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  1. I know, for me, it's not so much the ROI on Frost but what we'd need to pay to attract a quality coach. Mainly because his and his predecessor's shortcomings. I had no idea Kelly was making as much as he is but unlike Nebraska, Notre Dame has the leverage we don't. If for whatever reason Notre Dame and Kelly decided to part ways, there'd be no shortage of very good to elite candidates lining up to interview. The other two are at places that don't have the expectations that come with being the head coach at Nebraska. I feel if Nebraska were to offer in the area of Patterson's salary we'd get someone that could get the job done.
  2. Nebraska being in the West cannot be understated. A competent coach/staff would have this team in the top 15 and well in the thick of a division title. Honestly, if we were coached well we absolutely have the talent to beat everyone on in the West but here we are. Had Frost been better at his job and done this, he'd be looking at another extension imo. The next coach that wins the West will get paid handsomely because the program is so starved for that type of success. We can say this or that coach won't come to Nebraska but I have yet to see Nebraska put together an aggressive deal; I don't consider Frost's initial deal one because they spread money out over several years. If the brass offers north of what Frost is making believe there will be quality coaches that would seriously listen. About the division, a coach should look at the situation and feel pretty good about their prospects. Iowa, for as good as a season they are having, is benefiting from a soft schedule and hasn't proven they can put together back to back division winning seasons. Northwestern will always have to deal with academic restrictions that will limit their talent pool. Illinois will be up and down but steady. Minnesota will have to replace a lot after this year and I personally haven't been moved by Fleck's recruiting. Wisconsin, by virtue of their style, has a hard ceiling. They continue to struggle signing difference makers at skill positions (WR and QB - Mertz was gift which of it doesn't go well they can forget signing someone of his caliber out of HS while Chryst is there again) as well as defensive back. For as much as they've done, they are getting close to being "if they haven't done it by now, when are they going to"; They have a couple of more years imo. Nebraska is still good job, not to be mistaken for a great job. There is not a team on our side of the ledger with the resources, fan support, right mixture of academics, media pull(Though they make fun of us they still bother to check for us and are waiting for us to be good again). Can't say none of this for any other program in the West. It's just sad Frost has fumbled this so badly. Sorry if TLDR...
  3. Not sure of Alberts would consider him, and he's a bit of a character, but I'd throw whatever I could at him....Should there be a decision to move on of course. He'd be a really good hire imo. He'd spare no expense recruiting the best talent he can get, has a nice offensive scheme proving to be a very good offensive mind while having gone up against some of the beat coaches in CFB. Most years he will be out of the division race before it even begins at Ole Miss. At Nebraska, he'll have his chances more often than not. All said, it's not up to me obviously. Time will tell.
  4. Shaw wasn't leaving Stanford. Whittingham....Absolutely would've taken the job had we paid up. I say that because Utah ended up bumping up his salary to 2.6 million per year after there was communication with Nebraska. Riley started out at 2.9 million. I feel pretty confident if the brass would've offered north of 3 million he would've jumped. He's good with OL and and is a DL/LB guy at heart which is needed in the B1G. Where Riley is a QB centric coach as is Frost. Again I know there is the possibility that they didn't want to payout more than what they did to start Riley but Whittingham is now making the same per year as Frost he has a lot more to show for it. Bingo
  5. Ok so maybe it wasn't solely about being a nice guy(Even though it played large factor) but based off of going after BB first as it is pointed out, you have to question how intentful the search actually was. It seemed like it was going to be a Wisconsin inspired hire, which may or may not have been the best approach. Eichorst spent almost the same amount of time in Wisconsin's Athletic Department as Bielema was the coach for the Badgers and as Chryst was BB's OC, who spent a bit of time under Riley. Riley also was highly recommended from Alvarez as well. I can think of another Pac-12 HC that would've taken the Nebraska job after Bo was fired but wasn't offered enough money to pull the trigger. There was contact with the Athletic Dep. He uses a system that could've fit Armstrong (Dispite my disdain for him as a QB) and the other Pelini recruited talent much better than trying to implement a pro style offense. He also only had only 2 losing seasons out 10 up to that point with some 10 win seasons and a BCS bowl win. So to me money absolutely is a factor when in a coaching search and can be used accordingly to attract a quality coach with proven success, not based off an upset here or there with all due respect. It very well could've been that that's all they could afford but because of that we have been paying for it the last several years. Just my couple of cents.
