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  1. Don’t forget Randy Gregory.
  2. Nvested

    Where Is It OK to Start Walk-Ons?

    Sometimes walk-on’s develop to a much higher level if the stars align and they work well with a coaching staff at the college level. Wasn’t Clay Matthews originally a walk-on at USC?
  3. No link. Just know someone very close to the situation.
  4. Scholarship pulled as of last week. UVA is cooling off. UCLA and Wisconsin are looking into the grades and showing interest. He’s taking a visit to IWCC and most likely going there if no D-1 opportunities pan out.
  5. I heard that Masry did well on his ACT and got to a satisfactory score on the ACT. His high school teachers are confident that he will make grades come May. Sounds like the staff isn’t real interested in rolling the dice to see if he makes it or not. Virginia D-line coach is hot on him saying that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to get him on campus.
  6. Nvested

    Assistants-who do we want?

    ST- Pat McAfee
  7. Nvested

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

    What I figured. I find myself hanging on to every word of Tressel though.
  8. Nvested

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

    theres a link on facebook claiming to be espn saying the tressel is hired as UNL's new head coach. All I've seen is a screenshot of the post. I'll take it to be as real as everything else on facebook. Just more smoke out on the interwebs is my thoughts.
  9. Nvested

    SE's Hiring Process

    My bad.... well so there's that. I'm just bugging out of my head trying to get some grips with all of this madness.
  10. Nvested

    SE's Hiring Process

    Can anyone provide any insight in how it unfolded before Coach Miles was introduced for the basketball program? I know this won't directly reflect the events of the football coach search but, may provide an inkling of an idea.
  11. Nvested

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

    When and where was this taken? Appears to be a fundraiser for Cardinal Mooney High with no bearing here. Link has another photo with Herbstreet. http://www.athleticscholarshipbook.com/links.htm Its gotta be summer time. Kid in the background has his baseball uniform on and a live baseball or softball game on the tv. Not to mention Bo looks burned.... or mad that hes getting his picture taken....darn media
  12. Nvested

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

    I can't even anymore.
  13. Nvested

    Name in the ring

    Seriously though.....
  14. Nvested

    Name in the ring

    Well I better get to work then!
  15. Nvested

    Name in the ring

    How do I go about throwing my hat into the ring for application? I mean why not?