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  1. No it is showing me the old tab for some reason.
  2. Hey Mav! I can't see the new updated standings. I hate asking you to fix it because you do so much for this page. Thank You for everything you do.
  3. Add Michigan, Alabama, and Oregon http://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/topic/82601-ath-isaiah-williams/&do=findComment&comment=1858191
  4. https://twitter.com/_TheJoshuaMoore/status/883436097547649025
  5. Looks like Georgia is favorite to land him now.
  6. So basically he just stated his Top 5 are Ohio State, Nebraska, Penn State, Florida State and Miami.
  7. I live in the Scottsbluff and Gering area and graduated with his brother. He has a very athletic family and I believe he will be a very good player!
  8. http://www.eightlaces.com/source-tj-pledger-visit-nebraska-weekend/
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