will get worked into the rotation though. Yes he'll be behind but it will be a work in progress.
  7. RB Thomas Grayson [Nebraska Commit]

    Agree RB is the easiest positions to make an earlier impact. Frost's system is far easier for a RB to pick up than Langsdorf's. While its not ideal for Washington to show up as late as he will, there will be opportunities to make his mark.
  8. WR Mycah Pittman

    He strikes me as a kid that wants to do his own thing(Not going to USC), but prefers to stay on the WC.
  9. RB Rahmir Johnson [Nebraska Commit]

    I think the biggest thing Frost wants is versatility. Having RBs that can split out wide and WRs that can take handoffs. These type of abilities allow the scheme to work without a lot of substitutions and truly make everyone a threat to move the ball. I also agree that three RBs this cycle are ok, if it's Grayson, Johnson and Bivens. This systems spreads the carries out and not one back gets a lionshare. Taking three would allow Held to invest in swinging for a top 100-150 type player in '20.
  10. JUCO LB Jermaine Johnson

    Would be unfortunate but Johnson would be a really nice get.
  11. JUCO WR Jaron Woodyard [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Been going on for far too long.
  12. RB Rahmir Johnson [Nebraska Commit]

    I feel if Frost had been recruiting JJB before the December, he would've signed with NU in the early signing period. The only reason Ohio State offered(In January) was because Emory Jones flipped to UF, and it opened up a scholarship.
  13. RB Rahmir Johnson [Nebraska Commit]

    It's why you maximize and try to sign them in the early signing period.
  14. JUCO OT Kadeem Telfort

    Would really like this one.