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  1. Believe it or not there was some good. We were beaten pretty much across the board however at most positions we were not completely out matched outside of about 3 or 4 positions that are complete black holes. That’s not going to cut vs a top 5 team, but this is probably the least talented team Nebraska has ever had in our lifetime and Rhule to even be 2 and 2 coming into this game is pretty good
  2. We ended the game on a 7-0 run coulda had them if we had more time!
  3. Like I said have your mom read it to you if you cant
  4. Screw this team didn’t even show up complete no show
  5. Defense got a stop but you got to wonder if Michigan pumped the brakes
  6. Wasn’t expecting to win but thought the Defense would play better
  7. More impressed with the offense then defense right now minus Cochran. Replace him with a good lineman and we Actually have a reasonable line
  8. Not impressed at all with the defense
  9. We have well below average talent as what we should expect. Our line is nowhere close to where it needs to be. We are down to our 3 string running back. We have a walk on back up qb and no deep threat right now with wr. We still need to clean up some penalties and yet old school football and the option is working
  10. Old school football still works and so does the option
  11. Yeah and actually la tech as well. However bs penalties hurt us otherwise the score looks a bit better
  12. Grammar critics is what is always used in forums when someone has nothing to say. Thank you for your time
  13. I wouldn’t run the option like the academies don’t think anyone thinks that. I wouldn’t even run like Osborn did with almost a 3rd of the offense being the option. I would run the option a little more like solich as a speed option but I would only run it 10-15% of the time. I think rhule had a nice balance of when he uses it. Run it just enough to make teams have to prepare for it and run it just well enough we can even run it to the short side of the field. I would still revolve my offense around the power running game, and I would make up the difference of running the option less by passing more than we did back in the day and I would sprinkle in some trick plays. Until we get better in the passing game we will have to run it more. We don’t have to be an option team to have it be part of our identity, but I was reading an article it was talking about the old school is the now new school. A lot of the coaches and teams don’t even know how to prepare for the option as well as they use to and it was very difficult even when we did run it all the time and they would prepare for it every year they had to play us. Plus kids these days aren’t as disciplined as they were 30 years ago. Not advocating we should do what we did 30 years ago but it could be a part of what we do, but we will see what Rhule does with it. Right now it looks like it’s what’s working. We have basically a walk on backup qb, our top two running backs out, young wr and no downfield threat and a very shaky offensive line especially on the left side yet he is still managing to put out on the field a reasonable offense. Running the option has been a big part of that far under HH it has been our best play, I’m actually pretty impressed with what Rhule is doing considering what he has to work with. There’s a lot of potential here and we can certainly build on it
  14. I’m not saying we are there yet it’s just the foundation. It’s a ways to go before we get a skyscraper. Nothing wrong with having the qb having a lot of rushing yds we won 3 natty”s doing that
  15. Yeah it was literally the single dumbest thing I have ever seen from a qb in my life. Literally blows the whole butt fumble thing away for me. After everything that has gone on HH playing competently then you come in and that’s the first thing you do. He should be behind our 2nd string qb at This point and should only see the field at the end on games in blowouts
  16. That’s the building blocks right there.
  17. I learned Raiola will be unemployed by the end of the season
  18. We beat la tech by only 2 tds if you mean back to sucking I agree
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