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  1. Gabe’s injury happened on that last meaningless drive didn’t it?
  2. Case in point. There were plenty of very fair criticisms and questions about the Rhule hire and his subsequent staff hires that were met with this exact kind of histrionic response.
  3. No kidding. There was plenty of slobbering over Rhule these last 9 months.
  4. Same stuff new smock. Absolutely nothing was materially different than Frost. Rhule is a snake oil salesman. Trev got duped.
  5. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.
  6. We’ll be sure to skim it while we show you how to save it as a PDF after resetting your router for you.
  7. Following up that one 9 win season by fielding the most lifeless Neb team since the moon landing probably has something to do with it too. It’s almost like context matters and one 9 win season doesn’t outweigh the death spiral he put this program in.
  8. Right. When life starts to return to normal, folks will spend more and put less towards savings. This isn’t the elaborate “gotcha” that it’s being made out to be.
  9. Good points. Context matters. When a pandemic interrupts normal spending habits, the folks with the means to do so are of course going to put it towards savings. Prior to the Covid spike saving trends appear very stagnated. The giant spike in 2020 wasn’t the result of some illustrious Trump policy. It was because there weren’t any T Swift concerts or Amalfi coast trips to go on.
  10. If you wanna talk obsession, check out the All Buffs board and browse thru their several hundred page thread dedicated to us.
  11. My heart wanted to vote 6. I think 6 wins are there (and have been there for years.) But my head says 2 wins. I’m just not convinced this staff or roster can get us to a bowl this year.
  12. - NY was for his actions prior to his presidency. - Georgia and J6 were for his actions as a sitting President. - Documents was for his actions after his term as President ended. Before, during and after. No one forced him to do these things. They are all of his own making and all could have been avoided with even a modicum of critical thought. You either see him for what he is and vote accordingly. Or you continue to mental gymnastic your way to thinking that the most obvious con man to ever live is somehow fit for office.
  13. Whew. Settling a $4 million discrimination lawsuit out of court and a gambling scandal all within 6 months! Is this the Iowa Way, Kirk?
  14. For being the conference eggheads, NW sure seems to be full of morons.
  15. We’re a few weeks out from a new era, and relitigating the past is generally useless. But for what it’s worth… One of my favorite dad-isms is “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” You look at Scott’s coaching career and it’s kind of a lot of… smooth sailing. Did he really have to sweat it out as a WR coach or OC at Oregon to develop players? Did he really have to pay attention to the details and instill discipline at UCF so he could win games by doing the small things correctly? He never really had to cut his teeth on his various coaching stops. He never really had to hone his craft. He was almost always surrounded by a lot of talent. Taking a step back, it’s a lot easier to understand why it didn’t work out. Parts of it are still inexplicable, but as a whole it’s kinda obvious. As a head coach he was wildly unrefined. His previous coaching gigs did not prepare him for the complete rebuild that Neb needed when he was hired. I believe that he thought he was working hard, because compared to his Oregon and UCF days… he probably was. There’s two moments from his tenure that stick out to me. The presser after the 2020 Rutgers game where he looked like a wholly defeated man. Just completely somber. After a victory no less. You can see the job absolutely wore on him. And then the sideline after the Martinez fumble against Michigan in 2021. To me that’s not the look of a man who didn’t care or was checked out. It’s the look of a man who does not know how to fix what he was hired to fix.
  16. As am I. Especially with USC and UCLA starting out as full members. https://www.nj.com/rutgersfootball/2022/07/usc-ucla-will-receive-full-big-ten-revenue-share-before-rutgers-heres-why.html?outputType=amp It’s still light years ahead of what Neb received upon joining the conference.
  17. Wonder if they’ll get full member shares right away or if they’ll jerk em around for half a decade like Neb
  18. If we can get back to respectability, I think FSU would develop into a really fun rivalry. Oregon and Washington don’t do much for me one way or another. Clemson would be kinda fun. I hate Miami more than any other school. The atmosphere in LNK during that 2014 game was absolutely crazy, so part of me would enjoy that regularly. But another part of me wants nothing to do with that school.
  19. McNamara was a good pickup for them but I think keeping him and Petras healthy is going to be a significant concern. Both had injuries that required surgery, and Padilla hit the portal. I think Iowa is replacing a couple OL as well. There’s a scenario where they get down to their third string very quickly.
  20. About a year ago I was going down a YouTube rabbit hole of Neb games and I stumbled upon that 2015 Wis game. I remember that we lost but for the life of me I couldn’t remember how. I watched the end of that game and genuinely got sick to my stomach. Just absolutely staggering the way this program has found ways to lose games.
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