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  1. Yes, definitely seems weird. Could even back our way into a bowl at 5-7. I also have a difficult time believing a statement one way or another would prove calming. Either Trev says “Scott will stay on as our coach” and half the fan base freaks out. Or Trev says “Scott will not be our coach” and the other half freaks out.
  2. I’m sorry, could you repeat your honest question?
  3. Undefeated and probably top ten. That’s what makes me sick to my stomach about all this. It’s all been within reach this entire season.
  4. It’s definitely not an apples to apples comparison. My broader point is adjusting a handful of staff members can have a positive impact, and at the moment I would prefer trying to do that instead of blowing it up.
  5. Like everyone else, I’ve been marinating on the thought of firing/keeping Frost these past few weeks. Some days I say blow it up, some days I say keep him. Ultimately, I keep coming back to the question, “Are the shortcomings of this staff so irredeemable, that blowing it up entirely is the only option?” At this moment, I can’t unequivocally say that it is. While the losses this season have been excruciatingly painful, they’re starkly different than the Callahan, Pelini and Riley losses where Neb was consistently getting outclassed. Blah blah blah moral victories. So I guess I’ve made up my mind that the only way to move forward with Frost is for staff adjustments. Michigan had an abysmal 2020, made several staff adjustments and it’s clearly paid dividends this year. It’s not crazy to think that a new OL coach and the addition of a full time Special Teams Coordinator would result in improved play and wins in 2022. At this point I’d rather try that and see what happens, than venture into the unknown, blow it up, start over, and watch another staff “install their system, get their guys, learn the B1G.”
  6. I’ve said this before in a similar thread, but I think Callahan gets too much unnecessary hate. I believe he genuinely tried his best and it just didn’t work out. I can respect that effort. Conversely, I think Riley and Co had zero intention of ever putting forth a good faith effort. It was simply seen as one last pay day for him and his boys. The whole “nice guy” schtick is a total facade.
  7. If I went into a coma and woke up Dec 1st to hear that Neb won 3 out of 4, I wouldn’t be shocked. “Yeah they’ve been close all year and must’ve finally put it together.” If I woke up to hear that they went 0-4, I also wouldn’t be shocked. “Yeah, they’ve consistently made critical errors at the worst possible moment and are seemingly incapable of ever rising to the occasion.” That’s what makes this season so maddening. It’s all been within the grasp. With the last years of the Riley or Callahan era both teams were getting consistently outclassed and we all pretty much knew it was over for them. This team can absolutely win 3 out of 4. Will they? Almost assuredly not. My gut tells me they go 2-2, with a one score loss and 14+ point loss to OSU. 5-7 again and Trev being in the unenviable position of deciding to blow it up or to give Lucy one more chance to hold the football.
  8. Just my take, but Trev’s public chumminess with Scott seems to indicate he’ll be retained. Trev has also alluded to the Athletic Department having some seemingly internal toxic issues, which would indicate he’s willing to give Scott the benefit of the doubt and retain him for a season where the AD is running more efficiently. Good point.
  9. Michigan looked like a shell of itself in 2020. They revamped the staff and it’s obviously paid dividends this year. A scenario like that seems more digestible to me right now than blowing it up and starting over.
  10. Fickell is probably the only option that would have me excited. The idea of bringing in a no name up and comer and watching him take 3 years to recruit his guys, install his system and learn what the B1G is all about sounds absolutely dreadful.
  11. If I had a choice, I’d prefer to nab a proven HC that has experience at a P5 school, similar to what aTm did with Jimbo Fisher. Gus Malzahn seems to fit that mold about as good as anyone. I’d rather not hire a first time HC. But my dark horse candidate would be Wisconsin’s OC, OL and Associate HC, Joe Rudolph.
  12. Good question. I took it as "Nebraska's Athletic Dept is toxic."
  13. While Lars may be catastrophizing a bit, I think there's definitely some merit to what he's saying. Why is it that Nebraska so consistently has division from within? Why is Nebraska so consistently their own worst enemy? Why are there seemingly so many malcontents at Nebraska? Why do we always tear down our own? Why are there constant leaks, secret audio tapes, rumors and pushing people out of jobs? I think the Trev hire is bigger than maybe we realized. In his opening press conference he constantly referenced unity and trust. Both of those things have clearly been lacking in our Athletic Department for decades. I don't think he's just here to sound good in front of a microphone, he's here to clean up a deep seated mess.
  14. Anyone hearing chatter about Vokolek and Allen?
  15. Yeah he's likely not an every down RB. But if it's midway thru the 4th quarter in a tie ball game against Iowa and it's 3rd and 2 or 4th and 1 at Iowa's 40 yard line... Bring that hoss in.
  16. Guy like that would probably come in handy on third and short or goal line situations.
  17. Losing a reliable kicker is huge. Neb had a string of great kickers for about a decade and was without one in 2019. Can definitely have a ripple effect on an offense.
  18. My favorite line from that link was "Iowa has had its way with Nebraska over the past three seasons. But the three wins have been by a total of just 12 points." Like... what? They've had their way with us in 3 down to the wire losses?
  19. Yeah, we should really do more to make sure children are safe in schools.
  20. Without Fordham, 3 of the first 4 games would've been on the road. The Fordham game provides a chance to stack up some early W's and get recruits here in a great time of year. If it helps us get bowl eligible, so be it. I'll take it at this point. 2015 Iowa played Illinois State, and 2019 Minnesota played South Dakota State, and all I hear about is how big and bad Iowa and Minnesota are.
  21. Agreed. This Simpson's quote comes to mind.
  22. Yeah I kinda just wish he would've said "Nope, not for us" and moved on.
  23. Just found it. Was at the beginning of the game that set up their first TD. I remember seeing a tweet a while back, I'll try and find it, it said something like "Since 2000, only 10 QB's in all of college football have thrown 6 interceptions with less than 80 attempts" and Luke was the most recent inductee to that club. Edit: Here's the tweet
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