  6. True about Beliema but you have to wonder what sort of offer was on the table. My point was Nebraska, as we know, comes with its set of challenges (and baggage) that one doesn't have to deal with at a place like Arkansas or Illinois and because of that you have to offer more, a lot more, than 4 million a year that BB was making at Arkansas. There are obvious jobs I wouldn't leave for a Nebraska program that is still unstable. Wanting to be somewhere is only as relevant to what you get in return with most jobs. As for Riley, Coaching or a profession in any industry, the lack of results will get you fired no matter if you are the swellest person on the planet.
  7. This is where I'm at. Should a decision be made to move on from the current staff, Nebraska will absolutely be able to get a quality head coach and staff. They will just have to open the pocketbook (Probably overpaying but getting it right will pay itself back) and for the right price most will listen, just up to the brass to make it happen. They'd have new facilities, a massive yet passionate fanbase and a division that you'll be able out recruit most year; With the notion that they'd earn of lot of a goodwill if said coach won that same division, which you don't have to be spectacular to do so - If we were better coached we'd possibly be a top 15 team right now with a distinct possibility to win the West. We ended up with Mike Riley because the administration tied itself to MR out the gate to be an anti Pelini.....and our AD was an idiot.
  8. Agreed. This game will make or break the season imo
  9. Hate to hear it but they aren't as dangerous without him. Really hurts their division titles hopes imo.
  10. Yep. The moment to hire him would've been after Pelini.
  11. Uses a power spread that can attract skill. I have no desire to employ a pro style scheme. Plus his buyout is relatively low compared to what it would be at a P5 school. I don't believe he's ever been outside of the south but he could be OK with not dealing with the grind of the SEC. Plus the opportunity at Nebraska is just waiting for someone to step up. I think NIL could factor in too. Long way to go but I absolutely think this would be the way to go.
  12. I'd take either in a heartbeat.
  13. Sad thing about it is the head man has leveraged his offense being the core of the program....and it's failing miserably.
  14. After this press conference, I don't know how you come back from what was said. That was awful.
  15. Right. If you are seeing little to no improvement in minute details, what would a 5th year do to change this. It doesn't take 5 years to see even marginal improvements.
  16. This right here. He's used to dealing with a rabid fanbase, an administration/boosters that have high expectations(higher than ours) competing in the toughest division in college football with a juggernaut of a rival just a short drive away. All while never missing a bowl and winning that toughest division twice. By nature Nebraska will generally out recruit its west counterparts, so the biggest items will be getting the team to not beat itself and playing sound football. Gus, or anyone for that matter, comes it and wins a division, they will have built up so much goodwill that give them quite a bit of job security; In Gus' case he couldn't get even after what he did on the plains in Auburn. That said, there still a full season to play out so everything will be what it will be. It's just that today was very inexcusable and completely preventable.
  17. Yep. I think it starts a 6 year period with Michigan being the constant crossover from the east, with OSU being a part of the schedule some years like you mentioned. Wisconsin will get OSU for 6 straight years. It's interesting you mention '24. Both Nebraska and Wisconsin have Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State.
  18. They usually are peaking in the last 4th of the season. If they are actually a good team. Their OL has its chemistry down and they are settled in at RB if they have something.
  19. They usually start slow and are peaking toward the end of the season. Just because of how they are built. This is why, as a team, you need to have adequate depth. Especially in the Front 7 ('12 CCG should be a reminder). That said, they could be 1-2 for September with an important game with Michigan to begin October with conference standing implications.
  20. Not stressing here. I was done with him once he blamed Nebraska fans as a reason he eliminated the Huskers. I get being turned off by a losing record on the field or wanting to experience something else but acting like we were the reason when it was clearly something else (ASU) was lame as hell.
  21. He never seemed overly interested in a northern school sans OSU.
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