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  1. That’s a tuff call at the plate but the play stands. Moving to the 9th.
  2. Strike across the knees missed. Ughh. Results in hit by pitch.
  3. What a job by Frank this far. Northeastern is a good hitting team and Povich struggled. Love to see the rebound
  4. No. BAMA keeps trying to get him to commit but he’s holding off because he wants to hear the other schools out. BAMA said that’s fine but We’re going to try and fill that spot and if it gets filled they won’t have room. and they’re both ok with that.
  5. Well I just read another update a couple hours ago he was. So I win.
  6. ASU reporter said he has discussed with us and ASU that he could sign the 19th and then announce his decision at his all star game. Both staffs were ok with it.
  7. He’d be playing the same position as Rondale at Purdue. Now he’ll have that position at Louisville.
  8. Most likely ends up at Louisville now. Will be Brohm’s Rondale moore when he gets hired.
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