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    CB Gabe Nealy

    Cincinnati leads but we are a "very strong" second.
  2. WR Michael Jackson - USC HS_Coach_C,CMorSkers,Mavric,runningblind
  3. Definitely agree here. The only thing I would add is I will be interested to see what he does in college. I'm not scout and I have basically no experience watching high-end D1 prospects in high school. But I was surprised that he didn't stand out to me a little more during the state tournament this year. I did miss the second half of the one game where he apparently went off. But in the other five halves I watched, I really wouldn't have taken special note of him if I didn't know he was a huge recruit. I guess I just expected to see more take-over from the (now) #11 player in the country. To my eye, Saint Thomas made a lot more plays in those games. And I'm not sure how a five-star guard with three other D1 players on the floor can't find a way to get his team to score a single point for the last four minutes of a state championship game.
  4. One guy can change a program. Unfortunately I don't think he will be that guy for us...
  5. But not for long .... apparently ....
  6. WR Jaedon Wilson - Arkansas Mavric,HS_Coach_C,CMorSkers,seaofred92,Branno,Young Grand Island Husker,Snowbird,SouthLincoln Husker,runningblind
  7. We've added two guys who were one-time scholarship offers as walk-ons. Not sure if either will end up contributing much but those are great options.
  8. And Warner. I knew I was forgetting someone.
  9. Sill working on finishing up classwork so wouldn't be here (or anywhere) until July (probably).
  10. I don't really know where they like Bootle better. But our safety depth really took a hit last year when Deontai Williams went down. I would think Williams and Dismuke would have the safety spots taken care of pretty well. If they stay healthy and get any help behind them for depth, we should be in good shape. Of course, with CTB and Joseph plus Clark and anyone else, we should be in pretty good shape at corner as well. So Bootle might be able to float a bit.
  11. As @Comish said, at this point I'd be pretty much shocked if he's back. But Omar, Wan'Dale, Betts, Brown and Fleming should make for a good core group.
  12. ATH Daylan Carnell - Missouri Mavric,Young Grand Island Husker,HS_Coach_C,runningblind
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