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  1. This young man can break the opponents ankles.. something we've not seen since Ameer. I'm excited to see how he develops. As for the recruiting talent. I think it's been said and it's something I agree with. Just win. Winning will attract winners. Of which, not all are 4 & 5 star recruits.
  2. *The Karen* says Welcome to your knew home. Awesome news!!
  3. lol... seriously? If any post is an attack it would be yours!! Mine in no context was an attack so really... why not you follow your own advice! Name calling is rather childish. Also very indicative of an abuser!
  4. Really? So if he was your son you'd deny him the enjoyment of a once in a lifetime occurrence? Rather selfish of you!! No coach, No Parent, No Fan base should ever deny a player to enjoy the process. Rather all should support the young man in his adventure and hope he makes the best decision based on his experience and guidance both from the parents and the staffs of the uni of choice. My hope is, he takes every trip he can. Why, because once he announces well... his travels (for pure pleasure) will be at his dollar. Enjoy the process young man!! Be Safe, Be Smart but have fun and enjoy it!
  5. I personally don't see them being better than (or is it then, i think than as in comparison but we are talking also about time so it would be then, sticking with than) a 6-6 record. Absolutely can't see Northwestern winning 7 games this year.
  6. Wishing the best for him. Hope he finds success in everything he does. Most of all, I hope he stays healthy and finds peace in his decision but now, now we move on and move forward.
  7. Butts in seats = dollars to local venders. Local venders going bankrupt and losing their livelihood would devastate the university and the city. Therefore, to think Moos is not doing everything possible to place butts in the the seat is simply a false thought.
  8. It saddens me so much knowing that racism still exists today. Racism rooted so deep within our pasts that I don't know if it will ever end. Hate creates Hate and to many people prefer to hate. Such a sad fact! Here's hoping Iowa and every university out there that is suffering this intolerance of evil can rise above the hate and openly change. Flesh alone can't heal the wounds!
  9. So, with exclusion of sports, theaters and bars closed, parks closed and my Rosie's becoming more dried out and chapped by the day I'm beginning to fully understand Dr. Suess.



    Dr. Seuss Golden Years Poem

    I cannot see

    I cannot pee

    I cannot chew

    I cannot screw

    My memory shrinks

    My hearing stinks

    No sense of smell

    I look like hell

    My body’s drooping

    Have trouble pooping

    The Golden Years have come at last

    The Golden Years can kiss my a$$


    1. Toe


      That's one of the most weak-a$$ attempts at imitating Dr. Seuss's style I've ever seen.

  10. Any ideas if nebraska is still targeting this guy. His film is impressive.
  11. I'm so excited for this young man. What a story this will be. Yes "will" not "might". I believe this kid has the heart, the desire, the fortitude and the courage to face the challenges lying ahead and the humility to ask for help in achieving his goals. I anxiously await his story. It's going to be GREAT!
  12. @teachercd until it's manipulated in one way or another. In many instances its the "Haves" that benefit while the "Have nots" are more deserving. Sports in general is a very good example. I've seen and heard of the scenario where coachs are forced to start lesser players because parents of the lesser players have put thousands of dollars into the athlete thru select sports. (baseball, volleyball, softball, basketball) Parents believe they should have a voice in their child's sport because they've (the haves) spent thousands on their child's development. The parents feet feel their child should start even if the better athlete who isn't in select sports (parents can't afford it, the have nots) is more deserving.
  13. Or... Like many schools, end the elitist tradition of having to boast on 2 students. Val's & Sal's post HS accomplishments rarely result in more success then other class members. Sometimes, yes but that is not the norm. As a community we frown on "Look At Me or Look At My Accomplishments" boasts so why do we promote that agenda with our youth?
  14. Welcome to the Fam Damily Mr. Hardy.. No better place then N!!
  15. lol.. you expecting Armageddon? Hell, by now you have enough stock piled to actually use it to barter with when the world collapses and all any of us want is to get drunk and pass out.
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