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  1. famoustitles

    Tyjon Lindsey No Longer a Husker

    Mountain man? More like cushlash
  2. famoustitles

    Akron Game Weather

    There’s 0 chance this game gets played. f#&%ing rediculous they didn’t move it up a couple hours. And I don’t care if that would have screwed up fox’s Tv schedule.
  3. famoustitles

    Akron Game Weather

    I don’t think this game will be played.
  4. famoustitles

    Akron Game Weather

    Whether the weather plays a role I don’t know. It looks like it could rain. Which would be a drain.
  5. famoustitles

    NCAA makes UCF’s National Championship official.

    By those standards we have 10 National championships. http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/stats/football_records/2018/FBS.pdf
  6. Just found out Nebraska has 10 National championships. That’s neat. (Around page 114)



  7. famoustitles

    Welcome to Corvallis East

  8. famoustitles

    Will Jackson leaves the team

  9. famoustitles

    BTN Bus Tour

  10. famoustitles

    BTN Bus Tour

  11. famoustitles

    Fall Camp

    Lol at this coming from Utter
  12. famoustitles

    Scott Frost Home Burglarized

    I don’t think prank is the correct term here.
  13. famoustitles

    Who's Next?

    This guy
  14. famoustitles

    Who's Next?

  15. famoustitles

    Tre Bryant back?

    Too many people will get touches and Frost has already said they’ll have to limit Bryant.